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  1. Mike M

    1990 2350 SX

    I found a place that sells rebuilt carbs and was thinking it would be something I could do myself and it's only a couple hundred bucks. I think I will that a try. Thank you for the suggestion. I'll let you know if it takes care of the problem. I just had a Monster MTK tower on it and it looks great. Will send along a picture when I get a chance.
  2. Mike M

    1990 2350 SX

    Hi Everyone, So, getting my boat to run has kept me stalled all Summer long. The problem is that my 7.4 mercruser/bravo 1 idles just fine, but once the engine warms up, it won't rev up past 2000 rpm and then drops down almost to idle. If you try to give it more throttle, it will die. The local boat dealer has given up on it after several fixes such as a new fuel pump didn't work. He did report that he hooked his own fuel tank up to the engine and it did the same thing to him unless he manually squeezed gas to the engine. So that would seem to eliminate all problems except fuel starvation
  3. Hi Everyone, Health issues no longer an issue and am working to get the boat ready for my maiden voyage with it. A couple of small issues. The cabin lock is a real mystery, probable because something is missing. Any ideas for replacement or is it even worth doing? Also, where can I find the spec plate? Can't seem to locate it. Any idea where the serial number on the trailer is located? It is the original trailer. And lastly, the portapotty is long gone but there's not much height available, any idea who makes a low profile unit that will fit? Thank you in advance for all you help.
  4. Mike M

    1990 2350 SX

    Unfortunately my illness kept me from getting it in the water so no idea regarding speed and rpm. I've already covered her up and put in storage so finding the prop details will take a little effort. Sounds like I should wait until I have a chance to take it out on the water next spring.
  5. Mike M

    1990 2350 SX

    Hello fellow 2350sx owners! I purchased a 1990 2350 SX last June and had some unexpected health problems so I haven't had it out yet. Had the boat shop check it out and all seems good. It is in excellent shape, has 400 total hours and what seems like lots of upgrades, fire extinguish system, nice trim tabs, mirrors inside the engine hatch, dash depth finder, battery switch, must have always been stored indoors. It has the 454 not the hi-po version and a bravo 1. The boat only came with one propeller and it looks new, but it is not SS. I need to get another propeller so I thought I would
  6. I just purchased a 1990 2350 SX and had it detailed because the trim and deck gelcoat was badly faded. It came out looking good, but I'm pretty sure most of the gel oat is gone. Does anyone know about spraying a clear coat and how effective that is. Looks like only the top of boat would need to be done, more concerned about protecting what is there now, cosmetically I can live with what I have.
  7. Hi guys, I really appreciate the help but I injured my back and haven't even been able to look at the boat. You know, sort of like waking up on Christmas with a bad case of the flu. As soon as I am able to get up and around I will get pictures. I haven't been able to get the engine numbers yet either. I did see the post about clear coating the top, that is something I am definitely interested in. I am really looking forward to benefiting from your experience. Thank you. I haven't been out in "7th Heaven" yet, but I just love the look of this boat. It is white with black over gray stri
  8. Thank you for offering help. My brother in law accidentally broke it and sent me a picture where it looked like a single part, but when I saw it for myself it is actually two pieces and I think I have located a replacement. thanks again.
  9. Hi Everyone, I am the new owner of a 1990 2350 SX and my boat has a Bimini top. Unfortunately the plastic connector on the end of the tube is broken. I don't know if this boat was bought with the top or added later but does anyone know where I can find a catelog for this part? Any idea of where to look for the Bimini top manufacturer? I've been out of boating for 25 years, seems that I have a lot of catching up to do. Any help would be appreciated. Mike
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