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  1. cjones5632

    Chaparral 205 LE, first boat ever.

    Keith, my house is in your sig pic. I like it!!!!
  2. cjones5632

    Kozmic Mama

    If I didn't have a boat full I would send out an invite. Hopefully they will get you taken care of quickly.
  3. cjones5632

    Kozmic Mama

    http://www.wheelerlake.info/Event/2013/07/06/7th-Annual-Elk-River-Boat-Party-with-Kozmic- Mama/3208 Should be a good time.
  4. cjones5632

    PWC Question

    I'm probably (read definitly) not buying new. I don't want to spend a small herd but don't want to break down either. Even though I live on the lake I would much rather be out on the Chap. Plus my 7 year old son may take it for a joy ride while I nap. JK Spending a week with my sis and knowing the fees are going to two great causes is a plus in my book.
  5. cjones5632

    PWC Question

    I would much prefer the 310 route. The avg range is about 100 miles per tank but there are multiple stops along the way to refuel.
  6. cjones5632

    PWC Question

    It's not a race, it's eight day 600 mile stroll from Knoxville, Tn to Kentucky lake. I agree about the bigger the better part.
  7. cjones5632

    PWC Question

    Not your typical PWC topic but I have a question for PWC owners. My sister and I are doing the Tennessee River 600 next year and I was wondering if anyone could give recommendations on brand and size. She has a 2008 Sea Doo (not sure of size) that will work fine. Just looking for some input. Thanks
  8. cjones5632


    We bought a townhouse on Wheeler lake (tennessee river) last year so part of my dream has came true. My big time, LONG term dream is to cruise the Great Loop.
  9. cjones5632

    Trailer Debacle Confession...had to share my disaster

    That sounds rough, sorry to hear that. I'm not sure why I do it but I have always lowered the tongue on the ball, latched it and with the jack still pretty much on the ground jump on the bumper. It may not actually do anything but just a habit.
  10. cjones5632

    tach question

    Thanks for all the replies. Looks like I have several things to investigate.
  11. cjones5632

    tach question

    Thanks B & B, all other gauges work properly. I will check connections and ground while I'm looking for manufactorer.
  12. cjones5632

    tach question

    Thanks, I'll have to check the manufactorer.
  13. cjones5632

    tach question

    Hey folks, I did a search on here and google but could not find what I was looking for. I'm pretty sure I've seen the answer here but can't find it. 2006 190SSi 4.3L Volvo Anyway, the other day I noticed my RPM's where higher than normal at what I felt was cruise speed (30-32MPH on GPS). I was running close to 4200RPM when it is normally around 3200. WOT was Maybe 5400 which is well above the range of 4200-4600 which it should be. At idle in neutral I was about 800RPM, and with the switch off the gauge stayed at 800. There were no weird sounds and the engine didn't sound any different from normal. Max speed at WOT was the same as always. So what could be the reason for the change? Nothing as far as I know has changed. Thanks
  14. cjones5632

    2012 310 Signature Delivery 3/30/12

    Beautiful boat!!!
  15. cjones5632

    2012 310 Signature Delivery 3/30/12

    Beautiful boat!!!