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  1. Jbls

    finish on new hull

    Do any of you clay your boats. I use it a lot with cars to take all the impurities off the paint. Then polish and wax after I am happy with the reflection.
  2. Depending how much under street value I can get the boat for. After repairs I do not want to be upside down.
  3. Jbls

    New to boating

    Thanks fellas for all the feedback. I mainly want to just chill at the sandbar coast down to the keys and when it's like glass In June make a Bimini weekend run. Living in Miami there is so much to do on a boat like this. I know my daughters would have a blast and keep them family centered!
  4. Jbls

    New to boating

    Thank You for the input. All types of boats make it to the islands including jet skies. As long as the trip is well planned and weather permits. I am sure if a CC can do it so can a bowrider. Especially the size I am shopping for. A lot of people think bowrider a are small and light but the one pictured above weighs in above 8k lbs. Doea anyone have any experience with the 280 SSI? Good or bad. Ps. I would never jet ski that far. That just stupid.
  5. Jbls

    New to boating

    Hello all. My family and I have decided to buy our first boat. We are looking at options and I am doing tons of research. Chaparral is at the top of our list. We live in Miami and I have 2 teenage girls. We are going to trailer the boat and are looking for something from a 27 to 32 foot boat. We have an extended family so I need the room. Plus I plan to make long weekend trips to Bimini and other islands with other boaters that have done this of course. I have my eye on a 2004 280SSI with 160 hours on twin 5.0 GXI. Any advice or comments would be appreciated.
  6. https://www.popyachts.com/bowriders-for-sale/chaparral-280-ssi-in-hialeah-florida-73715?c=526590 I am looking to enjoy boating with my family of 4. Hoping to take trips to Bimini from Miami. I am mechanically inclined and I am not afraid to do small repairs. Looking to spend less than 50k but will wait for the best deal.
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