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  1. Yes. I'm pretty sure that's for the speedometer.
  2. That's exactly what mine looks like. Just a little spritz of water. I tried to get back there this past weekend while at the lake but I couldn't see what in the world was causing it. It doesn't seem to effect the trim and isn't big enough so splash the skiers and tubers so I'm not terribly concerned about mine anymore. Would like to know why it does it too though!
  3. Not unless those came factory on the Penta out drive. I need to have someone run the helm while I'm back there to see where it's originating from.
  4. That's what I thought mine was too but the little tail I see is directly in the center of the transom above the out drive. It reminds me of the Yamaha jet ski water pump tails. It doesn't change when I trim up or down so I'm not sure where it's coming from.
  5. "That's not flying. That's falling with style!"
  6. The rooster tail isn't giant or anything so I really don't think anything of it.
  7. The wood backer boards I made force the fiberglass panel to pull forward with each turn of the elastic stop nut instead of warping the woofer to the panel. Tom is right, the panel as only about 1/8" thick so it gave enought to pull flush with the woofer. I tested the rigidity of the panel when it was on he saw horses and I was almost able to duplicate the bend by hand even before making any cuts. It's a fairly rigid panel, but when j inspected it closely, I found it was only several layers of fiberglass and the normal two layers of gel coat. It was strong but still flexible enough to create a
  8. My 04' 190 SSi throws a pretty good tail as well. Even trimmed all the way down. No swim platform on mine yet. I'm not sure why it does it and I'm kind of glad I'm not the only one to think it was odd.
  9. You make the leap as soon as you have $300-$400 for it. I only have one battery in mine now but will be adding a second battery and a Blue Sea Add-A-Battery very shortly. It will allow me to completely isolate the house from the starting battery and never run the house dead. It'll run for a few hours without the danger zone hitting but I never chance it right now.
  10. I agree. I already moved half of it but will have to cut a bunch of zip ties to move the others. I have a trip to the lake this weekend. After that, I plan to cut them and move the other side.
  11. Just finished my install last night. All ready for our lake trip next week! They turned out great and really make a difference in the sound of the stock stereo. I'm really pleased on how they turned out. Here's a link to my install thread:
  12. I just bought a beautiful 2004 190 SSi a few months ago and immediately noticed the stock stereo could use a little boost. It would get very loud without distorting unless you turned the bass way down. So, I started looking around this forum for sub-woofer ideas. I always thought the rear bench seat was the ultimate place for a few subs. I quickly found out that a lot of people avoided putting speakers there for numerous reasons. The most talked about one was the curvature of the fiberglass panel. I found some good free air subs, ordered all my OFC wiring and parts, and with a little blood, a
  13. I suppose you could if you replaced the opening under the seat with a solid piece of plywood. I wouldn't port it though. I would just build a sealed enclosure for each sub so you aren't giving up all that precious storage space. I might seal mine in when I rebuild the front panel. I'm going to see how they perform this summer the way I'm doing it now, and rebuild it this winter if I don't like it.
  14. It wasn't to bad. Would have been easier if the previous owner hadn't stripped 50% of the 20 screws that were holding everything in. I went and bought a box of new SS screws because I'm sure I'll find more. I saw that thread awhile back while searching around the forum one day. I seriously thought about doing the same thing while I had it apart, but that back panel and the rest of the bench are screwed in EVERYWHERE! Lol! That will be another days project. I'll probably do that when I rebuild the front fiberglass panel out of gel coated 3/4 marine ply. This factory panel is pretty thin,
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