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  1. Ok Gentlemen, Been on the water a few times - and have a couple questions for you. This may come as an odd question, but where should the exhaust exit the engine? In outboards ( my only experience) the exhaust exits through the prop. On this boat there is a lot of bubbling exhaust ( at idle) around the transom but nothing out the prop. Is this normal? I inspected the bellows thinking there must be a tear there somewhere, but can't find any. Otherwise she runs fine. It really pulls to the left on hard acceleration, but I chalk that up to precession of the prop as it stops pulling once the boat is up to speed. There's also a strange resonance when turning right that vibrates throughout the boat, but disappears when straightening out. The engine tends to run rich - I noticed the chock valve doesn't really stay open even when warm. At rough idle ( almost quitting) if I pop the valve open with a screwdriver she runs smoothly. Not sure if that's an easy fix but I suspect the electric choke unit. I've ordered a new prop ( the original is in pretty bad shape) and a 2 pack trim/limit units to be put on this winter. The season here is coming rapidly to an end so I only have another one or two opportunities to go boating before it gets too cold. Thank you all for your insight - I look forward to really delving into this boat next spring.
  2. The solenoids clicked when activated and I measured 12v on the output to the motor. The motor simply didn't turn. I'd like to buy a waterpump kit for it as the impeller in it is of unknown condition, but cannot find one up here in southern Ontario. I've bought one and a pair of trim sensors online in the States and had it shipped to my sis-in-law in MI. I guess I'm going for a visit soon.....
  3. Merc 170 and alpha one drive circa 1986 me thinks. I would just take a peek at the impeller except it would ruin the gaskets. Maybe a careful run-up in the water would be sufficient, watching the temps. There isn't much of a season left here.
  4. First time owner of a stern drive here - been reading how it needs to be replaced annually. I'm having trouble figuring out a source for a pump kit. Where does everyone go to get theirs? Unfortunately I live in the middle of no-where ( Hockley Valley - east of Orangeville). Barrie used to have a West Marine but they closed up shop last year.
  5. Bob and Betsy - you weren't too far off the mark with the alternator. opened it up and lo - one of the brush springs fell out in three little pieces. I replaced it and tested the commutator rings, the rectifying diodes as well as the windings - all tested ok. Little grease on the bearings and it puts out a healthy 14v now! Now I noticed in your sig you have an alpha one drive (circa 1986). I've been doing a little reading online ( because I have zero documentation) about the importance of replacing the water pump annually - would you happen to know the part number of a water pump kit, or where I might find that info for the drive i have ( likely alpha one)?
  6. That's today's project, well that and pouring the wife a slab around the pool. I don't think the trim sensor is working as there is no movement on the trim gauge. Also the up toggle on the trim switch doesn't work. I have to trim up by pressing the " trailer" button on the power lever which does the same thing. Age and neglect - seems to be the cause of all the ailments on my boat.
  7. Ok Gentlemen ( and ladies). Today was a good day. I replaced the Battery solenoid and sparked up my newly rebuilt starter.... couple of cranks and voila - it's alive!!! She purrs like a kitten. I also tackled the trim pump. Measured the output of the two solenoids whilst my son toggled the trim switch. Both put out 12v when they were supposed to, so off comes the motor. Upon inspection of the guts I discovered four corrosion spots on the commutator that matched where the four long stationary brushes sat. After a quick cleanup on the lathe and some 600 grit paper and reassembly , my lower end raises and lowers perfectly!!! Thanks to all for their insight. Next on the list is the alternator which doesn't seem to put any current out, and a plywood box to house motor ( was missing). Might just get on the water sooner than hoped for.
  8. I'm the new owner of and old 187 XL. Not sure the year but am guessing 87-'89. Just wanted to say hello as I'm new to the forum. I might also pick your brains from time to time about the boat as I have zero documentation about it ( though I did find a copy of the maintenance manual online). It's got the Merc 170, not sure if that is standard for that boat. Issues with the boat so far that I have discovered are: Missing solenoid on starter ($50 later she spins the engine nicely) bum batt solenoid, easily replaced. non-functioning nav lights, horn etc, though there is power to the items. unable to get lower unit to raise or lower - there is a solenoid type clicking noise, otherwise no movement. The "water jacket" ( not sure what it's called) that exchanges heat with the coolant is leaking at the bottom near a drain plug. Presumably the plug is to drain for winter which the previous owner didn't do. I should be able to weld the rupture. Not an exhaustive list, but enough to make me wonder if I'll get on the water this year yet, or not. should anyone have any particular advice concerning any of the snags I've listed - I'm all ears! Cheers from Southern Ontario, Toby