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  1. Put our boat on the water Saturday for the first time this summer. Just got it back from the dealer where it was serviced and detailed. Bad squeak coming from engine, believe it is associated with the belt system. Louder when idling but still there when in motion.
  2. My Chrome logo is coming off on 1 side. Not big area but want to address before it becomes a problem. Anyone had this problem, if so what glue or adhesive did you use?
  3. 226 Chaparral 2016 snap has come off of carpet. where can I find replacement snaps?
  4. New again boater. Just purchased a 2016 Chaparrall 226 to begin the river life again. Sold out appx 15 years ago and decided to get back in. What do you clean your hull with, what do you use to protect and clean your cushions? Thanks for the help.