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  1. Girls get out last week in May....... Leaving Pensacola on the 2nd of June would work.......Hitting the water late afternoon on the 3rd somewhere around JeffK.........
  2. Jeff/Jeff, dates,dates,dates!!!!!!!!!!!plans.........
  3. Great boat....... Trying to sell my. 2013 264 now...going bigger and want something to spend a weekend on. But for fun, family boating, you can't beat the 264....
  4. Did not actually get a new boat....But my wife went from, "%$##% no, you are not getting a new boat" to "you're not getting a new boat, until you sell yours" !!!!!!! Sounds like a GREEN LIGHT to me.................
  5. Jeffk, How long did it take you to Key Largo, from where you keep your boat ? I still think we would enjoy travelling down through Miami by water. I AM sure we will be ready to get out of the truck by then.
  6. I'll talk to Jonathan and Shellie to find out there school schedule......
  7. Middle of June about right for every one ? I'm pretty much open".........
  8. Hey Jeffk, What about Zman and I come to your place and we all cruise to Key Largo? Then on down to Islamorada? I haven't mentioned this to him, so it's just a thought. I think cruising thru Miami would be cool. Looking at a Sea Ray 310 on Monday. But I'm coming, whatever we are floating in !!
  9. I put them on last year...my 264 handles like a different boat. I am a little crazy about the bow being level, (passengers & etc.), and this has solved all of that issue. Should have done it sooner.
  10. I HAVE THE SAME BOAT FROM 2013....YOU WILL LOVE IT...........
  11. Not yet..............will be in the low 70"s all of Thanksgiving week in Perdido Key FL.... Gonna be a fine week!!!
  12. JeffK, Still entertaining the idea of a bigger boat. I think I would like 30-32 feet in length. I am waiting on Zimmerman to sell that house so he can loan me some money........ I do see a lot of boats available in your area..Keep a lookout for a deal...............
  13. I bought my 22013 264 Chap in 2015, that had 29 hours on it. Could not be more pleased with the 6.2 engine. Runs in the mid 40s with a light load. Fast enough for me !! Very economical @ 2.75 mpg.
  14. JeffK,

    i am looking at something I can still trailer, so I probably need to stay under 30'. Anything longer is probably too wide to pull comfortably.  Any suggestions, or advice would be appreciated. 


    1. jeffk


      if you trailer, can you go wider than 8.6 on the beam

      give me a call 914-563-6289