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  1. Just having a laugh, don't get too excited. Joe
  2. Yep, they even asked him and he verified. With only 330 or so million in this country I'm glad I live at the corner of nowhere and nothing. Who is voting in Va???? Joe PS: Don't worry, here in Ga some of our voters elected the guy that was worried about the island of Guam tipping over if we sent more troops there.
  3. To any of you guys living in Virginia, I'm sorry. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/06/14/cnn-shuts-terry-mcauliffe-gun-control-rant/ Joe
  4. Thanks Guys. Looks like the box anchor will do just fine. Just in time for Father's Day. What a coincidence. Joe
  5. Like this one guys? https://www.amazon.com/Slide-Anchor-SBA-Small-Box/dp/B0000AXND7/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1497282974&sr=8-1&keywords=box+anchors Joe
  6. Already been said. Do not attempt to use the boat. Short story. A woman I worked with 25 years ago drove an old car that always smelled of fuel. She said her husband was going to fix it. He didn't. On the way in one morning a piece of gravel got tossed up by the front wheels, made a spark and the car burned in a matter of minutes. She got out Ok, actually much better than her husband by the time she finished with him. Bottom line is don't play around with this. A gas leak on a car lets the fumes air out. A boat is a big bowl of gas fumes. Joe
  7. The guys I know around here are fisher people. They just toss a rope loop around a stump top. Not what I was looking for. I guess I can go hang around the boat ramps and ask around. Joe
  8. Looking to purchase an anchor. Any information or advice would be appreciated. I am thinking a 3 to 5 pound mushroom style. Specifics 1993 180Sl Sport apx 2200lbs Use in sportsman lake and slow rivers. Lots of submerged timber and stumps, mostly sandy bottom. Rivers are pretty wide and slow by the time they get here so not much current normally. Would not use for overnight anchoring or for any rough weather or high winds (we would not go out in iffy weather). Any suggestions. I don't want to get tangled up in submerged debris but still want to keep from drifting into more tro
  9. Got to agree it is about ad money. I found this common in motorcycles as well. The top two or three "Winners" in each comparison test would always be the top two or three ads in the magazine. No ads, no great reviews. Joe PS: They really do think we are stupid.
  10. Never acquired an interest in drones. Congratulations. Let us know how it works out. Joe
  11. How big (or heavy) an anchor would I need for an 18' bowrider on an inland lake? Would not be used overnight or in high winds/storms. Just something to hold in a normal breeze or slow current. I am thinking a 3 to 5 pound mushroom anchor. Am I looking in the correct direction? Joe PS: 1993 180SL, lake is FULL of stumps and submerged timber (hence mushroom type) and we don't go out in questionable weather or sleep overnight on the boat.
  12. Same on our lake. No tow services. That is why everyone helps each other. Went out with my friend to test ride his newest project (early 90's Chap 2300) to get an idea of where to start. Guess what, engine made the list as first. We were in one of the small lakes here and the wind was pushing us away from the dock. No one else on the lake. One of the homeowners saw us with the lid open trying to get her started and lowered his boat, putted over and towed us to the launch dock. Good people around here. We really didn't even have time to get concerned or put out an anchor. Joe
  13. 18' is not going to get it done for the number of people you are talking about. We have an 18' and with anymore than 4 people it suffers. I would not take 6 or more out in our 18'. Joe
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