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  1. Water Dawg 6

    Outdrive Trim

    Wingnut, Cobia makes a great boat and their customer service is also top notch! I really don't want twins anymore either due to the dual maintenance. We'll see, I have to sell this gas guzzling Chap first with twin 5.0 Mercruisers. Then I can start to shop around. Hard time of year to try to sell a boat.
  2. Water Dawg 6

    Outdrive Trim

    I'm with you Iggy...Next boat will be Inboard. Or some Outboards since I do go out in the ocean and with Outboards you get a lot better fuel consumption, so I can go out further.
  3. Water Dawg 6

    Outdrive Trim

    FIXED IT (again)..Basically, the main power wire connects to the large fuse on the trim pump with a circle type connector that fits at the end of the power wire. Well the circle itself was broken in two basically just hanging there. So it did get a little power, enough for the engine to go down, but not enough to go up. Replaced the connector and she works like a champ.
  4. Water Dawg 6

    Need help - No Crank

    Sounds like the starter Solenoid on the top of the engine to me. Try jumping that solenoid to rule it out.
  5. Water Dawg 6

    Replace water heater in 2013 31 Signature

    Good thought but maybe more trouble than it's worth since the current wiring would have to be lengthened and the hoses/pipes would have to redone to accomidate the move as well. He's removing it anyways so I'd cut the thing in half (pieces or chunks..whatever) with a hand held cut off wheel. But you'd still have an issue getting the new one in. If the engine compartment hatch is totally removed will there still not be enough clearance? If not, if that manifold/Elbow/Riser is removed there should be enough room. He'll just have to remember to order new gaskets for putting those exhaust parts back in.
  6. Water Dawg 6

    250, 270, or 280? Help!

    The main difference is the size. The size corresponds to the boat model. A 250 is 25 ft, 270 is 27ft, 280 is 28 ft and so on. As for other differences, go on the Chaparral Website and check out the different models. You can go to the boat owners area and look at the Parts Manuals for the make and year your looking for. Those Parts Manuals show the configuration for each boat type and will give you a good idea of the differences.
  7. Water Dawg 6

    Replace water heater in 2013 31 Signature

    I have the 2004 290 and mine is on the port side of the engine compartment towards the bow. Very easy to get to and replace.
  8. Water Dawg 6

    What happened to the Chaparral Boat Owners Group

    No FB here either...I leave that to my teenagers.
  9. Water Dawg 6

    2013 330 Signature

    That's what she said...
  10. Water Dawg 6

    sporatic starter

    Remember there is a solenoid on the starter but you also have one mounted on the top of your engine. The one on top of your engine is probably your culprit. But also make sure you check all your wiring connections to and from the starter. Also, make sure the wires behind your ignition are all secure and that there isn't any corrosion.
  11. Water Dawg 6

    Outdrive Trim

    Some models have a relay..I don't believe mine does. I've searched for the relays before and can't find any. On some models they're attached to the ECM and some are under the dash. But I've traced all my wires and nothing connects to a relay.
  12. Water Dawg 6

    Outdrive Trim

    I think I've had more trouble with these trim pumps than anyone I know. Yesterday I went out to the boat and my Port engine trims up and down with no issues. Tried the Starboard engine and it goes down with no issues, then when I tried to bring it up, it just clicks. I just replaced the Solenoid on this pump last month. I'm assuming it's the solenoid again, so I just ordered one. Just don't understand how they keep gong out. I've check all my wires, I have good connections to the battery and ground. If the new solenoid doesn't work, I guess I'll try to bypass the Trim Limit Switch by disconnecting those wires and twisting them together. Who knows.....
  13. Water Dawg 6

    Oil Pressure Fail

    You would know if there is any damage. I had a similar issue happen and it was cause my oil filter wasn't on tight enough. Did the same thing though...oil everywhere. Make sure you do a good inspection to find out what caused the oil leak.
  14. Water Dawg 6

    What outdrive do I have (And mysterious item)

    Could be an old Alpha 1 but hard to tell. Look for the serial number with that I can tell you.
  15. Water Dawg 6


    Hey guys, I'm looking for that website where you can download all the Mercruiser Manuals. I had it saved as a favorite but had redo my computer and lost everything. The site was something like www.boat.us or something like that. I know I posted on here for other asking for manuals but my search keeps coming up empty.