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  1. The pump was reinstalled after to new motor was installed. It seems to be sitting up too high and doesn't empty the water. Anyone run into this and or have a fix? See link below for a picture of the bilge: Thanks
  2. Any one running the Mercury 8.2L 525 EFI 2.00 Bravo 3XR 525 HP in their boat? I'm looking for reviews.
  3. We continue to have water in the rear bilge. Looking for ideas on the origin. In addition when the engine was replaced it appears that the pump was reinstalled a little forward of it's original position.
  4. The tech at our marina connected a lap top to the boat and found a bad IAC Valve MPI.
  5. The beeping is constant. The engine is also know as a 496 HO Mag.
  6. We have an alarm and can't find the root cause on our Merc cruiser 8.2 with closed cooling system. - oil pressure is good - anti freeze is at the right level - temp is good - water is coming out of the side pipes - the gear oil was low and has been topped off
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