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  1. I did this exact same swap with my boat (225 SSI, V-P 5.0 SX). Here's what I'll bet you see: Noticeably faster to plane WOT RPMs will land right around the redline in normal running conditions Top speed will drop from 45 to ~42 on calm water, but you'll have a better chance of hitting that 42 at WOT when it's choppy or you're loaded
  2. I spent about $900 over the winter to have sides and the back custom built for my 225. The boat came with the factory bimini and the 3 front plexi sections. I queried a couple of Chap dealers for the 'factory' pieces, and they recommended using a local shop instead, for the best time/cost/fit. I've been very happy with the results, and was pleasantly surprised at the cost, as I expected it to come in about $1200.
  3. This is so funny, as mine was clogged as a result of the exact opposite (no chlorination)--it was plugged with a lovely slime.
  4. Check to see if you have a strainer in line before the pump. If so, unscrew the strainer and see if it's clogged.
  5. Looks like there is a trolling motor schematic at the back of this:
  6. chaparral 2335

    Number of hours on it.
  7. I think you're both saying the same thing--it all boils down to how much value each individual places on enjoyment/entertainment.
  8. What's the tongue weight, as currently positioned on the trailer? That'll tell a good piece of the story alone.
  9. Check out his posts in the what things have you done to your boat thread. It's a beautiful 13-year-old boat.
  10. I just did the same swap on my 225ssi last weekend. Same setup, no leaks so far. Odd design, but it works.
  11. Based on the two situations, this is tough decision--be on the bow of the boat with the engine running and the boat in gear, or be in the water with the engine running. Neither one seems like the safest place to be, especially if the boat's not a bow rider. I know ultimately we have to do what we have to do, but hearing stories like this continue to cement my thoughts of a windlass being the big boat project this winter.
  12. I've found my underwater lights are amazingly useful when backing into my slip. I'd gladly swap the docking lights for a good remote control spotlight.
  13. The rangers on our lake will chase down violators and let them know, in various ways, but typically the ratio is #idots > #rangers, so it only gets so far.
  14. The lake we're usually on is no wake (10mph max) after sunset. It's entirely too common to have someone fly past you, on full plane, going 4-5x that, 1/2 the time with the docking running like headlights. I'll flip my docking lights on for a few seconds in areas where I know there are unlit buoys, but other than that, they're for docking, not headlights.
  15. Seems odd that the LEO wouldn't just stop him, order him to drop anchor, and then call one or more tow boats to get him out safely, ON HIS DIME.