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  1. VAboater

    F150 going electric?

    Drive a Tesla, then come back and post your thoughts. It's a game changer. It's like trading your blackberry for an iPhone. Didn't know I needed one until I got one. The powertrain will do just fine in a truck. Ford doesn't have a choice. Get with the program or be left out. You will have trucks doing 0-60 in < 5 sec with more torque than you know what to do with. Trailers may have battery packs. Towing range issues solved. Trailer (or truck battery) could also serves as a power source for camping needs, etc... Electric boats are coming. I will welcome getting rid of the engine noise while flying across the water.
  2. VAboater

    Is there any professional essay writing service?

    I'm pretty sure there is a run on sentence in there. "B-".
  3. VAboater

    Launch all boats Saturday night.

    Be back before Tuesday or you will turn into a frozen pumpkin.
  4. VAboater

    2019 Model Info

    Just look at the H20 23 ft with surf gate. We inflated that on up to 65 herd this year - ouch. So much for the h20 being the affordable line.
  5. VAboater

    dead head

    In follow up; I used a voltmeter to confirm that the radio was getting 12.8+ V. Replaced the Jensen stock radio with a Rockford Fosgate pmx5Can. 21' h2o with radio installed on the port recessed area above the storage locker. The Rockford is a little larger and covers the screw holes from the Jensen. if anybody finds themselves in a similar situation - consider the Rockford fosgate. Initially I tried a Fusion RA 70, but it was too small. fyi - it does not fill single DIN cutouts - beware. not sure I have the picture thing figured out. https://ibb.co/mN51jp
  6. VAboater

    21 H2O Sport

    I don't think you will find that they will come off much. I have heard of some throwing in a few items or a token amount off, but for the most part it is as listed for the h20. The '19's are going to be out soon (if not already) so there might be some leverage if the boat is in stock. However, it is not like buying a car. You can't simply go down the road to another chevy dealer in most cases. The other issue is that you do not want to burn any bridges with your local dealer. It is not worth getting a small amount off of your purchase to be labeled as a pita to deal with. You will need to have a good working relationship unless you happen to be a marine mechanic planning to do all of your own service. I would do your research on your dealer's reputation with local boaters / customers. Good luck and enjoy.
  7. VAboater

    dead head

    Stock Jenson BT radio on the 21 ft h20 will no longer power up. Last season it did this cat and mouse thing where some outings it would work and others it would not. I had 2 service calls on it - only to politely be reminded which button was the power button, etc... (because it worked when the mechanic would see it). Seems now that it is dead for good. Head unit will not power up. I have got in all the crawl spaces and tested all of the fuses that I can see. Connection looks good at the battery. Snapped the wiring harness in / out a few times. checked the fuse that is in the back of the head unit as well. I have purchased a multi-meter to check a few other things next weekend. System is stock, but it is connected to an aftermarket amp. Those connections look good. I have gone through and manually checked the connections behind the unit and to the amp. The amp doesn't show any lights on, but I think it has to have power to head unit to light up (via blue wire). Anything stand out - in terms of what else it could be? When can I officially pronounce the head unit dead / as the cause. Don't want to rewire up a new unit to find out that was not the problem. Stock one battery that runs the entire enchilada. (testing the battery next). Why would it work on / off for a few times, now nothing. thanks in advance.
  8. VAboater

    2018 chevy traverse

    If the traverse still has the same V6 / transmission package the Buick Enclave does, then forget it. The Enclave can barely pull itself uphill. It is woefully underpowered for weight. I would not recommend the enclave or similar (Lambda) platform for anything other than an uninspiring way to get from point A to B.
  9. VAboater

