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  1. I have been through the operators manual for my Volvo V8-300 boat motor. Under "Technical Data" I found that the fuel filter is the "Volvo Penta, water separating, spin-on filter." Super. Even I know that is not enough info. So I went to the Chaparral site and looked at their part guides, and they don't even list a fuel filter at all! Geez. I called my dealership and had to leave a message. Still waiting for a return call. This is asinine! It's not like I'm looking for some obscure, special, hard-to-find item. It is a fuel filter for heaven's sake!
  2. Great suggestions all. I know how I will be spending Friday. Thanks y'all!
  3. Thanks wingnut. NOT the answer I wanted to hear, but the one that I was kinda figuring was going to be the best option. Why couldn't it be a 1/2 tank or less? No, it has to be completely full. Such is life. Thanks for the info.
  4. So, I think I know what my problem is, but I'm not 100% sure. Any feedback/suggestions would be awesome. Labor Day weekend, we took the boat to a different marina to refuel. The one I usually use is sometimes unreliable with staff (the owner is in poor health), so the pumps aren't always open. My sister in law and her husband found another marina, so we went there. When the boat is at idle speed (putting it in the slip), it sputters and dies. They thought this was weird, but were wrapping up the long weekend and didn't give it much thought. Last weekend I experienced the same thing. My slip is hard enough to get into anyway, this made me insane. So I took the boat out again, (not much farther than I was interested in swimming!) and ran it at varying speeds. I noticed the occasional hiccup. Again, it died at idle (forward or reverse) while trying to dock. I am assuming this is water in the gas. I have had suggestions that I should get SeaFoam Fuel Additive to solve the problem. It was also suggested that I use rubbing alcohol, but I'm not a big fan of that. I've been told I will need a new fuel filter and that I need to drain all the gasoline. Anyone been to this rodeo before?
  5. acarter937 - I have a 2015 Chaparral Sunesta Sport Deck. I think it is either 24 or 26'. Your boat is magnificent! bschuster - thanks, I will try to locate that switch. I only just discovered where the tank was. It's like hide and seek. kwood92 - HA! Water imported from Flint. Good one. I'm not sure we will use it for drinking, but it will be nice to have to wash hand, spray off spills, etc. In a pinch, if we HAD to drink it, it is nice to know it is there. Thanks y'all for your feedback!
  6. I'm a newbie and, as noted in several posts, there is not a decent manual that explains how to do much of anything. I have questions on the fresh water tank as well. I believe that when the boat was delivered (information overload), we were told to run fresh water through the fill port until all the "blue liquid" ran out. Well, I'm missing something because nothing is coming out of any of the sprayers. I tried to add fresh water through the fill port. Still, nothing. Something was mentioned above about a pump? What pump? Is it for the fresh water tank? Any guidance would be wonderful. Thanks!