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  1. Checked the switch with a light tester everything is good on the switch
  2. No i have never heard of that before but i will try it
  3. I checked the switch and have power there but not the plug at the back of the boat. I guess I'm just going to have to run a new wire. But would like to use the factory wiring
  4. I'm trying to take a picture but it wont let me says its to big
  5. Do i hook the lead to the battery then??
  6. Yes and with the switch on to
  7. I tested it with a light tester and got nothing. I dont get it. Switch is all wired up.
  8. Was the plug in the wire loom? I found a red wire with some type of plug on the end but it didnt do anything. U dont have a picture of that do u?? Thanks for your help
  9. Did u run a new wire to the switch or find the wire from the factory? ?
  10. Trying to cut the holes for the side exit exhaust tips does anybody know how many inches it is from the blidge pump holes?? Hard to measure it up inside. Looked at pictures on the Internet from the factory look all the same with a235 SSi. Just nervous about cutting the holes!!
  11. I tested the wire got nothing. That's y i was wondering if something else had to b hooked up. Where does your wire come from to the corsa wiring harness
  12. The switch goes in to a main wiring harness.
  13. I have a 235 SSI that I put captains call on. Does anybody know where the wiring is for the exhaust switch or do I need to run a new wire from the switch?? Looks like the switch is already wired from the factory. I found a red wire in the back of the boat that was zipped tied up but no power to it inless I need to hook something else up. Please help and thanks in advance
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