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  1. Streamline

    Chaparral H2O vs Regal

    I have a 19' Crownline with pop up cleats now. This was one of my biggest complaints or cons about the H20 over an SSI. Once you have something it is hard to do with out and I really like the pop up cleats. Also, I have gotten my hand stuck in a cleat that was in the up position (had a rope tied to it) when I was hoping off the front to hook up the boat to the trailer so the safety issue is also on my mind. The non pop up cleats just look out of place to me because I am not use to them. I regards to some other questions people asked about my post....the 216ssi I was looking at has a 260 hp V8 vs a 250 hp V6 in the H2O I was considering....probably pretty close to one another in performance. It would have a full warranty, never titled so even though it's 5+ years old it new for warranty purpose. And yes the fact it has been sitting unused with old gas in in for 5 years is also concerning to me.
  2. Streamline

    Chaparral H2O vs Regal

    Hi: Not to change the topic but it's mentioned several times 21'H20 vs 216SSI in this thread. My local dealer has a 2011"new" 216ssi, probably been sitting on their showroom floor for the reason people mentioned about when the h20 came it they hurt sales of the 206 and 216ssi. The H20 has no haggle pricing around 40 deer for what I am looking for in options. This 5-6 year old "new" 216ssi has similar equipment and has a trailer. What do people think is a far price for this 216ssi? It's 5-6 years old, never titled but still the day after someone buys it it's going to be considered 6 years old for resale value purposes. My opinion it should be in the same price range as a new H20 21' that is technically 6 years newer. It seems like the dealer and I will probably not be able to make a deal but I have not made them an offer and it's not my first choice in colors either. Any opinions on a far price? Thanks!