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  1. sburke91

    New owner Vortex VR2430 need assistance

    I would suggest speaking to a lawyer about reversing the deal. Your first mistake was taking possession of the boat in that state and giving them final payment. Since your past that point, the next logical step would be some type of legal action, since they haven't delivered a fully functioning boat.
  2. sburke91


    How far do you need to drop it? A few ideas: Let a good bit of air out of the tires on the trailer If garage door is attached to an opener, pull the emergency release--sometimes you can get the door up an extra inch or two Sawzall
  3. sburke91

    What's your opinion on the best pumps for inflatables !!!

    I've had very good results with this Airhead unit (it appears to now be white-labeled by many, including Overtons) on two different boats: https://www.leisurepro.com/p-ahdhp12p/airhead-ahp-12hp-12-volt-hi-pressure-air-pump?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIx5-wkoik3gIVStbACh2SkABkEAQYAiABEgKYJPD_BwE It does a good job on anything from regular towables to 12x12 islands. It does require more amperage than a standard 12v outlet can support, so you either have to connect it directly to a battery, or, as I did, install a 30A trolling motor outlet and plug on a dedicated circuit/breaker.
  4. sburke91

    Zinc Annodes and Antifouling Paint

    I'm not painted, but typically replace my Mg anodes every season--the boat stays in the water from about April through early October. I pull about once every month to month and a half to clean the hull. I might try to go two seasons on the anodes this year--I upgraded my onboard charger setup to a full shore power system with galvanic isolator, and it appears to have cut the anode consumption by about 25% (I'll have an exact number once I get a chance to pull and weigh this year's anodes and last year's).
  5. sburke91

    Hull Cleaning

    The Davis FSR does a good job on those problem areas. I like the spray on for it's easy application, but the wipe on/wipe off gel gets the job done better on the heavy stuff.
  6. sburke91

    Hull Cleaning

    I take a 2-pass approach. I hit it first with a pressure washer with a 25 degree nozzle to get rid of all the big stuff, then use either the Star Brite hull cleaner, or Davis FSR gel to get it all the way clean. The spray-on Star Brite is faster/easier, but the Davis gel does a better job overall.
  7. sburke91

    Just ordered my first drone

    The floats definitely have an impact in crosswinds--the drone doesn't hover perfectly still on its own like it usually does, but it's manageable to fly, and I was able to take off and land from the bow, with minimal corrections.
  8. sburke91

    Hull Advice - Disappointed

    If you bought the boat new, this should be covered under the hull warranty. If you are the second owner and did the transfer, ditto. If either are true, I would recommend engaging Chaparral ASAP.
  9. sburke91

    Evinrude Intelligent Piloting System

    Nice tech, but also continues to further the odds of those that shouldn't be piloting boats being on the water.
  10. sburke91

    How to Anchor and Sleep Safely

    A tree can fall through your house and kill you in your sleep too. It's all about the probability. If you have well-maintained gear, and the proper number and location of detectors, your odds of dying in your sleep on the boat aren't much different than in your house.
  11. sburke91

    2019 Model Info

    Looks like Chaparral is turning into a predominantly bowrider/wake boat company, at least for the time being.
  12. sburke91

    2019 Model Info

    Interesting that the OSX line is not on the site yet.
  13. sburke91

    NEMA 2000 gateway CAN data cable assistance

    Contact Yacht Devices--they'll probably ask you for some more specific detail on your exact engine, and then give you an answer as to whether or not their stuff will work for you. They're very responsive. I sent them the complete info on my 2011 5.0 GXI, and they said their gateway won't work for me, but recommended another product that they say will.
  14. sburke91

    Trailer winch strap replacement

    I don't power load, but put the trailer deep enough in the water to float the boat up to the stop.
  15. sburke91

    Trailer winch strap replacement

    D A M N. . do you drag the boat up the bunks with the winch?