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  1. LOL. I don't think anyone cares that was more of the point haha
  2. Great place I love going to. Been there twice already this season with my new to me SSX.
  3. Finally starting to seem like normal other than the mask deal. I don't want to really go into it but it was handled all wrong IMO. Get out and have fun. If you're a "high risk" or close to someone that is take the precautions other than that people need to make their own decision on their lives.
  4. Shouldn't come out. Had my 287 out first time and had that windbreak door closed and the drawer did not move once.
  5. I only tried the one spray nozzle
  6. Not sure all new to me. There is a button to put water in toilet and flush
  7. Should hit mid 50's. My old boat 2011 244 Sunesta hit 54mph
  8. Sorry Crap. It's on my new boat 2017 287 SSX w/ Electric head. I just sold the 2011 forgot to change up my sig ect.
  9. Mine is an electric head not the vacuflush. I'll be checking the pump and filter
  10. Flush water? Where would the water for the Electric Head come from if not the fresh water tank?
  11. It’s an electric head. I’ve never had one before. I did not try to hit the water for toilet
  12. I can hear it running constant with the switch on it’s not loud. I haven’t checked the filter/screen yet but I’ve heard that a few times. Just not a lot of time on the boat to think it would be clogged
  13. I filled the tank up and I can here the pump but couldn’t get any water out of the sink. Didn’t try the other spray hose in the back and it has an electric head so with no water at the sink I didn’t want to test that. Any method to get it going after an empty tank. thanks
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