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  1. Water Dawg 6

    Signature 280/290 Walk Through Center Windshield

  2. Water Dawg 6

    2 alarm beeps every minute: Updated Update...

    I have twin merc 5.0 MPIs and my boat just did the same thing. It ended up being my seawater pump was leaking on the Port engine.
  3. The hurricane broke my center walk through windshield on my 2004 Signature 290. I'm trying to find a part number or somewhere to order a new one but have had no luck. In the parts guide they show a part number for the entire windshield but I only need the center walk through. I do know that the 280 and 290 have the same windshield and that the Taylormade company makes most windshields. However, they couldn't help me without the part number. Any assistance you guys can provide would be appreciated.
  4. Water Dawg 6

    Exhaust Manifold and Riser Replacement on Mercruiser 5.0L MPI

    About to do this job myself. Go to YouTube there are some good instruction videos on this. Also, download the Mercruiser Service Manual 31 and see Section 7a, it gives instructions on how to replace them. I tried to upload it for you but the file is too big.
  5. Water Dawg 6

    Signature 290 Microwave Breaker

    Pulled the microwave from the boat 15 minutes ago. The fuse on the inside of the microwave is blown.
  6. Water Dawg 6

    2005 SSi 6.2 MX MPI Brav 3 Impeller(Sea Water Pump)

    1) Have replacement on hand 2) Release tension on serpentine belt 3) disconnect the two hose from the back of the pump housing...pay attention to the connection order and position. 4) Remove pump assy from block by removing the two screws from the mounting bracket. 5) on the bench...remove the five long screws holding the pump housing to pump and pump bracket...pay attention to their positions 6) Remove impeller, wear plate, replace. 7) To aid in impeller install...soap it up with dishwashing liquid. 8) Reassemble housing...the impeller will self align..so don't worry about it. 9) Reinstall five long bolts and bracket CRITICAL INFO HERE...TIGHTEN EACH BOLT TO A MAXIMUM OF 12 LBS/FT - The housing Cracks easily if it is over tightened 10) Reinstall pump assy to block...tighten bolts to 30 lbs/ft 11) reconnect hoses on back of pump 12) reconnect serpentine belt and tension it.
  7. Water Dawg 6

    Anyone have these?

    I found that using my wife as a fender works great too...lol. Last week when backing the boat into the slip, the wife was on the swim platform pushing one of our extension poles against the piling so I would hit it. Well the bow of the boat started going starboard so I had to add forward throttle to startboard engine to kick the bow to port so the bow wouldn't hit the boat next to mine. Well this threw my wife off the boat and between the boat and the dock. Let's just say she wasn't very happy with me...
  8. Water Dawg 6

    Signature 290 Microwave Breaker

    Gents, every time I start the Microwave it run for a few seconds and then the microwave breaker trips at the main breaker box down in the cabin. Now the microwave won't come on at all. I have tried to shut off all AC breakers except for the microwave and still nothing. So currently the only thing receiving AC Current from my shore power should be the microwave but I still am not getting power to the microwave. Do you think their is a short in the microwave, microwave is just dead or do you think it's the breaker? On another note, had an Idle Control Valve go out on me the other day on the water. Every time I put the boat in gear my port engine would die. Made for a fun time trying to get the boat back into my 13 foot wide slip when the boat has a 10 foot beam. As if backing her up with a a current and wind wasn't hard enough with both engines running...Good times!
  9. Water Dawg 6

    New boat is in the slip but boy do I need practice!

    Neutral is your friend!!! When back into a slip, you bump into gear then right back to neutral. Bump into gear, right back to neutral. It's not a race, the slower the better. Don't be afraid to pull back away from the slip and totally reset/start over. Just remember, bump into gear then get back into neutral. Get out on open water one day and practice out there. I would also suggest bringing someone with you that is good at it, a local Captain if you will and have them teach you some tips/tricks. My boat is 31 feet plus with my swim platform and the first time I backed into my slip there was a severe storm out, gusting winds and a strong current. It took me over two hours to get her in. But now after practice, I got it down pretty good. Anyone that says they're were a pro on the first few times is FOS.
  10. Water Dawg 6

    Water In Fuel

    Went out yesterday and had to get towed in. Both engines died on me on the water. It occurred about 20 minutes after hitting some big waves in the inlet. So I'm pretty sure that stirred up the water sitting at the bottom of the fuel tank cause water to get into my fuel pump and into my Fuel Injectors. I'll inspect it this weekend. If water isn't in the tank, I may have ran out of fuel and my Garmin Fuel Senors failed me, but doing the math I'm thinking I should of had about 60 gallons of fuel left on-board and that's what my electronics were saying as well. Question. If I do have water in my tank and it's obvious that it already shut down my engines will a product like MDR Water Zorb alone fix the problem or will have to pump that water of the tank as well? The Water Zorb is supose to consolidate the water in a way in which it can be burned safety without any ill effects to the engine??
  11. Water Dawg 6

    Closed Cooling System

    Down here in the North Carolina outbanks, I'm more concerned about hitting shoals, Maps and Chartplotters are useless around here. But I do carry a spare impellers and a spare belt as well.
  12. Water Dawg 6

    Water heater replacement

    WingNut. I had the Whale Seaward 6 Gallon Hot Water heater with Front Heat Exchanger. The outer case is Galvanized steel, but it rusted out from the inside. The outer case still looked fine.
  13. Water Dawg 6

    Water heater replacement

    Changing those zincs definitely increases the life of these heaters. I can't complain though, it took about 10 years for mine to rust out.
  14. Water Dawg 6

    Motor problem

    Definitely no carb since it's fuel injected. Boatman has lead you in the right direction to check for an electric problem, but I'm leaning towards fuel system problem. Could also be your ICV (Idle Control Valve) or 100 other things. Definitely sounds like a fuel system problem rather than electrical. Also, make sure your injectors are clean, and that your fuel filters have been changed out.
  15. Water Dawg 6

    Adding Garmin 742xs 2016 226 ssi

    Look into J1708 serial interface. Used alot back back in the day and I think it still is.