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  1. Welcome to the forum Jeff. Sorry to hear of your initial Chappy experience. I would try to anchor it back at the dealership and ask for your money back if that was my initial experience. My '16 Chappy has been pretty good overall. Some small fit and finish issues that I just accepted. Never had the steering wheel come off in my hands. Now an annoying motor issue that I am trying to trouble shoot.
  2. thanks for input. just weird that it gets better after a few runs. I am fuel injected, but I will research the other two suggestions.
  3. IF I am reading your question correctly (?), I would not think that the Aux "IN" L/R have anything to do with setting up a new pair of speakers. I doubt you are "pre-wired" for a tower set of speakers and if you were it would be speaker wire as opposed to RCA cables. The Aux "in" would be sending a signal TO your stereo - not the other way around. What is attached to the other end of the Aux in cables at present? any system that is sending input to your stereo (just guessing, but is GPS/ nav / other electronic systems sending input?, was there another option you did not elect?). I suppose they could embed speaker wire in a cocktail of wiring that also includes RCA cables. I think the only help the RCA cables will be is in fishing through some new speaker wire. just my 2c.
  4. Mechanical question. Not sure where to start with this (aside from another call to the mechanic). Boat starts fine this season, but when initially accelerating it bogs down. It idles fine with normal cadence. Never stranded. Not throwing any audible codes. After doing some 0 - 30 ? runs repeatedly it will shake out and then be fine. I have burned a full tank of gas and 2 cans of seafoam. Reluctant to call the mechanic b/c after running the boat for 15 minutes it seems to clear up and accelerate well. any thoughts? Input appreciated. '16 Chappy h20. 4.3 merc.
  5. as a 2013 you probably have the cmd5 clarion? If you don't like it and don't care about the remotes, just replace it with a new head unit. get a new unit that has blue tooth and control the music with your phone. swapping out for a new one is not that involved if you are up for a small project. couple hundred dollars. More in time and research.
  6. VAboater

    Radio Not Workimg

    just a thought. Not sure what kind of set up you have, but is the blinking a pattern? It could be a code trying to tell you what the problem is. might be worth a quick google search to check.
  7. To each their own, but just fyi, this does not disprove its origin. read the verbiage of the revision statement. An engineered virus or a wild one that has been propagated in a lab for "research" will generally not have fingerprints on it.
  8. The ONLY Chinese level 4 bio-lab is 12 miles from the Wuhan market where the Chinese virus is believed to have started. In a country that size, that is not a coincidence. Corona viruses do occur "naturally" in the wild (SARS, MERS), but this one escaped from the lab. If Ebola broke out 12 miles from a US level 4 bio-lab I would be of the same opinion. Don't try to insult my intelligence with crap comments / reports from "researchers" who are trying to disprove the obvious. Likewise the Chinese case and death toll numbers are completely fabricated. Watch them for a few days on the Hopkins Coronvavirus map. They are trying to save face with ridiculously low numbers and bs stories about US military planting the virus. Meanwhile, their crematories are running as fast as a US toilet paper factory. They can't / won't accept responsibility for it. It is too much liability. No more made in China garbage. No more blind lemmings clapping to the "benefits" of globalism.
  9. just a follow up note. I got the JL 600/6 installed. I did end up switching to a dual battery set up with the Blue Sea 9001. thanks for suggestions. I have added a new pair of JL 7.7's in the cockpit. I still have to tune the system, but what I am struck with is how "clean" the music sounds. looking forward to launch day.
  10. Thanks for help. I have the new amp wired, but I am going to go ahead and add a second battery. Once I took down everything I needed to access the battery switch I figured I might as well go ahead and change it out. Does anyone here use the Blue Sea 5511e dual circuit plus switch. The dual circuits are typically isolated (Off/On/Combine), but can be combined to start the engine if needed. Basically I am wondering how does the battery running the house goods get recharged. Do you have to purchase /use the ACR (charge relay)?? Or do you have to put the battery switch on combination??
  11. Just picked up your signal here in Virginia. Cyclops5G-EXT. Logging in now.
  12. thanks for input. I will probably run directly to the battery until I add a second battery with the next project. I can only manage one project at a time or else they take off in scope and cost.
  13. Ho Ho Ho. I hope all is well and everyone got what they wanted for Christmas. I did not, so it is time to go shopping at Crutchfield. I am planning on adding a JL 600/6 amp to the boat. My question is, if I connect the amp directly to the battery, will it draw power down from the battery when the radio / amp is not "On". In other words, if the amp is not getting the on signal from the blue 12V from the head unit, will it draw any power from the battery? - or do I have to run the connection through the Battery Switch and manually turn it off. I have had a cheap 2 channel / lower watt amp directly attached to the battery for the last 3-4 years that the dealer installed. I was planning to just swap out amps (with upgraded wiring, channels and power). I have not had any draw on the battery issues with the current set up so I suspect it will be ok. I'm planning on keeping a single battery set up for simplicity sake (at least to start with). If I don't run the radio with the boat off for more than 5 minutes to switch out skiers, etc.. any issues expected? thanks in advance.
  14. get a remote control for your lift - so that you can launch and return without depending on others. its also nice to be able to board your boat from either side, but not a necessity. consider making the slip longer than your current boat, in case you want a bigger boat later (you never know). same for the weight capacity of your hoist motor. you will want a storage shack on the dock, preferably one that doubles as a bar and also adequate shade for lounging. plenty of electric outlets for other things (fans, power tools, stereo, etc..) and water pump. think about where you could put a jet ski (second slip vs attached floater) think about where boating guests could park and tie up. If I plan on staying around for a while (and Lord willing) I would consider a synthetic (trex type) deck. If 10 yrs or less, then would just go with wood. those would be high on my list. good luck and have fun with it.
  15. consider getting a voltmeter and watch a few youtube videos on how to use these. this can be a helpful tool to diagnose your problem. It helped me to determine that my head unit was dead last season.
  16. I don't understand cyclops, are you plugging yourself into the Matrix?
  17. I refuse to use the self check out. I won't do it at the grocery or the big box home stores. I suspect the employees know that this is the beginning of the end of their jobs - sad. Years ago, at a prior job, the software people convinced us that their new product could eliminate the need for 2 employees to manually do similar (clerical) work. They left out the part about $100 / hr to trouble shoot the software when it went down. - From that point forward I have been leery of how fabulous "disruptive" technology is. I want to vomit when I hear someone in skinny jeans using the word. If you want everything automated, then don't complain when AOC wants your tax dollars for universal basic income (redistribution).
  18. VAboater


