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  1. Spoke with the dealer this morning and evidently Chaparral uses several different manufacturers for the bimini frame. I have to take a picture of the port side downtube and measure that tube and send it to the dealer who will send it to Chaparral and in 3 to 4 weeks, I might get one. Evidently this item doesn't have a part number. Not a real satisfied owner right now. This too, will pass...
  2. It was folded, strapped, and had the Chaparral cover on it. I'm not positive I didn't lose it when I originally tried to put the bimini up. Only problem is the dealer I purchased the boat from is in Johnson City, TN and I'm in Birmingham. I'll check with them and see. Thanks much, great advice.
  3. With a little help from a tall friend, I'm vertically challenged, we were able to roll out/put up the bimini top this weekend believe it or not, it wasn't too back. Some trial and error, the biggest error is a missing lower downtube to secure the starboard side. I saw the gray "clip" fall but the downtube (for lack of knowing its nomenclature) and searched all around and it "turned up missing". If anyone has a Chaparral part number for the lower tube that fits into the bracket and secures the frame, I sure would appreciate receiving the number. Almost to the 20-hr mark and enjoying my
  4. Just wondering if any fellow Alabamians around Logan Martin Lake are on the forum.
  5. Thanks to both Philip and Brett, I'll definitely give it a try this weekend. I appreciate the help and I knew that I would get some from the forum members.
  6. Help: I have a new, 2015 H2O 21 Sport (8 hours now) and do not have an instruction sheet nor a link to a video on how to set up the bimini top. I use the term set up because it is "installed", i.e., in the bag around the wakeboard tower but I do not seem to be able to open it up and expand it as it should be. My dealer pointed me to a youtube video but that wasn't much help. I checked with Chaparral and was told their technical department doesn't deal directly with the public. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Greg
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