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    Thanks for the info. I have the 320 horse Volvo. From the article looks like I really don't need to search for more speed. Irregardless it's an amazing and very comfortable boat. It has what we need so I'm good without the 2-3 mph.
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    I just purchased a 2005 256ssi with a Volvo 5.7 liter and a duo prop drive. It has twin stainless steel props on it. and a through hall exhaust. I have a couple of questions as to what my reasonable expectations of speed should be versus what the previous owner said they were for him. A. The previous owner told me that he gets "every bit of 50 mph." Although I was skeptical, when I maxed at 44mph @5000 RPM (gps speed) I was a little shocked given the engine and drive combination. The conditions when I got 44 were smooth water, 3 people (400 pounds) and (lets say) a full tak of fuel (70
  3. Generally the cable length is stamped in the plastic outer sleeve of the cable. It should also have a part number on it. I've found that the part number usually includes the length. For example CC21XX for a 21' cable.
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