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  1. Yes, my shore power is hooked up and on. I'm running the battery charger right now off of it. I know it's a safety device that helps protect against electrolysis but I can't find the device. The monitor is on the wall on the left hand side at the bottom of the steps into the cabin. So you think it's behind there?
  2. I have a Signature 290 - My Galvonic Isolator monitor is showing faults. I looked in the engine compartment trying to locate the Isolator and don't see it. Does anyone know where it is located?
  3. I have twin Mercs 5.0L MPIs. The problem is right were the cover hinges to rear of the boat. There simply isn't any clearance. I kid you not just to remove my flame arrestors, I had to cut some lip away and pry the rear of the boat (where the hatch is hinged too) up with a long medal pipe as I pulled the flame arrestors out. Next time I go the boat I'll take a pic for you guys.
  4. Iggy, I agree that the j1939 gateway will read almost everything. However, because it does attach directly to the current on-board gauges if those gauges aren't working properly (like your trim tab gauge for example) the data won't be displayed on the Garmin Head Unit. For this reason, I was told to install separate sensors that connect to my NMEA network that work independently from the on-board gauges. Thus if your on-board gauges/sensors/sending units fail - you still have accurate data going to your Garmin Head Unit (Lowrance, Raymarine, etc.) I'm surely not an expert at this, just relaying what I was told. Of course the way I was told to do it seems like it's going to be a lot of dear. I haven't done anything yet, except I did have my GFS-10 Fuel sensors installed. Best thing I ever did, since fuel gauges (sending units) tend to fail frequently and also with the movement of the boat, often aren't very accurate.
  5. And a mirror I guess since I can even see the screw.
  6. Each device you're going to want to connect to your NMEA network and view on your Garmin has there own separate sensors you have to purchase. For example if you want to view your fuel consumption on your Garmin you have to purchase and install the Garmin GFS-10 fuel sensors. Same thing goes for viewing your engine's trim on your display - you have to purchase a separate sensor that connects to your equipment. The Garmin head units all come compatible for viewing all your data, but separate equipment/sensors are required.
  7. Join the club, they always fail. It's not the gauge and it rarely ever is. I'd return that and get your deer back. There are actually two wires going to your low unit, one is your Trim Limit switch/sensor and other is your sender. They come in a kit now for like 66 deer. However, to replace them the outdrives have to pulled (most of the time) and that's where the deer comes into play unless you do it yourself. Sometimes like someone above said they may get pinched but usually they're just corroded and have to be replaced.
  8. Any Sig 290 owners out there that are not made of rubber and don't like the game of twister.. I literally had to cut away some of the rear fiber glass from my engine compartment hatch to be able to remove my flame arrestors. Now I have new Distributer Caps, rotors and sparkplugs to install but even with the hatch held all the way open, I can't even see to be able to get a screw driver in there to remove the old rotors. There is only like a 2 inch gap between the back of the engine hatch and the top of my flame arrestors. Same issue with getting to the rear plugs. Even if I removed the hatch, the lip of deck of the boat the hatch fits in will still be in the way. Any suggestions?
  9. For your rear speakers, I would put them directly behind the rear seat. Behind that seat should be the trunk area of your boat that you access from your swim platform. That way you can easily run the wires into your engine compartment to your amp. As for the Subwoofer, there's not a great place on deck to put one to be honest with you. Unless you have one custom built to fit inside/under your passenger seat.
  10. Thanks all. Cyclops, I'm in the NC Outter Banks and the Marina's close to the inlet want heard of deer to dock there. Definitely wouldn't be more cost effective and my truck wouldn't pull this boat even if I had a trailer so that option is out the window as well. It's about 25 miles to the start of the fishing grounds but my fuel consumption is just terrible that is why I was pondering running on one engine. My initial thoughts were right in line with Brick and Soldier just wanted to tap you guys for your opinions on this. Iggy, I have Garmin Fuel Flow sensors installed and what they tell me is my boat drinks more fuel than I do beer lol. I usually run about 3,600 RPMs heading down the creek towards the inlet, going about 26-28 knots. I usually back off of it on my way back to the dock so that I know I will make it back to the dock - slowing to 3,000 RPMs.
  11. I have Sig 290 with twin Mercruiser 5.0 MPIs with Bravo III outdrives each pushing 260 hp. Currently, it take me over an hour and half to get out to the ocean from my Marina. By the time I get there I've already went through a significant amount of fuel. Someone suggested that I only run engine to get out there (note: I travel down a creek that is always flat as a pancake). I've never ran the boat with one engine. Just wondering if it would want to pull to one side, would I be straining the engine and is this a good idea to try to save fuel? Currently, with both engines I usually cruise around 28 knots or so down the creek. Not seeing that happening running only one engine.
  12. Mid to late model 290's are pretty much pre-wired for a Gen set. You really just have to all around for price quotes. I had a guy swap my old one out for a new one for 300 deer. Now installing one on a boat that never had one will definitely be more. By the way, I had a Kohler for 9 years in my old boat, did my routine maintenance on it and I never had any issues with it.
  13. I don't see 300 being enough for a 270. I have a Sig 290 with twin Mercruiser 5.0 MPIs with Bravo III outdrives, each with 260HP. Would be great a great size boat for Lake Michigan that is known to have high seas at times, and the boat is also powerful and quick enough for tubing and skiing. Plenty of power!
  14. I don't have an answer in regards to taking that apart. However, I can tell you that the switches on your throttle do go bad but it's kinda rare in comparison to other related issues. If they work sometimes and not other times, I would clean all the connections by your trim motor itself and make sure your wires are all tight and that it is properly grounded. I had to replace the metal mount that one of my assemblies was on because it was rusted out causing a bad ground.
  15. I have a Sig 280 - pretty much the same boat and though mine came with a Gen. I recently had to replace it. A 5K Kohler will sit perfectly on top of your gas tank.