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  1. sburke91

    Just ordered my first drone

    For small, uncontrolled airports (assuming they even answer), it's usually enough to speak with them and let them know you'll be flying periodically in the area, and that you'll be under 400 feet. The "sUAV Rules and Regulations" forum on mavicpilots.com is a great resource for airport notification, both from knowledgeable people, and real-world experience with various airports and heliports.
  2. sburke91

    Just ordered my first drone

    DJI does have geofencing for the true restricted zones, but there are hundreds, if not thousands, of small airports in the FAA database that technically you need to notify (or make an attempt to notify) the operator that you'll be flying a drone within 5 miles of them. I have two that overlap my house, but got either a fast busy or a disconnect message when I tried to call the contact numbers on the FAA site. That constituted a 'best effort to notify', so now I just fly from the house.
  3. sburke91

    Can a TACO pull my 244 Sunesta?

    I weighed in at 5640, boat and trailer, with about 1/2 a tank of fuel. That extra 1000-1400 lbs does make a big difference.
  4. sburke91

    How I envy you guys with large garages....

    I love mine too!
  5. sburke91

    Can a TACO pull my 244 Sunesta?

    Interesting, as while I can feel the boat when towing my 225, the truck's still definitely in charge. Is your trailer aluminium or steel? It looks like there's only about 700 lbs difference in dry weight between the 224 and 256 SSI (I didn't look at engines, fuel, etc.), but my trailer's light enough that I can move it by hand in and out of the garage when the boat's at the dock.
  6. sburke91

    Can a TACO pull my 244 Sunesta?

    I know everyone's situation is unique, but in '16, before I bought my Tundra (had a smaller boat then), I speced out both Tacos and Tundras. Pricing, and fuel economy weren't massively different between the two, so I ended up going with the Tundra, which was fortunate, as 4 months later we were driving it down to the FL gulf coast to pick up our 225ssi.
  7. sburke91

    Chicago Boat Show

    If I had the coin laying around, aside from the lack of cooking/sink space, this would be perfect for our use--day boat with lots of deck space, but also overnight capability for a couple people. I'll bet that thing moves too, with that power combo.
  8. sburke91

    Can a TACO pull my 244 Sunesta?

    I think you'll be stretching it with the Tacoma, but would have no problems at all if you go up to a Tundra instead. Many many years ago, I towed a relative's 27' Sea Ray (which we later found was over 9000 lbs boat and trailer) with my first gen Tundra (significantly smaller/lower towing rating than the current gen). The distances were usually only a couple miles ,and no more than 10, but each trip was a bit of a white-knuckle experience, and nothing I'd care to repeat. The truck had plenty of pulling power, but you could definitely tell that the boat would be in charge in a fast stop.
  9. sburke91

    Getting your boat anything this winter?

    My big push was last year (grill, shore power, dual power fridge, a few misc. items. This winter should be a bit lower-key: Possibly a 12V TV in the cabin (~21"--not much room in there) NMEA 2000 gateway Possibly a new head unit and a small amp
  10. It's amazing how much work we all put into those little outlets. I swapped the 12V one in the cabin for a dual USB and voltage meter, then, after putting a Bluetooth unit on the radio above it, swapped the first one back to 12v, pulled the radio's aux and USB port, and move the dual USB over there. I can't find anything fun to rotate in this year
  11. Looks like the drives were painted with the same paint as the bottom.
  12. sburke91

    Just ordered my first drone

    Idiots like this are going to lead to the death of recreational drone use. I'm just glad this wasn't in the US, or there'd probably be a temporary ban in place already.
  13. sburke91

    203 vrx vortex reverse

    My prior boat was a Sugar Sand with a 250HP Mercury Sport Jet. The reversing system on it used the same mechanism as on the Vortexes. It's pretty easy to troubleshoot either with the boat out of the water, or in the water with a spotter behind you: Is the reverse bucket dropping all the way down over the jet output when in reverse? It should come down significantly further than when in 'neutral', fully covering the jet (as mentioned before) Is the boat revving in reverse--it takes a good bit of thrust to achieve a true reverse in a jet. If the boat's not revving, something's going on either with the throttle linkage (if mechanical) or the drive-by-wire.
  14. sburke91

    Bottom paint or not - freshwater

    I slip mine from late April/early May to October in a freshwater lake. I'm not bottom painted, and pull every month to month and a half to clean the bottom, drive, tabs, etc. I also do a hand scrub with a soft (blue) Scotch Brite pad every time I have a chance when I'm in the water with the boat. When there's a couple weeks of growth on, I get 2-3 MPH top end back just by cleaning the hull. Even if I was bottom painted, I'd still need to pull it about the same time period to clean the drive, prop, and tabs, both from the algae growth and the lovely zebra mussels that start latching onto every nook they can find.
  15. sburke91

    New owner Vortex VR2430 need assistance

    I would suggest speaking to a lawyer about reversing the deal. Your first mistake was taking possession of the boat in that state and giving them final payment. Since your past that point, the next logical step would be some type of legal action, since they haven't delivered a fully functioning boat.