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  1. Water Dawg 6

    Rode chain needed-How much

    Depends on the depth of the water you are in. Some people use a 5 feet of rope to one foot of water and other use 8 foot of rope water to 1 foot of water.
  2. Water Dawg 6

    Idiot me....anchor line caught on prop

    I did it about a week ago. Our waterways are very confusing here and there is dredging all the time which causes additional shoaling. Thought I was good, my map data said there was 10 feet of water there but it dropped to a foot and a half. Had to call Boat U. S. to come pull me off the shoal.
  3. Water Dawg 6

    Idiot me....anchor line caught on prop

    I have Bravo III props and you should be good to go, don't see anything to worry about as long as you don't feel any vibration or anything crazy.
  4. Water Dawg 6

    Idiot me....anchor line caught on prop

    Admitting it is half the battle..Like any boat Captain that claims he never ran aground before...isn't a real boat Captain cause we've all done it.
  5. Water Dawg 6

    High Water Alarm

    Can't remember who chimed in on post regarding installing a High Water Alarm for my aft bilge. But someone said to tie into the rocker switch on the helm. Before doing so I check the rocker switch for the bilge pump at the helm with my meter and it showed no power when the float was down and then when the float was up it showed power...Perfect! So I thought. So anyways, I installed the alarm and I tested it and worked great. However, when I was underway yesterday the alarm was staying on the entire time. Why would this be? Do you think the float that controls the bilge pump could have have been in the up position just enough due to the rise of the bow or what? Just trying to figure out why constant current would have been going to the switch when underway but not at the dock?
  6. Water Dawg 6

    5.0L MPI Starting/Idle Issue

    IAC all day!
  7. Water Dawg 6

    Rode chain needed-How much

    15/20 foot of chain and get some three strand rope and tie the Rode yourself. Very easy to do, you can find videos on YouTube. My boat is 29 Foot and has some weight to it and I only have 15 foot of chain and 250 feet of three strand rope and my anchor has never failed me yet.
  8. Water Dawg 6

    genset has smoky dark water coming from boat

    Also, if your boat is parked in very shallow water and you run your GenSet, you could be pulling up some merky, muddy water from the bottom.
  9. Water Dawg 6

    Newbies, do you use your GPS to its fullest?

    Sorry been off the forum for a while. My dog had 11 puppies so I've trying to sell them. Hatem to answer your question - When I go out and find good fishing holes or if I already know of a good spot cause someone gave me the GPS numbers I use a combination of manually putting in the numbers as a new waypoint and also setting a new waypoint if come across a good spot while I'm out. You can also pan to certain area on the map and set a waypoint that way as well. I also use Routes a lot too, because my fuel tank is only 115 gallons when I head out fishing I want to make use of every drop by hitting every good fishing hole I can. So I will map out a Route on my GPS unit that will take me from my first spot, to the second, etc. etc. and then back to my marina. It's a good way to get an estimated distance as well. Plus one of my units will tell me what the estimated gas usage is going to be.
  10. Water Dawg 6

    Boat lacking power. Hard to plain off

    Double check all plug wires as well. Hopefully, the timing didn't get affected when you changed out the distributor, etc. If your throttle is stiff like you say, CKSNAP may have a point in that the throttle may not be opening all the way. Adjust that cable first and then give it a shot and work from there.
  11. Water Dawg 6

    Trim and Tilt fluid?

    I would stick with Quicksilver. For a few dollars you're going save by using a substitute it's not worth it and doesn't make any sense.
  12. Water Dawg 6

    Boat lacking power. Hard to plain off

    The throttle cable probably needs some adjustment that's an easy fix. As for the boat not getting the power it should. Are you able to get over 3,,000 RPMs? Mercs Guardian system prevents the motor from going over 3,000 RPMs if there is an issue. Also, when was the last time the bottom was cleaned and your outdrives? What's the condition of the props? Also, power can be affected by an inaccurate fuel to air ratio. Ensure your injectors are clean and that you are using good gas. Does the engine sound sluggish like it's fighting for fuel? How is it idling? Give us more details on what the engines are doing so we can assist better.
  13. Water Dawg 6

    Trim Indicator on 2006 236 SSI with 8.1 Gi-G

    When new trim sensors and trim limit sensors are installed they have to be properly calibrated. Also, if they are properly calibrated but still acting eratic, the trim sensor is probably bad. Note: The Trim Sender is one side of the drive and the Trim Limit is on the other.
  14. Water Dawg 6

    Upgrading chartplotter and adding radar

    Simrad is very good equipment. But check around cause West Marina had some combo deals with GPS Chartplotters with Radar Dome for a decent price. Garmin makes some good ones and of course Furuno is one of the best but you'll pay bigger bucks for those. As for your transducer, a transom mount transducer will go just fine on that boat. I have a thru hull and a transom mount on my 290. I've had no issues with my transom mount. Plenty of room to install it.
  15. Water Dawg 6

    Newbies, do you use your GPS to its fullest?

    For the poster that said his GPS acts up if he goes over 20 MPH. Most likely cause is that your transducer is loose. If it works fine while the boat isn't moving, it's usually not the machine.