    The 230 wake will have plenty of power to pull anyone who is brave enough to hang on. I have pulled 190+ lb adults with the 155, with power to spare. The bigger issue is the size of the rider once up - they can sort of pull the jet ski if they cut hard - you will feel it. (due to weight of ski - or lack thereof). I have NOT been able to find an acceptable acceleration ramp in the software - so I use a manual feel on the throttle to get them up. As a tip, try setting the cruise control at desired speed once you get them up - makes it a LOT easier on the driver. It takes some practice with the controls to engage. - then when they fall you have to fully let off the throttle to get it to check out of cruise and resume normal throttle response.
  19. VAboater


    '17 wake 155 here. I prefer pulling teens on the wakeboard with the jet ski as opposed to boat - makes for more time boarding and less time circling back, etc... the wake it produces will not be as good when they are ready for tricks. My reverse mechanism broke - to the tune of $1,200 repair (warranty eventually covered )and missed a few months of last season (which is not covered). Not sure the pulling had anything to do with it, but I use that reverse / neutral lever a lot when doing so. I am going to get right back to pulling with it this summer.
  20. My predication; All time low viewership. The over/under is 100 mil.
  21. IMHO the problem with Rivian is that they will be 100% new to making autos. This gets back to small things like panel gaps, fit / finish, paint issues, etc... While it may sound like sweating the small stuff, this is frustrating if you dropped 70K+ on a truck with these issues - and no support structure in place to fix them. Tesla already went through these growing pains (still going on to some degree). The Rivian specs sound great and the truck looks good. I would not be at the front of the line waiting on delivery. The fit / finish and production ramp will be where the legacy makers have a leg up on the "start ups". However, the legacy auto makers have already proven that they have no imagination and drive to do something revolutionary.
  22. Drive a Tesla, then come back and post your thoughts. It's a game changer. It's like trading your blackberry for an iPhone. Didn't know I needed one until I got one. The powertrain will do just fine in a truck. Ford doesn't have a choice. Get with the program or be left out. You will have trucks doing 0-60 in < 5 sec with more torque than you know what to do with. Trailers may have battery packs. Towing range issues solved. Trailer (or truck battery) could also serves as a power source for camping needs, etc... Electric boats are coming. I will welcome getting rid of the engine noise while flying across the water.
  23. Be back before Tuesday or you will turn into a frozen pumpkin.
  24. Just look at the H20 23 ft with surf gate. We inflated that on up to 65 herd this year - ouch. So much for the h20 being the affordable line.
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