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  1. Water Dawg 6

    Dumb audio question - Sunesta

  2. Water Dawg 6

    Manifold and Elbow/Riser Issue

    I'm sorry, I meant to say with NO leaks. It leaked initially between the elbow and the manifold but that was because I ruined the gasket trying to get that elbow on. All is good now, she's running good with no issues.
  3. Water Dawg 6

    New impeller, no water flow

    Agree totally with Wingnut!
  4. Water Dawg 6

    Manifold and Elbow/Riser Issue

    Mission Complete! Had the Heli-Coil installed and I installed the manifold and elbow this weekend. Engine ran great with leaks. Of course this was at the dock, plan to take her out for cruise next weekend.
  5. Water Dawg 6

    Bottom Cleaning and Paint

    $800 is a good price to clean it and paint it that's for sure. Some may argue this but I found that if the bottom paint is good quality it should last a good 3-5 years. I have a diver come out once a month to clean the hull and my outdrives (depends where you live, water quality, etc.) The outdrives need to be painted once a year. West Marine sells it in a spray paint form.
  6. Water Dawg 6

    gasoline tank capacity

    set it to 100. I have a 115 gallon tank and I set my Garmin Fuel Sensors on my head unit to 100 gallons. I ran out of fuel the day after I installed these fuel sensors thinking there was more fuel in the boat than there was. Because when configuring my head unit, I ended up mis-calculating by 30 gallons causing me to run out of gas about 3 miles before reaching my dock. Wasn't fun..
  7. Water Dawg 6

    Manifold and Elbow/Riser Issue

    Gents, just got the manifold back from the shop. They drilled and tapped it out and installed the Heli-Coil. Tomorrow morning, I'm going to reinstall and start her up. I'll let you know what happens. I'm going to torque those elbows to the manifold at 33lbs.
  8. Water Dawg 6

    2006 chaparral chrome letters

    Good looking out guys!!
  9. Water Dawg 6

    Engine Overheating

    When you run the motor(s) you can feel your exhaust manifolds to see if one or all are extremely hot or if one is hotter than the other. If you haven't changed them out in a few years, that could be the issue. As for them removing the therm...one word for that..Dumb!
  10. Water Dawg 6

    Bottom Paint Questions

    Yah tell me about it. I think it has to do with these cheaply made docks around here. They get beat up by hurricanes and then patched back together by third graders. So I think the docks around here are causing the excess electrolysis issues.
  11. Water Dawg 6

    Installing SiriusXM Tuner

    Google Antenna adaptors and you'll find what you need.
  12. Water Dawg 6

    Bottom Paint Questions

    Actually Aluminum is better than zinc in the salt water here.
  13. Water Dawg 6

    Manifold and Elbow/Riser Issue

    Definitely no confusion on my part, my torque wrench has both measurements on it and they specifically put 45 lb-ft. After I complained to them about this, they changed their torque specs on the HGE's web site - it now say to torque to 33-40 LBS -FT but to check the OEM specs. figures.
  14. Water Dawg 6

    Manifold and Elbow/Riser Issue

    I thought it was high too since Merc is usually 33-35 lbs. But because these are after market manifolds I took their word on the torque spec. What's crazy is that I already torqued down the other three elbows to their manifolds with no issues. Makes sense on using the stud, I'm bringing my manifold to a shop on Monday and I'll see what they say. They may not even use Heli-Coil, they may use TIME-SERT.
  15. Water Dawg 6

    Signature 29 Refrigerator Replacement

    The frig doesn't have to be dual voltage...you can buy a cheap standard frig from anywhere and just buy a power inverter.