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  1. Hello - I wanted to see if anyone had "replaced" the graphics on their vortex boat yet? It took us awhile to get use to getting the boat in and out of the slip. As careful as we were, the graphics did see some damage this summer. Don't know if it would be better to replace the graphics (20' Vortex VRX) for $1100 (parts only from dealer) or pay someone to do a wrap? Was curious if anyone else had done this yet.
  2. Three scoops - wanted to know if you ever found out the reason for the warning? I have 23 hours on a '16 Vortex 203 and just got the same warning. I was wondering if it was telling me to take it in for the 25 hour inspection? Boat runs great - oil/coolant levels are good - oil is clean. Not sure of the issue.
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