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  1. sburke91

    Chap Website Update

    There was a point in time where SSI was the more 'affordable' nameplate in the Chapparral line though, albeit still with a very high level of quality. The last part of my prior sentence is debatable though, given the things I continue to find here and there when I pull covers and trim on my 2012 225.
  2. sburke91

    Chap Website Update

    This coming from a guy with a whopping 3 posts. . no troll alert there. . . That said, your issues (while very uncommon at that scale) look to be a shortcoming of the delivering dealer more than Chaparral. The dealer should be checking all that as part of the dealer prep process. They obviously did not, or totally botched it if they did. Given the many experiences with poor delivery dealers, if I do upgrade to a new boat at some point, I'll still be going over every nut, bolt, and screw on it, as it seems that good dealer service is rare these days.
  3. sburke91

    Chap Website Update

    Interesting flip in marketing, from almost eliminating the SSI nameplate to now rebadging the H2O's as SSIs.
  4. sburke91

    Always a little water in bilge

    Mine's always done that--I can get the bilge what appears to be bone dry, but once it hits the water, there's always some in there. I just had the bellows replaced, so I'm sure it's not them, but there seems to be a little seepage, either coming from the drain plug area, or elsewhere. While we're docked in the water we also get whatever rain blows in the side vents, as well as anything that comes down through the anchor locker, as that drains into the forward bilge, under the cabin, and ultimately makes it to the stern when the bow's high.
  5. sburke91

    Yacht Device install on a 2005 Volvo GXI-E

    #%^$&%$. . I have a GPS in that spot
  6. sburke91

    Yacht Device install on a 2005 Volvo GXI-E

    The dash setup on my 225SSI makes that a bit challenging without pulling the dash or at least the gauge.
  7. sburke91

    Yacht Device install on a 2005 Volvo GXI-E

    Question for those that have done it--how do you pull the gauge out? Do you have to worm up from underneath, does it just pull out, or are there tabs on it and/or the dash that you can hit with an automotive trim panel tool?
  8. sburke91

    Yacht Device install on a 2005 Volvo GXI-E

    This is on my list of projects for this coming winter. My garmin is NMEA 2000 compatible, but Chap didn't bother with the gateway, so I have a bunch of functionality on the GPS that shipped with the boat that's worthless at the moment.
  9. sburke91

    How do you clean your fixed dock fenders?

    My dock fenders are rubber--I used Star Brite hull cleaner and a stiff brush at the end of the year last year. While not perfect, it did a pretty good job.
  10. sburke91

    Why Are Posts Being Deleted

    Since Chaparral hosts this site, they don't allow sales posts of any kind, which is fair. There are a couple of Chap Facebook groups you could post that on.
  11. sburke91

    What does this 40 amp thermal circuit breaker do?

    That doesn't look like an auto reset. It looks like the kind where the lever flips out of the bottom when the breaker pops: https://www.bluesea.com/products/category/14/32/Circuit_Breakers/285-Series
  12. sburke91

    What does this 40 amp thermal circuit breaker do?

    That's probably your main breaker for the 'house' loads, or for a single large load (something like a windlass, if you have one).
  13. If the 24 doesn't have a bow thruster, yes.
  14. sburke91

    Bottom Paint Questions

    I think the big question is, why is speed very important to you? If speed is that important, you probably should have made another boat choice. A 19' H20's a great boot, but it's not what one would consider a speedy boat.
  15. Another key consideration is which platform has more available service in your area. Some areas have more shops that service Mercury than V-P, and if you happen to be in one of those areas and don't do all/most of your own work, you should include that in your decision process.