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  1. We have a rolling trailer! We were able to slide off all the brake business without to much issue. The bolts cooperated nicely (Dewalt impact wrench). The brake lines did run in a bracket that did not come on the new axle so i'll be finding a solution for that. We had to take a sawzall and cut the brake line bracket off. The brake line pictured on this post did have a bit of oil around it. The other one was very clean so possible damage and will be keeping an eye on it.
  2. I contact Dennis from UFP about that and actually requested some information/documentation and this was the reply: I've also purchased a angle finder from the good ol' amazon. "You will have to compare the one that didn’t fail. We only sold them beams and end units and Prestige put them on. Measure from the end of your trailing arm, up to the frame and duplicate that."
  3. Thanks for all the info! Axle got its first coat of paint. A few days from getting the actual work done and blasted the bolts in hope they come of nicely.
  4. The axle has arrived! It's not painted so will be determining the best method of addressing that. More to come! Fun starts now
  5. I'm officially in the Boat Club - Bust Out Another Thousand. This forum gave me great info on my problem and wanted to also post a thread regarding my torsion axle issues to help the next person. On the return maiden voyage of my 2007 Chaparral 190 SSI (my 1st boat) I proudly looked in the passenger side mirror admiring my freshly fixed side marker lights glowing proudly when I saw smoke, lots of smoke followed by a screeching sound and a heavy tug on my GMC 1500. I thought to myself, welcome to boat ownership, 1st world problems. Luck was on my side, I was a few hundred years from my ho
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