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  1. Been very cold in Va in Jan - Feb - that's the main problem. I set the heat pump thermo at 50 and turn the water off when not home. No where near as efficient as gas furnace in these conditions.
  2. Any reason the F250 diesel did not make your list?
  3. I believe renting at SML will put you on the Bedford County side of the lake. That is fine, but probably not where I would want to purchase (to each their own on that). My suggestion would be finding a relatively flat lot. Having an easy walk to the dock is huge. Easy to keep tabs on the kids, etc... Also would make sure that you have reasonably deep water access to get the boat in /out (currently the lake is down a few feet). Good luck on your search. You will have a great summer and perhaps can decide if you want to purchase for a long term investment.
  4. An eternity. Trust me. Most docs are far below the cited 300K. Try dividing by 2.
  5. Probably depends how well insured you are - no?
  6. Not sure why it is happening, but at the risk of more bad news, I share this with you; I had an old car that did this one time - the digital odometer froze. I traded the car in to a dealer with full disclosure. He thought it would be easy to repair / sell and was probably just happy to sell me a new car. Apparently it was a disaster to sell. He later tracked me down and had me sign an affidavit certifying the miles on the car. I think it is a real red flag for re-sell.
  7. In Virginia it seems that people are dropping 100K on wake boats left and right. (or maybe they are just signing 10 yr loans?). You are right that the SUVs have hit "peak auto", but they will continue to sell for a good while.
  8. I wonder if spinning off the Vortex into its own brand would let some of the Chap dealers off the hook to sell and service them? It also would make it easier to sell off as a discrete unit if you desired to raise some capital. I'm sure there is a certain quanta of energy and dollars that goes into educating the sales and service staff with jet engines and medallion electronics. Not to mention unique parts, etc...
  9. Interesting - it appears the website has been updated to reflect the changes. It looks like they have trimmed some of the overlap. I would have thought that fiscally they would be doing pretty well in the current environment. This looks like they are pulling the purse strings tighter. Most notable to me was the absence of the Vortex line on their website today. Perhaps I am ready too much into that???
  10. When Trump looks at the eclipse the sun has to wear glasses! Now that is power.
  11. Remember the JL tower speakers require additional bolt on clamps that are not cheap - so factor that in. I have the MX650's in the bow and some garbage speakers in the tower - so I will probably be swapping out for the 7.7's in the not too distant future.
  12. I think you should have written a new Chappy Sig into your employment contract! You know what they say - if you don't ask...
  13. Pretty basic, but something I have fallen victim to before - the kill switch. If the mechanic did not get any engine codes - consider that you have tripped the kill switch. Simple, but its a new boat, so thought I would throw that out there.
  14. Enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for your military service as well! We appreciate the sacrifices you and your family make for us!
  15. Sounds like your company Corsica was not equipped with the Duramax diesel package?
  16. Use the loaner Chevy Cobalt.
  17. Depends on what you want to do with it I suppose. I have the merc 220 hp in a 21 ft h20. I have never driven the 200 or 250 hp so I can't offer you a direct comparison. I can pull a 200 lb adult out of the water on a wakeboard, but there is no power to spare. I would not want less than the 220 hp, but you need to hear from the 200 hp owners. I would recommend that you consider going with the 250 hp - wait / order one if you have to.
  18. Sounds like she is a keeper! Post a pic when you get the truck and give us some follow up on your experiences going over to the 3/4 ton diesel as a daily driver.
  19. Is it a good idea? - NO Should you do it? - Absolutely. - as long as you can spare the cash. Nice trucks. I have one on my wish list. Nothing about boating or the boating lifestyle makes financial sense. It it gives you pleasure and doesn't put too much of a hurt on you in some other area of the budget - then go for it. I would not waste your time trying to fool yourself into believing things like you will save money on gas, etc..etc.. You will lose money on this upgrade, but its a nice view from up there in the 2500 cab. Good luck with your decision.
  20. PWC

    I have the same pwc. It has been a fun addition. I still have not figured out the ski modes. As you said, it has plenty of power. However the craft is light enough that a teenager carving turns on wakeboard can pull the ski. It has been a great way to get people started on the wakeboard - then we progress to El Chap-0.
  21. I realize this is a subjective question and will vary for different individuals, but how many hours do you think one needs at the helm before they are truly proficient with a given boat. I have logged 45 hrs in 2 summers. I'm good with most stuff, but I still don't like pulling into the front row at the marina when it is a tight channel. I have watched a handful of idiots clip other boats or have misses way too close for comfort - moving into these tight spots, so obviously it is about knowing your limitations. I typically park in the back of the parking lot where there is more space. If there is a strong cross wind, then forget it.
  22. Try changing the name of the boat. Perhaps Beat It?
  23. I'll chime in on this one, as I am bored and can't get on the lake until tomorrow. I think this has been discussed before (re - h2o quality). I have a 2016 21' h20. It is my first boat. When I purchased it the dealer was not really willing to knock the h20 - when I specifically wanted to know why would I pay another 15-20K for the SSI he had on the lot. I told him my budget and I think he had me pegged for the h20. After owning it for a few months and trolling this site, I came to appreciate some things that were not obvious to my untrained eye when purchased. "Fit and Finish" being the key issue. That said, I was able to get a new boat (that starts each time I turn the key with no issues and a warranty) for a reasonable price. On year 2 of ownership, my want list has grown to 23' and a V8. (neither of which were in my budget last year). The better fit and finish would be a lot further down on my list. So my thoughts are if a 21' boat is big enough and you are ok with a V6, then the h20 is the way to go in my opinion.
  24. Good job Duane. You were in the right place at the right time for a reason - and you answered the call.
  25. Sounds like it was an awesome party. Perhaps they will invite you to the next one if you bring the beer and pay for the gas.