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  1. My total tax load on my entire cylinder count (and houses) is less than $10k a year. You should move! My point was that $40k is vulgar for a small boat, IMO. I fully realize that this makes me an outlier and I'm certainly not casting stones at anyone for spending more money on a toy. Like I said, I'm fascinated that the average price of a "ski/wakeboard boat" went from $26k in 2000 to $77K in 2013. Almost tripled in 13 years. How is that even possible? As a businessman I would love to know how to apply this growth to my market! ( http://www.statista.com/statistics/215880/average-price-of-
  2. Haha....no, sir. Just a guy with too many hobbies. And an inflated love of Summer. The OP really struck a nerve with me because I tend to do that thing where I look at something and then start believing that I can't live without this or that, and "what's another 5 grand here or 10 grand there?". With my H20 purchase I really did it by rote and forced myself to stick to my guns about what I wanted versus what I needed. As it turns out, I'm quite happy with it. And, let's be honest, 40 thousand dollars for a ski boat is just vulgar. I mean, the cost of a ski boat from 2000-20
  3. Just to clarify something from a post from above. The stern cleats on the H20 are located in a place that would be nigh impossible to foul a tow line on, or to step on. They are not aft of the tow ring, nor are they on a place on the gunwale upon which you would ever step. It is not a design flaw in any way.
  4. To the OP. I bought an H20 21 a couple of months ago and it has performed wonderfully. I take 4-6 people out normally and we wakeboard and run around on one of the largest lakes in the US. It rides nicely, has all the power I need, and enough features to keep me happy. I have about 30 hours on it so far and zero complaints with the boat. Sure, it would be nice to have some of the features of the $150K wakeboard rigs they sell at my marina, but I already have two houses and if I'm going to spend 6 figures on a toy it will be one I can that I can tie my $40k boat up in front of overnight.
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