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  1. Forcruzen

    Volvo Duoprop Trim Chatter

    When lowering the drive it makes a noticeable chatter or vibration on and off the water. Fluids looked where it needs to be. Hope everyone having a good weekend.
  2. Forcruzen

    Volvo Duo Prop issue

    Its a prop to prop issue. I can see the contact point. Ill email prop md. Thanks Richard
  3. Forcruzen

    Volvo Duo Prop issue

    Rotating the prop by hand it hits in one spot. Checked the shaft last summer and it seemed fine. Is there a recommended place to have the props balanced or checked?
  4. Forcruzen


    When I turn my 2 LED overhead arch lights on they are white, turn off and on and then one turns blue one stays white or try again one will be red. Is there a way to sync them together. Its a pain to dance the switch to get both red or both blue.... Thanks hope everyone having a good weekend!
  5. Forcruzen

    Boat House Fire on Lake Texoma!

    On a lighter note.... at minute 1:47 Fiberglass and Gasoline were contributing factors in the fire. Thanks, that cleared it up all my questions. "Tell the fire marshal to turn around we got this."
  6. 2011 sunesta 264 volvo drive Im having trouble finding a thread on this. The trim takes forever to raise. Just curious where the reservoir is and the proper fluid. The boats an hour away, just want to take proper fluid if that is the issue. Point me in the right direction. Thanks alot!
  7. I have a new set of diverters that I didnt use.  I would sell but you would still need the tubes and flanges with the damper.  that exit the boat.  My boat is a 2011 sunesta 264 


    text 605-830-6010 if need info 

  8. Forcruzen

    Sunesta Fuel Alarm Setting

    Wow good information there. I had no idea that gauge was so advanced.... Ill never forget the first time mine went off. Mine is below 1/4 tank so will leave as is. But just under half would be annoying...
  9. Forcruzen

    Merc 496 serpentine belt cross reference

    The box the part comes in.
  10. Forcruzen

    Used Boats -- Is salt water a deal-killer?

    Mine was on salt and moved to South Dakota. Going on my second year with it. We took a 24 hour trip to look it over and test drive before made the deal. My previous owner was retired Navy and used that discipline towards his boat as well. Neutral salt flushed the engine, fresh water shower and wiped down after every use. Then full cover to protect from the sun. Now if buying one from a Senior in high school your outcome may be different
  11. Forcruzen

    6.5 Speaker Recommendations

    Try researching these.....Rockford Fosgate RM1652 Just did last week and did all 4. Sounds Great ordered from crutchfeild. As a side note the whole spacing was exact to the boat, so there were no hole modifications and thats worth something to me.... (2012 Sunesta 264)
  12. Forcruzen

    Bilge stuck on and the dash switch stays lit!

    Turns out the the switch was sticking its all good. I was not aware the switch lit up when it is tripped automatically. We all good heres a clip of how the evening was spent once I got it. vimeo.com/220313573
  13. It's running non stop and the lights on the rocker switch are blue as well. Should I start to trouble shoot the switch???? Thanks Sorry it's a 2012 sunesta
  14. Forcruzen

    LED Docking Lights

    I believe this has been talked about before because I book marked the link. Do your research before ordering. Im assuming your trying to swap out the bulb rather than adding a fixture. https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/landscape-bulbs/mr16-led-bulb-1-cob-led-spotlight-bi-pin-bulb/3284/