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  1. My light stays on in the head at the low level. I know we have nearly filled it to capacity many times. The level never changed. The wires are all connected at the tank and there is a lot of silicone caulk around where the indicator goes into the tank. I guess I too should take it out and clean it and test to see if in fact its working. Sometimes there is 3 women on board with me. I need to know the level. I don't allow TP in the toilet but I don't know what the previous owner did.
  2. I have the Chap 260 with the 5.7 EFI 260 HP. I cruise around 30 MPH at about 3500 RPM. No complaint from me. Its fully loaded, with gen a/c and hot water. We often have 6 adults on it.
  3. Thanks for the call out. Yes its approx. 1.5 to 2 mpg. :-)
  4. I have the 1998 with a 5.7 EFI 260 HP. We cruise at 26-30 MPH and suck down about 1.5 gallons per mile. Do I want to go faster? Maybe do I need to? No. Its a cruiser after all.
  5. If you mailed mine they never arrived.
  6. I just looked and I could use the "A" the second one not the one with the bird attached.
  7. I would NEVER get mine loaded without putting the trailer in up to and sometimes over the fenders.
  8. I will be checking both. My power connection is forward from the bunk but as you say water sneaks around and can find its way in.
  9. I know I am missing a letter or two. Boat is out at marina. I will check and see if you have any thing left once I see what I need
  10. No one has any idea? I really need help with this issue. I am getting water in my aft bunk it's coming in along the stern side of the bunk. It's not near the port side. It has to be getting in from something along the seats.
  11. WOW! Didn't see the humor.
  12. This is very similar except we don't have the wire rack. The bag hooks onto some hooks and holds in place.
  13. Cannot seam to locate the ones she purchased. I saw one similar on the Walmart page but it did not have the lid.
  14. They are white plastic with a lid. She got them at academy. I will look at their site and see if I see them for you.
  15. My wife found some really neat trash bag holders. They have big suction cups and we have two. One in the Head as NO PAPER products are allowed in the toilet and the other in the galley. They hold either small trash bags, or we recycle the plastic bags from the grocery store. She found them at Academy. Now you asked where we store it. We try not to store any trash onboard. Each time we dock somewhere we put the garbage into the waste cans. So we don't have to keep trash onboard for any length of time.