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  1. Thanks guys, I did try the tomato juice method. I gave him a good bath after that, the smells gone now.
  2. I have always loved listening to ABBA songs, thanks for sharing this.
  3. Back home a skunk somehow managed to get into the garden. My dog who was laying outside on the porch saw the skunk and he began chasing the skunk right away. This resulted in him being sprayed by the skunk. We finally trapped the skunk and it was taken away by a wildlife removal service ( http://removethewild.com/services/skunks/ ). Though the property is now skunk-free, my dog smells really bad, poor thing What do I do to get rid of the smell?
  4. This could be because there might not be enough fuel in your boat.Firstly you would just have to squeeze the ball as you watch the engine and the line,the barb and the hose. You need to isolate the leak and then seal it.If there is no visible leak then the ball may be sucking in the air.Squeeze the ball again and put your ear next to a connection as you listen for a gurgle. Once the leak is isolated you can fix it by cutting off the section of a fuel line and then re-attach the barb with a fresh piece of hose. Once this is done the drawing of the engine will be enough to keep the flow of the
  5. There are actually two kinds of noises a CO detector can make, one is a beep and the other is a chirp. You will normally hear the beeping sound if you have unsafe CO levels.It is usually in the form of 4 beeps and a pause and then 4 beeps more. I found a blog from api alarms that mentions some health effects caused by CO poisoning http://www.apialarm.com/blog/carbon-monoxide-detector/what-is-carbon-monoxide-poisoning/ .CO poisoning can be dangerous .The reason behind this could be because of the engine/ generator of your boat. If you are hearing a chirping sound then it could be some problem w
  6. These pics look great.I am sure you guys had a nice time
  7. ElizabethMunk


    Hi everyone, my name is Elizabeth and I am a proud new owner of a Chaparral boat - 224 Sunesta. Happy to be here.Looking forward to meet you all
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