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  1. Does anyone have a definitive resource for fuel burn rates on the 2002 VP 4.3L GXi? Trying to figure out my maximum cruising distance for some upcoming local water cruises.
  2. Do you just hook the garden hose up to that connection in the engine bay and turn on the water, or does the engine have to be running?
  3. We have one of those jointed, folding tongue trailer. I take the pin out and fold the tongue back, and put a lock on the coupler, But out trailer isn't kept in a high crime area, and the owner of the storage yard lives on site as well.
  4. We live on the Gulf Coast, and I think we hit 32 maybe once last winter. I'm working on getting a full canvas enclosure so we can Sunday funday through the off season!
  5. ...in salt water? We live full time in an RV, and we've just moved to a new resort. It is directly on a freshwater bayou that feeds into Galveston bay. The new resort has free boat storage and boat docks that are very nice. I'd like to put my boat in the water and not have to take it out after each use, but I'm hesitant. I see a lot of boats at the marina that I work part time at and their I/O's are in salt water 24/7/365. Our water is more brackish because we are a little further inland. If I connect a garden hose to the engine flush, will it hurt the out drive very much if I kept it in the water for like maybe a week? Here is our boat docks at the resort.
  6. This driver said he delivered 100 boats LAST WEEK alone!
  7. Someone got a new 21' and a new 26' this morning I think!
  8. I knew it was a quality boat, I didn't realize it was too if the run though! I have the carpet, we just don't keep it in the boat. It is one heavy $^& boat though! Waayyyy heavier than my friends bayliner of the same size. His boat feels like it's going to crack underneath you.
  9. ...I smiled from ear to ear! I picked up a part time security position at the local marina. It's one of the largest in our area, and one of the only ones with a shipyard for repairs. This truck pulled in this morning at sunrise direct from Nashville GA. with new customer deliveries.
  10. Yeah. Did you see my "I told you so...:" thread? I've had those days.
  11. HAHA! I'll sell this boat... or buy an aluminum trailer before I do all that!
  12. I do. But a new aluminum trailer is out of the question for at least another year or two. This one had these rust spots on it when I bought it. Thankfully it's all just surface rust.
  13. Yeah, thats coming up this winter or early spring. I need to replace the carpet on the boards, and sand down the rust spots and repaint with rustoleum.
  14. Ain't no shame in this game. LOL! It was rather entertaining for a while, but I was quite glad when it was over!! It wasn't my first dumpster fire, so I knew how to stop drop and roll. LOL
  15. I took a calculated risk. It's not something that I would recommend by any means, but after talking to the mechanic who did the survey, the broker, my father, and my local mechanic, I decided that it was a move I wanted to make. I'm really glad it worked out as well. But as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained. That was a train wreck of a thread that I thought would NEVER end!! I'm glad this is one instance where I ignored the advice of the internet. We do the same thing. It's gonna be #$^% come winter if we can't boat. I'm thinking about taking it to the canvas shop to have the full enclosure made.
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