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  1. I bought my 22013 264 Chap in 2015, that had 29 hours on it. Could not be more pleased with the 6.2 engine. Runs in the mid 40s with a light load. Fast enough for me !! Very economical @ 2.75 mpg.
  2. JeffK,

    i am looking at something I can still trailer, so I probably need to stay under 30'. Anything longer is probably too wide to pull comfortably.  Any suggestions, or advice would be appreciated. 


    1. jeffk


      if you trailer, can you go wider than 8.6 on the beam

      give me a call 914-563-6289

  3. JeffK, just showing what an idle mind will come up with. But we are gonna do the keys with whatever boat I have at the time! i am sure Zimmerman will be there also.. We need to start formulating a tentative plan in the next few months.......
  4. Might be upgrading to a larger boat this fall, from a 264 Sunesta, to a 30-31 foot cruiser that we can spend a couple of days on. My question is about the liability of the surveyor (if any). I know I must have one, but who do I look at 30 days down the road, when something is not as the surveyor said it was ???
  5. DISCO LIGHTS...........pretty cool !!!
  6. I have a clogged system right now. Gonna have to take out the tank and pressure wash it I guess. Don't let it sit up very long has got to be the answer.
  7. Mikeofwarr, Did not see your post until today. I have a Chap 264-2013 model. The open bow was not an issue at all. We put the front cover on because we weren't sure. Took a few heavy sprays, but never even close to a wave over the bow. I would guesstimate the waves to have been 3-5 feet high almost all the way over, and maybe a little less coming back. The following seas on the return helped quite a bit as we were able to average around 30-32 mph, instead of the 18-20 mph going over. Not a lot of fun going or coming, and will probably not do that again in this boat. Didn't break anything, but for an old fart like me, it was pretty rough. We are gonna try the keys next year and avoid the BIG water..... But, I have never seen anything like the water once you do get there. Wish we had spent more time over there...........If you get lucky and have light seas, you will brag for the rest of your life about the trip. If you don't have good seas, you will still brag !!!!!!! Larry
  8. I have blocked that out of my mind........................
  9. Drew, is it feasible to stay in hotels or condos on a trip from Key Largo to Key West? (or another turning around point ?) Or is it too much trouble. We have an open bow, so dry land at night is all we can do. We made it to Bimini in my boat, without any issues except for getting the %$#@ beat out of us. No taking on waves over the bow but we ran about 20 mph going over and 30-32 coming back. I now know why you cautioned about a smaller boat making that trip !!!!
  10. Mine does the same thing....It is supposed to do that I guess. You just learn to start off smoothly
  11. Love the video...Rae and Reese will flip out.....they had such a good time with you guys and especially Sam !
  12. It was a great time, and had a ball meeting everyone. Can't wait to see the video!!!! Could not get my shallow water alarm to quit sounding off.......even at over a thousand feet deep.....having all systems checked this week. But we didn't get sea sick and nothing fell off the boat, so I consider the trip a major success. My son did use the famous line " we are gonna need a bigger boat"as we were leaving port Everglades... But WE MADE IT !!!!! Made new friends and my grandkids had the thrills of their lives.........
  13. Can't wait to eat a big ol steak off that in Bimini !!!!!
  14. come and enjoy.....This is my first try at something like this, so whatever happens will be a surprise to me !!!!!!!
  15. will do