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  1. VAboater

    CRAParral Never buy!

    Bomboy, Here is some serious advice; I may have lost count, but if you bought a new boat in 2017 and your dealer has had it at least 3 times with that list of issues, I don't understand how he / she could not help you and look at you with a straight face. Somehow get a face to face answer from your dealer for the following question; "Is this acceptable?". This is a simple test of their emotional intelligence. If they are capable of experiencing embarrassment and other emotions that a normal adult would experience in this situation (taking someone's hard earned money for a pos product) then give them a chance to make it right. If they are not, then they are pathologic and you are wasting your time. I would also ask a similar question of Chappy corporate. Try to get it in writing. Since you are dealing with a company and not an individual, I would vary the question and ask if this "is within specifications or normal owner expectations?" (this gets at what is their corporate culture). If they tell you it is - then by all means, post away and you may change my opinion of the company. either way it sounds like your boat is a dud and you need to off-load it (preferably back on your dealer). I would trade it in to a dealer and not some other poor soul. otherwise it sounds like it will just further continue to drain your bank account and be a source of aggravation. sorry for your bad luck. I agree that that is a lot of money and swallowing the loss on a trade in will be tough. good luck.
  2. VAboater

    CRAParral Never buy!

    Russian bot. Sowing dissent in the chaparral community.
  3. VAboater

    CRAParral Never buy!

    sorry to hear of your experience. I have a 2016 h2o 21ft. 72 hrs - thus far no problems - knock on wood. Not sure how such discrepancy in build quality can exist. My boat is 2 feet too short, but I blame that on my paycheck. Is your dealer helpful with this? If you have a lemon have you approached your dealer about taking it off of your hands. Perhaps as a bit of goodwill he could get you into something else at minimal to no cost difference? Customer service is an oxymoron for most companies these days. I believe it has contributed to the escalation of internet bashing / "DO NOT BUY" rhetoric - seems to be the only option you have left. I would work with your dealer about getting into another boat - everyone loses a little money (you, the dealer, probably not chaparral), but perhaps you get your vacation back. Good luck.
  4. VAboater


    I thought an Acura MDX was headed straight at me on the water on the 4th. Turns out it was a pontoon with modified xenon lights. Not cool. Could not see the red/green lights on the bow.
  5. VAboater

    265, or is it???

    Stop W, you are with messing dyslexia my! (- props to all those who truly fight through it. No pun intended... or was it? - that is my indecisiveness acting up)
  6. VAboater

    Expanding the paddle board fleet

    thanks for input. The tower A 2 is the known commodity at a reasonable price point and I will probably order a second (in a different color) like Futzin. The standard tower paddles do not float so I probably need to wrap them in a modified noodle or something like that before I lose one with a guest rider.
  7. VAboater

    Expanding the paddle board fleet

    Seeking input from those with paddle board experience. I currently have a tower adventurer 2 paddle board. I had read some positive reviews from others on this site a while back. It has been a fun addition to the lake toys. We plan to add a second paddle board and I wanted to get some input from those who have other boards. The default plan is to get another adventurer 2 - so that two of us can go out at the same time. We mostly just paddle around on the lake frequently with the dog. Kids use the board too. Does anyone have thoughts on a rigid board vs the inflatables? Hala makes a high end inflatable SUP. Has anyone tried one of those? Look nice, but not sure it is worth the 2-3X cost of the Tower.
  8. VAboater

    Question on Heat Pump and Electricity Usage

    Been very cold in Va in Jan - Feb - that's the main problem. I set the heat pump thermo at 50 and turn the water off when not home. No where near as efficient as gas furnace in these conditions.
  9. VAboater

    Any opinions on a Ram truck vs Chevy

    Any reason the F250 diesel did not make your list?
  10. VAboater

    Renting a lake house

    I believe renting at SML will put you on the Bedford County side of the lake. That is fine, but probably not where I would want to purchase (to each their own on that). My suggestion would be finding a relatively flat lot. Having an easy walk to the dock is huge. Easy to keep tabs on the kids, etc... Also would make sure that you have reasonably deep water access to get the boat in /out (currently the lake is down a few feet). Good luck on your search. You will have a great summer and perhaps can decide if you want to purchase for a long term investment.
  11. VAboater

    2018 Discontinued Boats

    An eternity. Trust me. Most docs are far below the cited 300K. Try dividing by 2.
  12. VAboater

    Hurricane Irma

    Probably depends how well insured you are - no?
  13. VAboater

    The Impossible....happened

    Not sure why it is happening, but at the risk of more bad news, I share this with you; I had an old car that did this one time - the digital odometer froze. I traded the car in to a dealer with full disclosure. He thought it would be easy to repair / sell and was probably just happy to sell me a new car. Apparently it was a disaster to sell. He later tracked me down and had me sign an affidavit certifying the miles on the car. I think it is a real red flag for re-sell.
  14. VAboater

    2018 Discontinued Boats

    In Virginia it seems that people are dropping 100K on wake boats left and right. (or maybe they are just signing 10 yr loans?). You are right that the SUVs have hit "peak auto", but they will continue to sell for a good while.
  15. VAboater

    2018 Discontinued Boats

    I wonder if spinning off the Vortex into its own brand would let some of the Chap dealers off the hook to sell and service them? It also would make it easier to sell off as a discrete unit if you desired to raise some capital. I'm sure there is a certain quanta of energy and dollars that goes into educating the sales and service staff with jet engines and medallion electronics. Not to mention unique parts, etc...