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  1. Had to drive an hour but I have the part and everything is 95% back together but get who dropped a carter pin in the grass. But it's just for the sift linkage so I will make do till Monday. Thunderstorms agian today maybe the weather doesn't like me working on my boat?
  2. Finally! Got off work this morning and continued on the lower and now have it off and the problem is the sleeve between the upper and lower. Now to get the parts and put back together if I can find the parts I'll be on the river by tonight but I will probably have to order.
  3. Yea we are extremely cautious with it I have alarms in the cabin and the gen at night stays on the swim platform secured with a rubber coated metal cable and lock. Enough to keep an honest man honest.
  4. I was wondering what generators you guys are running for say a weekend away from shore power? I am using a Honda 2000 right now the companion model so I may buy another and hook them together for a full 30 amp service. I guess this is aimed for the smaller cruises I know the larger ones have on board but if you have a small cruiser with an on board I would love to know.
  5. What do you think it would be it the upper case? I do see the shift hub and gears turning with the motor. I do NOT understand how the shift works so any insight there would be great!
  6. What is a prop hub? Just more info This is a dual prop and the props will turn opposite if one is turned. When out of water and motor running and in gear there is zero prop turn.
  7. Not to toot my horn but I'm not a small boy by any stretch of the imagination. So when I say emergency and snatched it was a lot of force. But I started on the out drive today only to be shut down by more rain the shift cable is fine and I can see gears in the vertical shaft turning as I was pulling the foot off a bad thunderstorm started so I had to go in.
  8. I got a chance to pull the shifter off and the cable seams to be ok there but at the back of the boat it goes in to a hose and then clear out of sight. I was alone so I couldn't be at the foot to listen for any shifting sounds. The boat is a 1994 signature 24.
  9. Long story short while on plane July 4 an emergency caused me to snatch the trottle back and I snatched too hard and believe I went to reverse as now the neutral catch is broke. Well that was the last time my boat has had any trust. It was late when I returned to the landing ( undertow) and it raining today but wanted some input before I start pulling stuff apart. Maybe a starting point. Thanks in advance.
  10. I have been boating since I was born and now I have my own cabin cruiser. I bought this boat thinking there where several items not working but have stared to discover they do. I traveled several hours to purchase this boat thinking it had a big block which was just one of several things the dealer had new clue about after discovering it was a 5.7 not a big block and then a mech let it slip that it had been in inventory over a year I feel I made a super deal even thinking several items didn't work. But now I need to know how to operate these features. I.e. A/C, head, hot water heater and other stuff any help would be greatly appreciated.