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  1. The amount of dumb @#$%@# on this tread is incrrdible. Thats why we have rangers checking boats now.
  2. Am I looking in the wrong spot or are all these just sales brochures? No manuals?
  3. Yes, that could have more serious consequences....
  4. Nope, see my posting.
  5. It's becoming a huge problem. Out here in CO they are checking at all the boatramps. Every boat gets inspected. They ask where you boated last and inspect bilges. If you come from a suspected area, they will fill the cooling system with some fluid. Someone told me it's hot liquid, not sure exactly. Will ask next time I am there. These mussels (not muscles) are very invasive. They can clog up the tunnels in the dams that generate electricity. There's other reasons too. The one out here is the Quagga mussel. Originally from Ukraine.
  6. Some of these things is just sloppy. Like the pieces of fiber sticking out of the glass that never got sealed in.. Someone wanted to get home early. Not like it's rocket science or something you can easily forget to do....
  7. They're not things you can't fix. My guess is they were ramping up production rates and quality suffered under it in some areas. Anyone know production numbers by year?
  8. Reading your restore thread on your current boat now... Man, people need to relax. The things you pointed out are obviously from the original build.
  9. ah, ok. I will do that soon.
  10. Oh and thanks for the link. More info is better.
  11. 3K for the 2130 ? You rob it ??????
  12. Not yet, will post soon. IS the hull solid fiberglass or sandwiched ? Im guessing solid. How about the deck ? And the floors are probably wood ? What about he price, is it worth 6 to 7k if it checks out ok ?
  13. Thanks Drew ! Appreciate all the help I can get. Is the 454 pretty reliable with this combo ? Any other weak parts of the boat I should look out for ? Would a professional survey be worth it ? I am usually pretty good at inspecting but the engine and outboard has me intimidated a little. This would be around $6 to $7K... worth it ?
  14. Thanks, Looking forward to hear from him.
  15. Do you still own the 2135  ? I am looking at buying one.

    1. Duane2135


      Oh yea!  I just spent all winter repowering her.  I love the boat, but the last few years she has required more and more repairs.  I think my mechanic wasn't very thorough. So, when I blew another coupler I decided to freshen up and double check all the mechanicals.  If she goes back to being reliable, I'm likely to keep her another 10+ years.