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  1. sburke91

    Long alarm after starting engine

    This may help: http://media.channelblade.com/EProWebsiteMedia/3506/Mercruiser warning horns.pdf
  2. sburke91

    Old versions of Garmin LakeVu HD

    I do get depth markings, both on the 'contour lines' on the active map, and when I do a 3d view that includes sonar data, 'looking' at the boat from behind and below. That said, it is a rather small screen. I'd like to replace it with something touchscreen that takes up the whole space in the dash, but I foresee needing to fabricate a mount and bezel for anything new, to replicate the current clean-looking dash install.
  3. sburke91

    Trailer/Bunk Question

    I have the same challenge with mine--there's enough 'play' in the boat to cause it to land on one of the chines if the wind or wake action wiggles the stern just as I'm pulling the trailer out. My work-around has been to have my wife drive the truck, while I keep the boat perfectly centered by standing near the stern (on the boat) and holding one of the guides. If it lands on the chine for a short trip or short-term storage, I don't care much, but want it perfectly centered and on the flat for long trips or extended storage.
  4. sburke91

    Garmin 541s -- Don't install 2017 maps

    Bumping this up, as it looks like it's affecting new folks.
  5. sburke91

    Old versions of Garmin LakeVu HD

    I sent Skim a PM on this. For everyone else, it looks like it's the continuation of my issue HERE, but Garmin's no longer helping fix it, as they did for me (luckily).
  6. sburke91

    Can I put dye in holding tank?

    I have a 10gal freshwater tank on my 225, and only add about 1tsp when I totally fill the tank. I suspect you're overdoing it on the bleach.
  7. I've had a WorkTunes headset for a while now, use it a good bit when I want music when mowing. Obviously won't solve the talking part, but they're a good value at $50.
  8. sburke91


    And this is why well-maintained pre-owned boats continue to be the best deal--you can usually get the features you want in the price range you can afford. Inexpensive new boats (and yes, sadly, $40k-50k is inexpensive in a fiberglass boat these days) are going to have compromises. There's no excuse for the broken items--the dealer is on the hook to make those right and should be hounded mercilessly until they do. The lack of the glove box, anchor access, etc. is completely on the OP--if you aren't diligent enough to scour your $50k toy before writing the check, you live with your actions.
  9. sburke91


    I consider any of the Sigs "express cruisers", given they all have a full cabin with galley, etc. My 225 SSI is a cuddy. That said, i have no clue what to call a 337 SSX, with full bow seating AND a cabin, aside from "the boat I would own if I had an extra $300k I didn't know what to do with".
  10. sburke91

    Rudeness on the lake -- How to handle it?

    Ironically when we were on the lake Saturday night, a ski/wake boat with 4 HUGE pods on the tower was blasting "Come Sail Away" at max volume, so the Barry approach might not always do it. . .
  11. sburke91


    My boat came with underwater lights on the transom, and I've found them rather convenient when backing into the slip in the dark. They produce enough light to keep an eye on where the stern is, without killing anyone's night vision.
  12. I run a pair of AGM dual purpose batteries--a group 24 that predominantly does starting duty and a group 27 that is mostly used on the hook. They've performed flawlessly for the past 2 years, but also spend most of their time on a very high quality charger/maintainer when we're not out on the water.
  13. sburke91

    Box Anchor

    The big plus of the Fortress over any other Danforth type in mud is the adjustable fluke angle. Our lake is all mud at the bottom, and adjusting the fluke angle on the Fortress to the mud setting made a world of difference. It worked great with 6' of heavy stainless steel chain and the flukes set at the mud angle. Since our 225 has a bow roller, the Fortress has been regulated to backup duty, and the heavy Delta on the bow seems to set and hold very well in the same bottom.
  14. sburke91

    2014 287SSX engine flush-multiple failures-help!

    Are you flushing at idle speed, or above?
  15. sburke91

    Towing tube from 264

    This also inflates pretty quickly: https://www.amazon.com/Airhead-High-Pressure-Air-Pump/dp/B000OF92KA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1529027439&sr=8-1&keywords=airhead+high+pressure+air+pump%2C+12v I put a 30 amp trolling motor outlet (on a dedicated breaker) on the hull just above the swim platform, but if you're not ready to drill holes yet, it can just clip to the battery terminals.