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  1. Thanks everyone, I can by a Chaparral actuator for $570 from Cecil Marine or I saw somewhere that a guy purchased one from this company. It appears you have to cut the wires but he said it fit perfectly. Here is the link.
  2. The actuator makes a grinding sound when I open and close the engine bay. I noticed that it has a grease fitting. Has anyone greased the actuator and did it stop the grinding sound? Also has anyone used a actuator that is not from Chaparral?
  3. Thanks for your guidance. I will discuss it with him.
  4. SterndriveEd, I asked my tech to try your suggestion. He is checking, he thinks it is a short with a ground. Any idea what could cause it to rev high and stall?
  5. It starts than moves to a high idle, 3000 RPM's and stalls when I put it in gear to move forward. Have you ever had that issue. The tech is looking for electrical shorts in the harness.
  6. To my good fortune, I have been told from my tech that the Fuel Pump is good. Still waiting to hear the root of my engine issues. Thanks for all your comments
  7. I am waiting to hear from my tech but the service manager said that he heard from the Volvo rep that the vendor Volvo contracted with was having a lot of issues. I should know more later this week. The pump was about 60 days ago. Once I know more, I will post.
  8. I installed a new fuel pump on my 256 SS 8.1 about 60 days ago. I have used the boat less than 2 hours and it appears to have failed. I am waiting on confirmation from my tech but he said others have had the same issue. Has anyone else had the same issue?
  9. My mechanic will not install the Bennett 12x12 Trim Tabs that I purchased because the Transom is curved on the 2006. Does anyone have solution on how they installed them on their boat? Thanks