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  1. Look again I think they've updated it on the site
  2. Paws

    2016 VRX Vortex 203 long break in play in throttle

    There is a lot of play in the throttle. The computer on the motor governs the boat until you pass the break in period. Although I did not have the same experience you are having. If it doesn't perform at top speed (52 MPH with just me and no gear in the boat) then something is wrong. Secondly Chaparral pays attention to it's dealers. If you are not getting what you need from the dealer who sold you the boat I would call Chaparral directly.
  3. I researched the jet boat options for about 6 months before landing on the Chap vortex 203. It's more money than the Yammy, but IMO is a better built boat. I put my 203 in the water on April 15th as of this weekend I have 46 hours on it and 580 mi. It has the 250 topped out at 52 mph with just me and 1/4 tank of gas. Fully loaded with 8 people and gear it still has plenty of performance for tubing, and skiing. Top speed loaded is about 40. Pros the boat has ridiculous amounts of storage, driving a jet takes some getting used to, but once you get it, very maneuverable. Great performance, well made. Swim deck on the back is just awesome for the kids. Quality boat for the money. Cons of the boat so far for me is the gas tank is to small at 35 gallons. Cruising using the ECO mode you can get about 3.3 to 3.6 MPG. Running full throttle you get about 2 MPG and can literally watch the gauge drop, be it ever so slowly. The gauge does not read full when you fill up. Chaparral knows about the bug. I believe it's the way the boat sits in the water, but who knows. Yes it can be loud as Skymonkey says, but it is definitely quieter than the Yamaha's. Chap has sound proof material installed but not all the way around the motor. The sound system speakers are lacking. THE BOAT HAS NO NEUTRAL! this is not something I see many people talk about. Being my first jet boat this was a HUGE adjustment. You can find a "neutral" on the throttle in reverse but it's still under propulsion. Hope this was helpful. Let me know if you have any specific questions.
  4. Paws

    2015 203 VRX

    24 hours on my 203 vortex, same issue with the fuel gauge. Out this past weekend, ran all day Saturday fishing. Went for sunset cruise and the motor threw a "check engine light". Taking it to dealer to be checked out will let you know.