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  1. follow up post in case someone else experiences the same in the future; a new distributor cap and new spark plugs fixed the issue.
  2. My son likes to argue with Amazon Alexa. I don't get it, but it seems to keep him entertained. To each their own.
  3. wakeboard with the rope on top. I don't think you will find that it rubs that much when under tension.
  4. Dennis. Realize that any project you do can be part of a longer term journey. You don't have to do it all at once. I do think if you just replace the speakers on your existing head unit, you are going to be disappointed in the results after what you are going to shell out for those M6 speakers. If you are buying JL. go to their website and look at the cutout dimensions. they are posted there. I think I had the same Panasonic's you have and even though they are both 6.5" speakers, they are not identical cutouts. The JL 6.5 worked for me without any fiberglass cutting. The bolt hole pattern will obviously be different. You can gain confidence as you go with projects. Do the speakers first (as I did). Then decide if you have the power you need to them and add the amp. Crutchfield will take anything back for 60 days for any reason, so they are great to work with if you get in over your head. You can learn the amp wiring with some internet research or by asking questions here. Crutchfield sells a JL branded amp wiring kit that is marine rated. I got the 6 gauge 20 ft kit and it worked perfect. If you want to save some money, you can piece together a wiring kit. I think the 600/6 amp recommends larger 4 g wiring, but the 6 gauge has worked fine. The kit costs a little more, but it comes with a 50 amp fuse (same rating the 600/6 requires) that you will install close to your battery. Make sure your Clarion head unit has preamp outputs. ( the RCA type cables coming out of the back). You will need those along with some RCA patch cables to connect to a JL M series amp. I like your idea to do a 5 or 6 channel amp to keep your options for a sub open later. (without having to purchase and wire a second amp). Depending on your need / desires, I think the M6 series is overkill. The M3's give plenty of quality sound in my opinion. I have one set of 6.5 and one set of 7.7's. You could potentially save some money on the M3's vs M6's, but I'm sure you can find an audiophile who will disagree with that swap.
  5. In follow up on WWT's opinion, I would point out that I had these "cheap" Boss 6x9 speakers that I thought were total trash. I was planning to swap them out with other JL products to match the JL MX 650's (now the M3's you referenced) in boat speakers that I previously added. However, once I installed a JL 600/6 amp, it really cleaned up the Boss speakers. They sound much better than they did with a cheap Boss amp. It you are looking for quality sound, don't skimp on the amp. You might be surprised as it may bring your old speakers to life. JL 600/6 is my vote (depending on how many channels you need), but not cheap.
  6. highly recommend Makers Mark "Private Select" if you can find it. limited batches out there. about $70 for 750 ml, but worth it imo. It's not your grandpa's Makers. ice +1
  7. Welcome to the forum Jeff. Sorry to hear of your initial Chappy experience. I would try to anchor it back at the dealership and ask for your money back if that was my initial experience. My '16 Chappy has been pretty good overall. Some small fit and finish issues that I just accepted. Never had the steering wheel come off in my hands. Now an annoying motor issue that I am trying to trouble shoot.
  8. thanks for input. just weird that it gets better after a few runs. I am fuel injected, but I will research the other two suggestions.
  9. IF I am reading your question correctly (?), I would not think that the Aux "IN" L/R have anything to do with setting up a new pair of speakers. I doubt you are "pre-wired" for a tower set of speakers and if you were it would be speaker wire as opposed to RCA cables. The Aux "in" would be sending a signal TO your stereo - not the other way around. What is attached to the other end of the Aux in cables at present? any system that is sending input to your stereo (just guessing, but is GPS/ nav / other electronic systems sending input?, was there another option you did not elect?). I suppose they could embed speaker wire in a cocktail of wiring that also includes RCA cables. I think the only help the RCA cables will be is in fishing through some new speaker wire. just my 2c.
  10. Mechanical question. Not sure where to start with this (aside from another call to the mechanic). Boat starts fine this season, but when initially accelerating it bogs down. It idles fine with normal cadence. Never stranded. Not throwing any audible codes. After doing some 0 - 30 ? runs repeatedly it will shake out and then be fine. I have burned a full tank of gas and 2 cans of seafoam. Reluctant to call the mechanic b/c after running the boat for 15 minutes it seems to clear up and accelerate well. any thoughts? Input appreciated. '16 Chappy h20. 4.3 merc.
  11. as a 2013 you probably have the cmd5 clarion? If you don't like it and don't care about the remotes, just replace it with a new head unit. get a new unit that has blue tooth and control the music with your phone. swapping out for a new one is not that involved if you are up for a small project. couple hundred dollars. More in time and research.
  12. VAboater

    Radio Not Workimg

    just a thought. Not sure what kind of set up you have, but is the blinking a pattern? It could be a code trying to tell you what the problem is. might be worth a quick google search to check.
  13. To each their own, but just fyi, this does not disprove its origin. read the verbiage of the revision statement. An engineered virus or a wild one that has been propagated in a lab for "research" will generally not have fingerprints on it.
  14. The ONLY Chinese level 4 bio-lab is 12 miles from the Wuhan market where the Chinese virus is believed to have started. In a country that size, that is not a coincidence. Corona viruses do occur "naturally" in the wild (SARS, MERS), but this one escaped from the lab. If Ebola broke out 12 miles from a US level 4 bio-lab I would be of the same opinion. Don't try to insult my intelligence with crap comments / reports from "researchers" who are trying to disprove the obvious. Likewise the Chinese case and death toll numbers are completely fabricated. Watch them for a few days on the Hopkins Coronvavirus map. They are trying to save face with ridiculously low numbers and bs stories about US military planting the virus. Meanwhile, their crematories are running as fast as a US toilet paper factory. They can't / won't accept responsibility for it. It is too much liability. No more made in China garbage. No more blind lemmings clapping to the "benefits" of globalism.
  15. just a follow up note. I got the JL 600/6 installed. I did end up switching to a dual battery set up with the Blue Sea 9001. thanks for suggestions. I have added a new pair of JL 7.7's in the cockpit. I still have to tune the system, but what I am struck with is how "clean" the music sounds. looking forward to launch day.
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