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  1. ChappyRob

    shout out for your city, state .

    Lol, boat goes in the water around the 1st of May and we take it out for the winter around 1st of October. It takes to about mid June for the water to warm up enough to swim in. It's a short but fun season.
  2. ChappyRob

    shout out for your city, state .

    Sebago Lake, Windham, Maine avid New England Patriots fan which I know will rub most the wrong way! What a super bowl! Boating season can't get here soon enough!
  3. ChappyRob

    Dock Question

    I personally wouldn't do it. There is a reason that the Marina not far from you removes their floating docks in the fall and puts them back in after Ice Out.
  4. ChappyRob

    When do you hope to have the boat back in?

    We are scheduled for early May, but it will depend on the winter here in Maine and when the docks go in.
  5. ChappyRob

    Do you keep a spare key on your boat?

    I do, but it's hidden in the cabin
  6. ChappyRob

    Windless won't pull rope

    I have the same problem with my 02 280 Sig. I think it just requires tightening in my situation. That will have to be a spring commissioning task as she is getting pulled from the water today for winter layup.
  7. ChappyRob

    LED shopping list for a 2007 SIg 290

    Thank you for this. I need to replace an Arch bulb, so I might as well replace both with LEDs...
  8. ChappyRob

    Replacement Carpet Kits

    Prices are reasonable. Like I said, I know at least 5-6 other boat owners at the marina who have used them to replace carpet on their cruisers and seemed to be satisfied and agreed that the price is reasonable.
  9. ChappyRob

    Replacement Carpet Kits

    I am awaiting samples from them as well speak. I have talked to several slip owners in the marina who have used them and say they are better than www.snapincarpets.com (almost identical name only with an "s" on the end). They will send samples of carpet, which is nice. They also have the Nu-Wave backing, which looks to be better than the black backing that I am sure you are scrubbing off your deck (I am doing the same thing).
  10. ChappyRob

    First Time Boat Owner

    Hi All, I have been browsing this site while in search for my first boat. I have found a lot of sound advice on this site and for that, I thank you all. I am new to owning a boat but knew for the get go that I wanted a Chaparral. My parents have had a few so it was the logical choice as it is what I knew. I went from a 2009 Sea-Doo GTI SE 155 to a 2002 Signature 280 and have absolutely no regrets. Some people at the marina look at me like I have 10 heads when they ask that question. Love boating and love lake life (Sebago). I look forward to becoming a member of this great community. Again thank you for all the advice you have given newbies! Rob
  11. ChappyRob

    What are your 3 favorite brands?

    Chaparral Bud Light Chevy 2002 Signature 280 (new to me 3 weeks ago)