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  1. Thanks wolfgang at least I know it is supposed to be dry. The area I'm seeing this in is behind that piece of felt in the corner compartment. I had to remove the carpet board because it was waterlogged.You probably have some sort of similar package back there because I think it has something to do with hoses running back to ac which I believe is standard on all of the 310s. I did get a survey and this was looked at and I looked into these areas myself during the sea trial. He also ran the ac and heat but I'm thinking that would have been for a very short time so if it is related it may not hav
  2. Wolfgang i'm curious as to whether you have a mystery bag in the same area? I can feel behind this plastic there are hoses and yes hatem probably a hole on the other side where they go through bulkhead (thought you meant in the open). It does seem the plastic was adhered to the bottom and sides as if it was haphazardly painted into place so I don't want to touch it until i know its purpose. i may try and get a look from the other side but they don't make it easy to work down there. Haul and relaunch would be tough our season is short here in Mass. If i can pinpoint it to something like water i
  3. Interesting wolfgang it does look the same. That gray piece I had to take out it was waterlogged. When I look down that area to the back I see a mess of hoses buried in plastic. Here is a better pic had a hard time uploading. JDiru the mid bilge area does have water in it but I didn't think it was an unusual amount - would you expect pretty dry? Not sure the two are connected.
  4. Yes it's sea water I tasted it before when it filled up and when it filled up again. No worries on being harsh it's pretty ugly in there. It isn't a hole though it looks like the hoses for the AC run back through there and it is covered in some sort of plastic. I'm wondering if one of the hoses is carrying raw water back to cool the system and it is leaking somehow. This would be odd, however, since the system was not running while I was gone this past week. I've emptied again - 5 day countdown begins - how does one work when this is waiting for your return.
  5. Yes both sides come up but not the middle. The port seems to have a bin in it so it's 100% dry. This is where the cushions were stored that allows this area to turn into a bed. I thought I could store other items that could get wet like things in plastic sealed containers but this is serious water. It appears that the depth is at sea level so if the boat sits lower there would be more water.
  6. I just purchased a 2007 310 Chaparral Signature a few weeks ago. When I took up the cushion from the starboard aft cabin it had a couple gallons of sea water. I emptied it and dried it up with a towel. Came back down this weekend (haven't run the boat or even started the engines) and it has the same amount in it again. This backs up to the bulkhead with a generator behind it. Has anyone ever had water in this area and found out the cause?
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