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  1. Water Dawg 6

    Water Leak walk through window 2013 sig 270

    I have a Sig 280 and have the same problem. I don't think your window is leaking. If you look at the bottom of your side windows where they meet your clear coat there is a track for the water to follow. However, there is a break in the track about 1/2 way and then also by your sink area (bet your sink area is always wet) on the one side of the boat and on the other side of the boat directly across from your sink area. To me it's simply a design flaw. I thought about using some type of clear caulking to fix the issue but haven't done it yet. I could be wrong but this is what I see on mine.
  2. Water Dawg 6

    VacuFlush In-Line Filter

    Can any Signature owners out there please tell me where exactly the In-Line Vent Filter is for the VacuFlush system? I looked all over the engine compartment and by the waste holding tank but I don't see it. A pic would be great if you have one but a general idea of where it's at will be fine. Think I need glasses..Thank you
  3. Water Dawg 6

    Signature Owners and Water Leak

    It does have a through-hull drain. That company stated that I should have measured my current parts to make sure they fit. I told him if was a 70 year man would I be climbing down in the engine compartment to take measurements...Um, the answer is no! I gave them the correct serial numbers, they just didn't want to admin their mistake. I even told them that I though paying 1/2 the shipping was fare and they still wouldn't. Anyways, going back out to the boat to do some more garden hose testing on my side Portlight windows to make sure they're not leaking and will put the hose in the anchor box again. I'll figure it out one way or the other. Also, I have twin Mercruiser 260HP 5.0 MPIs. As for your manifolds, order from Basic Power Industries. They're number is (252) 728-556 and their website is Ebasicpower.com. There prices were the lowest around and the employees were awesome and very helpful. Don't know where you live but they're located on Harkers Island here in NC. They ship parts but I just went and picked them up and saved on shipping.
  4. Water Dawg 6

    Signature Owners and Water Leak

    I have a Signature 290 and after a heavy rain I find water under in the port side compartment under my bow berthing area. I think it maybe coming from my anchor box but don't have a clue. I did the garden hose trick to try to figure it out but no luck thus far. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, where was the intrusion? Nothing else is wet down in my cabin area except that area. Thanks everyone. Finally, purchased new Exhaust manifolds, going to embark on that project in the spring. By the way, don't purchase anything from BoatPartHeadquarters. I emailed them and provided them all the serial numbers for my motors, outdrives, ect. and they told me the specific manifolds I will need based on my serial numbers. Well, when the parts arrived they didn't fit. So I called the company to do the return and they made me pay the initial shipping, charged me 200 deer for a restocking fee and even though they were based out of Florida, made me mail the parts back to California where they purchased them from. The shipping to California was 600 deer. So all in all, I was out almost 1100 deer and the company wouldn't take any responsible for selling me the wrong parts nor offer to assist in at least paying for half the shipping even though they recommended and sold me the wrong parts. Wife wasn't very happy as you could imagine.
  5. Water Dawg 6

    Service Manual

    Thank you
  6. Concur with the others. I have the 290 which is pretty much the same boat as you have and it takes a bit to get up on plane. I need over 3,000 rpm to get on plane. Using not only your outdrive tilt but adjusting your trim tabs will also help you get on plane quicker. Boat is very heavy in the rear especially with a full tank of gas, full fresh water tank, having waist water in your other tank, and having twin Mercs. Some will argue that you need to upgrade your props but while that may seem like an option, it is very costly and will most likely not enable you to get on plane any quicker.
  7. Water Dawg 6

    Service Manual

    Does anyone have a digital copy (PDF) of the Merc Service manual 90-864260T00 that covers 2004 and up and Mercruiser 5.0 L MPI engines? If so, can please email me a copy to shawn.rubeck@yahoo.com. I'm in the middle of the dreaded replacing my Exhaust Manifolds and Elbows/Risers project and this would greatly help me out. Thanks in advance.
  8. Water Dawg 6

    Walkthrough Center Windshield Removal

    My walkthrough center windshield glass broke during the hurricane. I bought replacement glass from Taylormade and I'm trying to figure out how to remove the window frame from the left part of the windshield. This is the side where the hinge is, I can't figure out how to remove the hinged side of the frame. The other sides of the window frame had screw so I removed those and was able to get the three sides of the frame off. But the part of the frame that is hinged is kicking my butt. Is there a trick to removing this type of hinge/part of the center windshield frame?
  9. Water Dawg 6

    2 alarm beeps every minute: Updated Update...

    I have twin merc 5.0 MPIs and my boat just did the same thing. It ended up being my seawater pump was leaking on the Port engine.
  10. The hurricane broke my center walk through windshield on my 2004 Signature 290. I'm trying to find a part number or somewhere to order a new one but have had no luck. In the parts guide they show a part number for the entire windshield but I only need the center walk through. I do know that the 280 and 290 have the same windshield and that the Taylormade company makes most windshields. However, they couldn't help me without the part number. Any assistance you guys can provide would be appreciated.
  11. Water Dawg 6

    Exhaust Manifold and Riser Replacement on Mercruiser 5.0L MPI

    About to do this job myself. Go to YouTube there are some good instruction videos on this. Also, download the Mercruiser Service Manual 31 and see Section 7a, it gives instructions on how to replace them. I tried to upload it for you but the file is too big.
  12. Water Dawg 6

    Signature 290 Microwave Breaker

    Pulled the microwave from the boat 15 minutes ago. The fuse on the inside of the microwave is blown.
  13. Water Dawg 6

    2005 SSi 6.2 MX MPI Brav 3 Impeller(Sea Water Pump)

    1) Have replacement on hand 2) Release tension on serpentine belt 3) disconnect the two hose from the back of the pump housing...pay attention to the connection order and position. 4) Remove pump assy from block by removing the two screws from the mounting bracket. 5) on the bench...remove the five long screws holding the pump housing to pump and pump bracket...pay attention to their positions 6) Remove impeller, wear plate, replace. 7) To aid in impeller install...soap it up with dishwashing liquid. 8) Reassemble housing...the impeller will self align..so don't worry about it. 9) Reinstall five long bolts and bracket CRITICAL INFO HERE...TIGHTEN EACH BOLT TO A MAXIMUM OF 12 LBS/FT - The housing Cracks easily if it is over tightened 10) Reinstall pump assy to block...tighten bolts to 30 lbs/ft 11) reconnect hoses on back of pump 12) reconnect serpentine belt and tension it.
  14. Water Dawg 6

    Anyone have these?

    I found that using my wife as a fender works great too...lol. Last week when backing the boat into the slip, the wife was on the swim platform pushing one of our extension poles against the piling so I would hit it. Well the bow of the boat started going starboard so I had to add forward throttle to startboard engine to kick the bow to port so the bow wouldn't hit the boat next to mine. Well this threw my wife off the boat and between the boat and the dock. Let's just say she wasn't very happy with me...