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  1. Hello Gents Ladies, I have a '98 Sig 29, single screw 7.4 MPI Mercruiser, and am having issues with my RPMs/Top end speed. I replaced fuel separator last week and have changed spark plugs and wires twice. Runs great for 1st outing after replacement, 4400-4600 RPMs/28-30mph, but the next trip out my RPMs won't get over 3200 RPMS/12-13mph. Could this be from bad gas? Use Stabil at each fill-up but continue to have the same issue. The plugs seem to foul quickly. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  2. it is probably a combination of factors(props/tune-up/plugs/ect...). Put it in the wqter immediately after purxhase. After the season i'll get it to a mechanic for a full check-up! Thx Wingnut!
  3. A couple of small dings but not enough I would think that to be the problem. When I pull it out at the end of the season I'll get a better look.
  4. Hello All, I have a single 7.4 V8 Mercruiser on my Signature 29. The last few trips out, with 6 people on the boat, I can't seem to reach plane. Full throttle position gets me to 3800 RPMs and about 14 knots. If I move all bodies to the front of the boat I can eventually reach plane but I don't think a boat this size should have this much trouble with a relatively light load. If I'm by myself or with one person seems to plane quicker and will accelerate to 27-28 knots. Has anyone had a similar issue? Thanks, Ben
  5. Awesome info. Thanks Big Fun!
  6. Hi MPM, I believe I may be having this problem as well. Have filled up the talk each time I go out but we haven't been using any water. I was out for 5 hours on Friday and the bilge never turned on though. Don't know where the water is going!
  7. Hey Iggy, yes. At the pump and all faucets. Tracung lines fouNd a missing clamp on my hot water heater. Hope when i get that fixed i can get the system to pressurize. currently more worried about my freshwater tank leaking. Filled it last night while working and when i turned on the oump tonight it was sucking air and i had to refill. i assume a leakig tank is a MAJOR problem. thx.
  8. Yes sir. All faucets. Hot and cold trickles. Worried I may have to replace the lines. $$$.
  9. Hey guys, I cleaned the filter and replaced the freshwater pump and I'm still getting really low pressure out of the faucets. The transom shower has decent pressure but the faucets are barely a trickle. thanks, Ben
  10. Hello all, i detached the outgoing line from the pump and turned it on. Pumps working great. Appears my lime from pump to faucets is blocked. Any suggestions on cleaning out the line. My thought is to us a shop vac to suck the lines out.
  11. Awesome. Thanks MPM!
  12. Hello all, i'm wondering if there is a way to prime my water pump? Previous owner ran the water tank dry. I've filled the tank and when i turn it on at the panel i can hear the pump working but its not pulling water. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  13. Hey Scott, i think you're right. Now looking to get a custom cushion made for the space!
  14. I absolutely love it. Just the right size for my needs also and handles like a much smaller boat.
  15. Located in Northwest Arkansas. Pic attached from the driveway. Just made the purchase Tuesday so still in cleaning/prep-for-water mode! More pics to come soon! Boat sleeps 6. I've seen several sites referring to the conversion to sleep 2 with an inset cushion but I don't have a cushion on the boat. May have gotten lost between owners previously.
  16. Hello All, I've recently purchased a 1998 Signature 29 and I couldn't be more excited. Still trying to figure out all the buttons and have a quick question. What components(tables/cushions) are utilized to set-up the dining area bed? I have the table top and short pole but it doesn't seem to fit correctly. Also not sure what cushions to use. I may not have them but haven't been able to find information. Thanks and I look forward to chatting with you. Regards.
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