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  1. PY

    Trim Switch Control

    Wingnut I will have to check into this. I don't know why I would even need a limiter. I can tell when I have the foot trimmed too high.
  2. I have tried switching everything off except the A/C. It started one time and I thought I had solved the problem. We closed the cabin and made it to our swim hole and then I discovered the A/C had went down and the panel was giving me the low voltage alarm. I never could get it to start again. Once we made it back to the dock and plugged into shore power the A/C started right up. I tired to speed the generator with the governor myself but it was to no avail.
  3. PY

    Trim Switch Control

    Not sure Wingnut. It will raise with the trailer switch... The switch on the handle seams broken. When you push up there isn't much resistance.
  4. Sorry for your loss. It has to be very heartbreaking. We shouldn't have to bury our kids. Never received the letters if you mailed them.
  5. I have a 3KW Westerbeke gasoline Gen set and it won't allow a/c to run. The gen set runs great and will run my other appliances and holds a steady 60 he and 120 volts, but when the a/c compressor tries to start the voltage will drop off and the a/c will shut down and alarms on low voltage. The a/c runs fine on shore power. I have changed the plugs, and fuel filter. Neither were dirty or worn. Its acting ike the generator should speed up to keep the voltage up but does not. Any suggestions on what I can do besides shop it of course.
  6. PY

    Trim Switch Control

    I have a 1998 Bravo III Mercuriser and my throttle trim switch has gone bad. It will only work to lower the lower unit but not raise it. I have to use the trailer switch on the throttle handle to raise the lower unit. I am certain its the switch on the handle. I have no idea how to change this switch. Anyone changed one before?
  7. My light stays on in the head at the low level. I know we have nearly filled it to capacity many times. The level never changed. The wires are all connected at the tank and there is a lot of silicone caulk around where the indicator goes into the tank. I guess I too should take it out and clean it and test to see if in fact its working. Sometimes there is 3 women on board with me. I need to know the level. I don't allow TP in the toilet but I don't know what the previous owner did.
  8. I have the Chap 260 with the 5.7 EFI 260 HP. I cruise around 30 MPH at about 3500 RPM. No complaint from me. Its fully loaded, with gen a/c and hot water. We often have 6 adults on it.
  9. PY

    260 signaure

    Thanks for the call out. Yes its approx. 1.5 to 2 mpg. :-)
  10. PY

    260 signaure

    I have the 1998 with a 5.7 EFI 260 HP. We cruise at 26-30 MPH and suck down about 1.5 gallons per mile. Do I want to go faster? Maybe do I need to? No. Its a cruiser after all.
  11. If you mailed mine they never arrived.
  12. I just looked and I could use the "A" the second one not the one with the bird attached.
  13. PY

    Boat retrieval

    I would NEVER get mine loaded without putting the trailer in up to and sometimes over the fenders.
  14. I will be checking both. My power connection is forward from the bunk but as you say water sneaks around and can find its way in.
  15. I know I am missing a letter or two. Boat is out at marina. I will check and see if you have any thing left once I see what I need
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