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  1. Note that I have a bow roller, but not a windlass, so it's a bit different, but I did the following, to make the whole thing easier: Replaced the 5' of coated chain with 6' of stainless steel chain. THIS, or THIS (I moved down from 5/16" to 1/4" in this year as the 5/16" was getting hung on the roller) Secured the bitter end of the anchor line to the cleat down in the anchor locker Keep a rag tucked in at the top of the anchor locker Now, it's as simple as dropping the anchor, then pulling it back. I just drop the line (100'+) and the chain into the locker and use the handily located towel to wipe off any mud that comes up with the anchor. The anchor line drains in the locker, and i've never had any issues with mold, funky smells, etc. The whole deal gets a decent cleaning once a year. I HATED the coated chain--it was a pain to work with, and ultimately ended up with cracks in the coating and rusty water coming out of them.
  2. I use this handle: with the brush from this: I learned the hard way that the rubber grip on the end of the stowaway loosens up and comes off when using it in the water. When it's not in use, this combo sits in a set of clips on the side of the engine compartment, so it stays out of the way. This stuff: Also does a great job of getting rid of heavy dirt, and making the nonskid easy to clean with just a hose for normal footprints, etc.
  3. Is this it?
  4. On mine it has a piece of starboard on the inside that's more of a 'false wall', but more than strong enough to mount to. The USCG regs say "not in an obstructed location", but don't define what that means. I've had no issues so far with it on that wall, and it keeps it relatively close to the fire port on the engine compartment (my wet bar is just behind the helm station).
  5. Even though I'm only 22.5 feet, I have two, one mounted on the divider wall just inside the door on the wet bar, and one on the wall in the cabin. I think any boat with sleeping/living space should have one within easy reach when you're in the living space. The Kiddie recall has provided a nice set of upgrades on the 3 boat and 1 large general purpose fire extinguishers I had around the place. I give Kiddie props for an extremely well-run recall program.
  6. If you have access to 120v power when you're not using the boat, one of the best things you can do with this battery setup is install a good quality dual battery charger/maintainer. That'll ensure that the batteries are kept at full charge and maintained at the optimal voltage for the battery type.
  7. What powerplant does your boat have (Mercury or Volvo Penta)?
  8. I'd love to have a smaller version of that for towables.
  9. I get a little bit of this on my SX drive too. It's not quite the speed you experience, but the boat does tend to creep forward when its idling.
  10. I have a similar situation. Our docks are floating, and one of the huge pilings the dock rides up and down on is in the back corner of the slip, so we have to back in too. Compounded on that, our drive is single prop, and the direction of the prop walk is (of course) to pull the boat away from the dock. Lots of practice (especially early in the morning when nobody's around AND the water is calm really pay off. Looking at the size of your boat, a good, strong boat hook will also pay huge dividends, as if you're close, you can snag a cleat on the dock with the boat hook and pull the boat close. Given how tight things are length wise, going to neutral (or engine off) and using the boat hook or a line for the last few feet will prevent smacking the drive too.
  11. Sounds about like mine was. They also seem to make subtle changes in the design every few years, making getting parts difficult.
  12. A bit off topic, but I found one of these is just awesome on the swim platform:
  13. I have a similar faucet on ours, and just replaced the whole thing. A bit spendy (see here:, but ours was slightly pitted too, so I killed 2 birds with one stone.
  14. Check the wiring--make sure nothing's disconnected. If everything is good, odds are the remote is bad. I had the same situation, but with the one on my swim platform. Replacing the remote fixed it.
  15. If they're the push-button ones, you don't. They're only push-to-reset.