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  1. CurtR0

    shout out for your city, state .

    Good morning from East Moline, Illinois! We are within walking distance of the TPC Deere Run, home of the John Deere Classic. Most of our boating is done on the Mississippi River in the Quad Cities area. We also visited the Illinois River in Peoria and some lakes in Wisconsin and Illinois last year.
  2. CurtR0

    New Member from QC

    Thanks. We look forward to exploring farther upriver. I think the water quality is better up your way.
  3. CurtR0

    New Member from QC

    Thanks Hatem, Haha I have bee worried about depth and wing dams up here on the Mississippi - and barge traffic. The boat has two depth finders - one is on the fish finder - but we already bought the chart books from the Corps of Engineers until we can upgrade to an electronic chartplotter/GPS. Everyone we talk to in this area says you can see the wing dams and in the next breath they tell us a horror story about someone losing their lower unit on one.
  4. CurtR0

    New Member from QC

    Here is a picture, we are moving it to storage area today. She is drying out from a storm last night. I've been following a lot of posts, got good advice already! We took a boating class from the USCG Auxiliary last year and may take a similar course from the Corps of Engineers this spring as a refresher, but really anxious to get out and explore the rivers when the weather is better.
  5. CurtR0

    New Member from QC

    Good morning all, we picked up our first boat this week, a non-current year new Chaparral H20 21' Ski and Fish. My wife and I are on the Illinois side of the Quad Cities and plan to boat on the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers plus trailer to some lakes in the Midwest. We hoped to get out this weekend but it is only supposed to be high of 53F today!