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  1. Then why do the advertisements call them yachts? I just figure it out. I am sorry I confused some people , but I did get some good information. Thank you all!! Take Care....Carey See you on the water
  2. Tax write off?? Hmmmmm
  3. Anything over 30ft with a overnight cabin is considered a yacht. I have the truck incase I want to take it out of the water or move it..Etc....Example of the yachts I was looking at http://www.boattrader.com/listing/1998-CARVER-310-Santego-102547084
  4. Actually a yacht is considered anything 30 ft or above. I have a truck towing package that should easily pull that... Example  http://www.boattrader.com/listing/1998-CARVER-310-Santego-102547084

  5. Thanks Duane, I appreciate your input and gallantry. I want so much to have a boat that I can sleep on. I don’t need to be back on Mondays. So I can travel around the coast line. I don’t think I will be going to the Bahamas any time soon. I am really torn about this I am getting some positive responses but more negative, but I don’t let that stop me I worked hard and I want to enjoy the pleasures of owning a yacht. I do understand the maintenance of a yacht, that is why I am asking so many questions so I can avoid some of the pitfalls. I do have money set aside to rehab the boat once I decide which one to buy. I also have a truck which I bought a few years ago in anticipation of owning a Yacht. I am also looking at buying a piece of the rock which already has a dock to offset the cost of Storage. So this has been a goal of mine and I am not getting any younger. I am really feeling like this is my time. Carey Oh and to answer Rip5 question this is the first site that google gave me when searching for beginning yachting forums. I did not realize it was a boat specific site until I had asked my first question. I was getting responses so I didn’t see a reason to stop being on the forum.
  6. Okay...SA!! Why r u in a boat forum then?
  7. Amusing...Lol! what would you recomend?
  8. I am looking at Silverton and Carver yachts. I will see what happens thank you for the advice!! There sure is a lot of things to ponder
  9. I have owned 2 boats before a Ranger Saltwater Bay boat and a Mako. both 23 ft ish. I do have experience docking boats and anchoring. I have slept on the boats many times. Waiting for the early morning Fishing. But I have never had a yacht and that is my goal. At this point in my life I want to be comfortable. I love the water and life got in the way for a while but I am ready to come back. So if you can give me any advise I would greatly appreciate it
  10. CMary

    Great Idea Iggy!! I am just not sure of the boats yet just looking around now. Any suggestions beside Chaparral...:unsure:




    1. Iggy


      Carver and Silverton are all good boats. I have been lookin at Doral & Cruiser Yachts . Doral is out of business now but all there parts (more so the engines) are still out there.

      I would stay away from all the lake boats, like Chaparral, Bayliner, and a like.

      Sterndrives are more work and cost more in maintenance. In boards (diesels) with a bow thruster unless your that good and I am not.    

      Be aware too, that 90% of this forum are lake boaters. They all mean well, but never had to deal with tides, currents, salt water, rough seas and ...................................

  11. Well, in first in my driveway. Just to make sure everything is taken care of. Might need new curtains...LOL! Then I plan on docking it at one of the marinas near Boca Grande. Haven’t decided wet slip or dry dock..depends on the size of boat I get. 

  12. Well, unless I win the lotto, which I do expect too...that is my price range for now... I so much want to be able to spend weekends on the boat and explore the coastline. I do understand there will be maintenance and things will go wrong. I am just trying to minimize my costs buy asking some of the right questions up front
  13. You know what I am sorry. Idid not realize this is for a particular type of boat. I guess I should look for more of an open forum


  14. I have found quit a few, They range from 30 ft to 46 ft. As I said they are from the late 80’s to the early 90’s. Average price $25K some lower some higher. I can see if a fridge needs to be updated or new upholstery; etc. My concerns are the motor and hull.
  15. Hi, Im looking for a used yacht and my price is average & 25,000 which puts me in line with boats in the 1980’s to early 1990’s. I live In Florida and I will be using all year long. I don’t want to live on it but some of the boats I have been looking at that was their main purpose. Do you have any tips of things I should look for?
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