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  1. Just looking for some feedback if anyone has that boat. Thanks!
  2. NEMMAS03

    Sold - Bon Voyage

    Sorry I haven't logged on! Yeah so I bought it brand new but the boat was a leftover. It was listed for 34k and I was able to get it for about 27. Plus they threw in the full warranty which was worth 2500 and transferable. The broker basically said that there are people on lakes that specifically want the Ski and Fish and they are hard to find because they only made it for 2-3 years (I think). Other brands have it....stingray, tahoe, tracker, but they're not as nice as the Chap (in my opinion). Anyway, I kept it perfect and it only had 50 hours on it and still has 2 years left on warranty. I'm looking at a used Chap 240 Signature. Any experience with those?
  3. NEMMAS03

    Salt Water

    Chap is actually a saltwater boat. I bought my boat. (Same as yours) at a saltwater marina. The trolling motor was the larger, saltwater version. Sounds like he has no clue. Good luck
  4. NEMMAS03

    Need battery wiring schematic for 2014 H2O F&S

    The plug is behind the driver's side along the gunwale. My trolling motor and pedal had the same issue. Ditch the wireless pedal and get a key fob. It works so much better than the pedal. Good luck.
  5. NEMMAS03

    Sold - Bon Voyage

    Sold my Chap Ski and Fish after three great years. Used a broker and was able to sell it for about 3500 less than what I bought it for. Chaps, (even H20 !!) really hold their resale value. Good luck to everyone and be safe. I'll be checking in from time to time as this is a great forum with a lot of knowledge. I'll be shopping for something bigger in the hopes of pulling the trigger in two to three years when my little guy can come out with us.
  6. NEMMAS03

    Trolling Motor Question

    I have the 19' S&F and haven't had any problems. On my boat, no switches need to be on for the trolling motor to work. The trolling motor battery does not run through the same switch as the engine battery does. I did have some issues with the wireless foot pedal and ended up purchasing the key fob remote on Amazon. Is your electric wireless to operate?
  7. NEMMAS03

    Battery Set-Up, Ski and Fish

    There's an onboard trickle charger that charges both batteries. Only one operates the trolling motor so you don't run down the other battery.
  8. NEMMAS03

    Battery Set-Up, Ski and Fish

    Ok. Yes there's an onboard charger. Thanks, I'll give it a shot.
  9. NEMMAS03

    Battery Set-Up, Ski and Fish

    Can someone send me a pic of their batteries hooked up properly. I can't locate the schematic and dealer disconnected during warranty work. I wanted to go fishing tomorrow so I'm sure I'll figure it out. Thanks! If you can't up load, please email it mlg467@aol.com
  10. NEMMAS03

    Joining Coast Guard Auxiliary?

    I agree with Cyclops. Most are good people and they are definitely a good asset if they're closer to a sinking boat than all others! My Uncle was an aux member when I was a kid and he's the reason I love boating and joined the CG. I was active CG and had a vast array of experience in dealing with the Aux at my stations. One one hand, I was single and living away from home and some of the Aux guys were great and let me use their boats to go on dates...lol. On the other hand, some would come in and try to run the place and brought nothing to the table. As far as becoming an Aux members.... I used to teach navigation, sar and boat handling skills (dock crashing) to them. So if you're really into boating and have free time, it's a great education. When we had a legit search and rescue case, I knew the Aux members I could rely on to do the proper search patterns etc. The good ones helped us at plane crashes etc. Really, it's the nautical equivalent to becoming a volunteer firefighter...most are awesome guys and will come and help do electrical work at your house and some are just people not happy with their current careers and are trying to live out some type of glory days. Good luck either way. BTW they shouldn't be forcing a courtesy marine inspection on anyone. They have no LE powers but sometimes help enforce security zones.
  11. NEMMAS03

    Uploading Pics

    How about Chap upgrade their website to accept photographs? It's 2017 and this site probably sells more boats than your dealers. Just a thought.
  12. NEMMAS03

    Best site/method to sell?

    I'm giving Pop a Yacht a shot. Seems pretty cut and dry.
  13. NEMMAS03

    Best site/method to sell?

    I just put my 19' s&f up on craigslist and will only do the deal in person. I deal with enough Nigerian scams at my job that I'll know it when I see it. There was another posting on this site that gave good advice on taking $ for test rides etc. Gonna give it a year and go larger for saltwater fishing. Chap was s great boat though.
  14. NEMMAS03

    NYC Hudson Boating

    I'm on the Hudson all the time with my 19.' I run from the GWB up to Marist in the fall to visit my friend's daughter at school up there. I also striper fish the same areas. I keep an eye on the weather beforehand (obviously) and know the docks I can pull in. I use a charting system on my Ipad, which helps me plan any trips (fuel etc). Last run I had to avoid a few logs but the water was FAC so they were easily observed. Great place to pull in is Cold Spring. There are a ton of docks in rivertowns if you have to take shelter. It gets a little tricky south of the GWB with a confused sea from tugs, ships and wind and I only go by the statue of liberty and NYC when I know it's flat. Just to give you an idea of what you're looking at for that trip....from GWB to Newburgh.... It was 70 miles in total. I ran at approximately 3k rpm. It took 1.5 hours up and 2 hours back. I used about 3/4 of my tank for that trip but I only have a 30 gallon tank. I topped off in Stony Point..there's a year round fuel pier there. I'm not set up to upload any pics from my last trip into this forum, but if you email me I will send you what I have. Feel free to pick my brain about the river....it's a gem but can by tricky. Mike mlg467@aol.com
  15. NEMMAS03

    Gasket fail?

    Good luck. Let us know what they say.