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  1. Lots hard work went into that repair. Good looking finished job!
  2. Ancient Romans had two words that dealt with A-Holes they didn’t like — “Ramming speed!!!”
  3. We took delivery of new Signature 270 last July, and in past year we’ve had no problems. All systems are green and go. Well made boat and this is our third boat of this size and class. Best one of the three is the Chap. That’s been our experience. Peace, Joe
  4. Thank you. Very helful thanks to all who replied joe
  5. Thanks for comments. Dealer service deptmaent said boat needs 110V and 50A to handle all power requirements. The shore power cable that came with boat is rated for 110V. Boat lift will have its own power supply. I’ll be sure to require a GFI set for 30 mA if that meets local code.
  6. We’re having boat dock built for our Sig 270. What voltage and amps do we need? We have battery charger, microwave, and frig. We do not have the CE package. We have dual batteries. Thank you!
  7. In the cabin, we have factory installed carpet. Boat is in storage now, but in Spring I want to pull up the carpet and put in wood, laminate, something else. My question is: What is under the carpet; is it plywood or fiberglass? I was told it was plywood, but since Chaparral says there is a fiberglass inner liner to keep bilge dry and permit water in cockpit to flow overboard via the scuppers, I assumed the same fiberglass inner shell was also in the cabin. Anyone know? And, what do you recommend as wood or wood-like replacement for the carpet? Thanks, Joe
  8. Ditto to what Perseverance said. Twice good, seasoned marine surveyors have saved me from making very bad purchase of used boats. And I know boats having been on boats since childhood. They found problems I didn't have the experience or equipment to detect. Money well spent.
  9. Ah. Good idea. I'll do that if batteries become an issue. As others suggested turning master switch off should be enough. Thanks
  10. Well I tried go 5 - 7 year old used but each boat inspected had significant problems. Inspections were expensive. During search process I learned about new Gen V VP engines and decided on that based on my past experiences with VP engines. Well, Gen V only out couple of years and pickins were slim and used 2 year olds were not significantly discounted. So I set out to find a Chap dealer who would give me a good discount off of new MSRP. Found one. Bought new. Happy. When I take delivery in couple of months, me and the dealer will have a serious shake down cruise testing all
  11. Ah ha. Great information. I now recall Marina fellow saying they'll flush engine and turn off main battery each time they put her up. Battery drain with switch off should be minimal as you said - I'm guessing just enough to maintain stored data in radio and GPS. The bilge pump is nothing fancy, likely a simple float switch. If stored outdoors and it rains, cockpit drains overboard and she'll have a snap-on cockpit cover. Whew. One less thing to worry about. Selling houses, building boathouse, moving, moving mom in with us, getting new boat - all in next 60 days. Thanks guys. Very he
  12. We're getting a Sig 270 in a few months. For the first several months, we'll have to store in in a marina (dry storage on a lift). Now, I don't think most Marinas plug in your charger while the boat is in dry storage. This dry storage could be for several weeks at a time, so I'm worried about my batteries. Won't this be hard on them? All my prior boats (and even my motorcycle) have always been connected to a smart battery maintenance charger. The Sig comes with two batteries and a charger run off of shore power. But, I can't use that until I get the boat to it's new home where I'll h
  13. Thanks that is helpful. Best regards, Joe
  14. I am mowing the lawn today, the temp here is a balmy 75 with a soft Southern breeze. You mean it ain't warm enough up there to go boating yet? Dat's what you get for living above the Mason-Dixon line -- you get cold. I lived in Philly for many years, and I never got used to the cold of winter. I have always lived in warm climates from Florida to California to Hawaii. Our boat will be at our beach house in warm Orange Beach, Ala. We can pretty much expect to be able to boat all year long. Can't wait. My wife will check out the FB link; thank you! /Joe
  15. LOL You got that right (BOAT). My o'l favorite is a boat is a hole in the water in which you pour money. My wife tried to find something about Chaparral owners on FB, but wasn't successful. Is there a secret decoder ring or password she needs to have? When do you get your boat or have you already?
  16. Also, the admiral wants to know how far back does the Bimini that attaches to the radar arch go? 1', 2', 3' ? And what's the length of the extension off the front of the Bimini? She's concerned about having enough shade. Anyone know? Thanks, Joe
  17. Once again, I appreciate all the helpful comments. I went ahead and added the fixed radar arch to the boat order. Someone mentioned that the GPS, etc. and other antennas would be set up on top of the arch. This will improve receptivity. I can also run a separate AM-FM ant up there to the radio in the boat. Plus, I am have an FCC General Class license for operating amateur radio; so, I can install one or more of my short wave radios in the boat, and set up their antennas on top of the arch. Now, I look back at the decision-making processs I went through, and wonder what was I thinking? How coul
  18. True, and dealer has offered sell me arch with hinge for about $7500 or without hinge for about $6000. Good discount. Are these two arches both made of aluminum? The dealer is looking into this now. Chaparral's website and dealer's information only specifies one with hinge (no mention of material) and one without hinge (aluminum specified). My experience with aluminum in the marine environment is not favorable. Then, aircraft are fully made with aluminum. Thoughts?
  19. Greg - I agree with your comments but the fiberglass Arch is a $9800+ option and I'd only benefit from the cool looks and keeping the white light outta my eyes. I'm at the top of my budget as it is. Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I'm hoping there is a boat coming back from a boat show to Chaparral configured just like mine but with the Arch, and the nice folks at Chaparral will let me have it at half price on the Arch. Think they'll do that? Best, Joe
  20. Dealer said about two months for delivery from now. Something about boat shows and availability that I didn't grasp. I'm gonna look into the Superflush System. Around October our boathouse with lift will be ready and after each use I'll wash her down and flush her out. My last powerboat I had to connect a flush connector to outdrive and garden hose and run engine. Enjoy the boat and post pics when you get her. Best, Joe
  21. Sounds like you and I ordered very similar boats. Mine has white hull, blue canvas, bimini, cockpit cover, Garmin radio and GPS/Mapping, vacuflush head, overboard d/c, cockpit carpet, rod holders, anchor and windlass, spotlight, and scuff plate. So, no color TV, no a/c, and no radar arch. I just don't have the need for those toys for my intended use of this boat. I too want to be able to walk around in cockpit and do some fishing, coastal cruising and exploring, plus just plain o'l driving around. . I see you are adding the fresh water engine flush in the Merc 300HP. Does that engine have
  22. Seeking comments & opinions on radar arch on Sig270. I like looks but it's a $9800+ option. I like that it holds white running light up out my eyes, and has speakers ... but what other functions am I missing? The arch bimini is smaller than regular bimini, and the admiral likes her shade. Height is not an issue. Other things to consider?
  23. Yes nice boat the Sea Hunt. Both the SSi and SSX series have self bailing cockpits. Drains Overboard and not into the bilge. But... Admiral and I have taken to heart all these stories and sage advice. Our last boat was a bluewater boat, an Island Packet 38. Guess we can't go back to a smaller boat in the 21-24 ft range. So we've about decided on the Signature 270. We know we don't want another big sailboat - we want the versatility of a power boat, and the Signature 270 addresses all our concerns about boating in open water. Plus we can jump in and get to local restaurants and beer jo
  24. Thanks. Both the SSi and SSX series have self bailing cockpits. Overboard drains not into the bilge.
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