    Looking for input on bow riders

    . I'd love to hear from other H2O owners as well on what you like/dislike. Jamin - I have a 2016 21' h20. 4.3L merc. This was my first boat purchase. My rationale for purchasing new was along the same lines as yours. I have no regrets. I could not tell the difference between an h20 and an SSI or at the time. After owning for a year I get the difference now. size options, power and some fit / finish. That said, dollar for dollar I don't think you can get a better deal than a new h2o in your price range. (opinion, not fact - that I'm sure others would disagree with - see above posts). No problems in 3 seasons. Next boat would be 25 ft range (even wife now agrees) and V8 powered. I was not comfortable driving a 25' boat when I purchased the h2o. The 21' was a good boat to start with. It has plenty of power to tube, board, ski, etc... Gas mileage is good as a bonus, though that really did not weigh into my decision. The boat goes faster than the portable governor (my wife) will allow. Negatives include only realistically being able to put about 8 people on the boat comfortably, but again it is a 21' bow rider, not a yacht. I knew that when I bought it. The 21' will only put up with so much chop so consider the waters you will be boating in. The stock sound system is not adequate, but I think that is true across the board in the chap line. Maybe in the end it gets to do you want to buy the boat that is right for you now, or the boat that may be right for you in 3 years? enjoy the hunt - that is part of the fun.
  10. VAboater

    New Cars save injuries.

    Is there anything left to like? I would think your Accord just got compressed to a Civic.
  11. VAboater

    Towing Survey/Question

    just a thought. you mentioned in an earlier post that you may move to Texas. in which case, a 2500 is not too much truck. 3/4 ton and larger are the norm for Texas from what I have seen - irrespective of trailering needs. F250 and F350's are the norm. You may get the stink-eye for driving a 2500 in Cali ?? Go for it. that's a big boat. it would look better behind a 2500 with the AC on full.
  12. VAboater

    New 2019 H2O Sport

    not sure if this helps you, but I have a '16 h2o. (starting to sound old now if the 2019s are out). at any rate, all of the h2o's only tolerate a small amount of trim. I never go past the 1/4 mark. any more than that and you will be bouncing up and down. seems to be a common theme you will hear.
  13. VAboater

    CRAParral Never buy!

    Bomboy, Here is some serious advice; I may have lost count, but if you bought a new boat in 2017 and your dealer has had it at least 3 times with that list of issues, I don't understand how he / she could not help you and look at you with a straight face. Somehow get a face to face answer from your dealer for the following question; "Is this acceptable?". This is a simple test of their emotional intelligence. If they are capable of experiencing embarrassment and other emotions that a normal adult would experience in this situation (taking someone's hard earned money for a pos product) then give them a chance to make it right. If they are not, then they are pathologic and you are wasting your time. I would also ask a similar question of Chappy corporate. Try to get it in writing. Since you are dealing with a company and not an individual, I would vary the question and ask if this "is within specifications or normal owner expectations?" (this gets at what is their corporate culture). If they tell you it is - then by all means, post away and you may change my opinion of the company. either way it sounds like your boat is a dud and you need to off-load it (preferably back on your dealer). I would trade it in to a dealer and not some other poor soul. otherwise it sounds like it will just further continue to drain your bank account and be a source of aggravation. sorry for your bad luck. I agree that that is a lot of money and swallowing the loss on a trade in will be tough. good luck.
  14. VAboater

    CRAParral Never buy!

    Russian bot. Sowing dissent in the chaparral community.
  15. VAboater

    CRAParral Never buy!

    sorry to hear of your experience. I have a 2016 h2o 21ft. 72 hrs - thus far no problems - knock on wood. Not sure how such discrepancy in build quality can exist. My boat is 2 feet too short, but I blame that on my paycheck. Is your dealer helpful with this? If you have a lemon have you approached your dealer about taking it off of your hands. Perhaps as a bit of goodwill he could get you into something else at minimal to no cost difference? Customer service is an oxymoron for most companies these days. I believe it has contributed to the escalation of internet bashing / "DO NOT BUY" rhetoric - seems to be the only option you have left. I would work with your dealer about getting into another boat - everyone loses a little money (you, the dealer, probably not chaparral), but perhaps you get your vacation back. Good luck.