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  1. #%^$&%$IHateThat

    Noise when hand-turning prop shaft VP SX-A

    It's not in gear. I will try to record a video with sound. John
  2. #%^$&%$IHateThat

    Noise when hand-turning prop shaft VP SX-A

    Hi folks, Near the end of this boating season, while travelling at speed, I thought I heard a ringing noise. Now that the boat is out of the water, I notice when I hand-turn the prop it makes a ringing noise. The gear oil was in good shape. This is a 2012 VP 4.3GXi with the SX-A outdrive. I'm guessing this is a bearing problem. Anyone else experience this? John
  3. #%^$&%$IHateThat

    Prop advice?

    Yes the HR Titan 4.
  4. #%^$&%$IHateThat

    Prop advice?

    I have a 2012 196SSI with the 4.3L GXi. I just switched from the OEM 3 blade stainless 19 pitch (4500 RPM WOT with normal load) to a Solas 4 blade stainless 17 pitch. The boat does not go any faster but it is much more responsive to the throttle and it turns much more sharply without ventilation. I was looking for better hole shot and better hold at watersports speeds. John
  5. #%^$&%$IHateThat

    Any Chap owners in Western Canada?

    I'm in BC, boating on the Shuswap mainly. 2012 196 SSI
  6. #%^$&%$IHateThat

    196 SSI Propeller Success Story

    I have a 2012 196 SSI with a Volvo Penta 4.3L GXI. It had the stock 3 blade stainless 19 pitch propeller which was great for cruising but not very good for watersports. It was bad out of the hole and it didn't hold very well at speeds around 22MPH. I switched to a Solas HR Titan 4 17 pitch stainless and it is MUCH better. I suspect that my top speed has gone down but since I never travel at more than 30MPH, it doesn't really matter to me. John
  7. Hi, I'm a new owner of a 2012 196 SSI with a 4.3L Volvo Penta. There is a ton of storage space in the rear on both sides of the engine compartment. Has anyone come up with some good ideas for making these compartments more usable? I am thinking of putting some plastic tubs in there so I can keep stuff from rolling around. My boat only has 1 battery so there is also a lot of room behind the battery to store less frequently used things like a spare prop etc. but maybe I'd want to cover the battery to protect it? I'd love to hear any ideas you might have. Thanks, John P.S. sorry about my user name - not sure what happened there!
  8. #%^$&%$IHateThat

    New 2012 196 SSI Owner - any ideas for organizing storage

    When you added the second battery, did you also replace the existing "on/off" battery switch with one which supports two batteries? I've removed the cooler and found a tub which fits nicely in there. We'll probably only need the cooler a couple of times a year.