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  1. Could be so many things to include what the others have posted. Check the seal around around your hatch at the bow. If that hatch is leaking, the water can travel over the headliner in your V-Birth and find a path down to the area where you're find water. Pull out the garden hose and do some checks. Believe or it or not..water can be coming in way away from where you are actually finding standing water.
  2. Make sure your anchor box don't have a hole in it, leaking into the cabin, if there is any water under your V-Birth up front that could be the problem. Also, your head has a porthole (window) check the seal on that window, it could be leaking.
  3. I lived in Florida half of my life, spent a few years in California and have boated all around the U.S. I can tell you that there is no place more dangerous than NC. While the fishing is great and river, canals, sounds and surounding ocean accesses and waterways provide for alot of fun and are a boater dream. You can not trust electronic GSP Maps, Charts or paper maps for that matter. Best boating area ever and it offers something for everyone, but a good Captain will always still have his/her butt puckered here.
  4. Prices very state by state, I think it's reasonable cause they have to pull the outdrive off the boat. You can do it yourself but some specialty tools are needed in most cases. I think you can do the throttle cable yourself very easy. Then you shouldn't pay more than 800 for the rest.
  5. Don't have a choice here. Some of the waterways are very narrow to include the ICW and then out of knowhere you'll have a huge Barg coming directly at you and your forced to go to the left or right of it and 6 inches of water can be right next to your boat. Sometimes you get lucky and there's enough room for you to wait for the Barg to come through but most of the time nope. Also, the creeks and rivers leading to the ocean inlets simply have Shoals everywhere that are constantly moving. Then the locals mark trails with PVC pipe throwing everything off. Last summer I was directly centered between the green and red buoys on the ICW and I ran aground - hitting a shoal that wasn't on my paper map or GPS Chartplotter.
  6. Be off by 3 feet here in NC where I'm at and you're boat will be sitting on top of a shoal or the bottom of the drink.
  7. I'm with Wingnut. Raw water pump failing causing high temp and guardian system to restrict the boat from exceeding higher RPM. Would be helpful to know what the temp gauge is reading.
  8. Water Dawg 6


    Boating through Winter here in NC. The fish are still biting....No snow, but it's been below freezing numerous days. My engine compartment heater is a godsend for sure. I did drain my freshwater tank but the heater keeps everything else from freezing.
  9. Thanks and Iggy my boat is a 2004.
  10. My Tach (RPM Gauge) is not working. When I start the boat it jumps and flickers sometimes but it's not working. Beside checking the wire connections on the back of the Tach, do you have any suggestions? I have twin Mercruiser 5.0 MPIs. And I wish TabMan was still around cause my trim tabs are all of sudden not working. I haven't even started to trace that issue yet. Thanks
  11. It's not Hydro-Lock..change out the Solenoid located on the top of your motor. I had a SeaRay that was burning up starters and once I replaced that Solenoid and my ignition switch (key), it never did it again.
  12. Is your engine or engines running hot? What the temp at 3,000 RPM?
  13. Your boat is setup different than mine, my table goes behind the rear seat.
  14. Buy a universal one at West Marine. You can adjust the depth on sending unit to the depth of your tank very simple and comes with easy instructions. I would also recommend buying Garmin GFS 10 fuel sensors. They are awesome and connect between your fuel line and engine and connect to your GPS/Chartplotter. It will show you exactly how much fuel is in your tank. I bought one for each engine for 110 a piece because my sending unit went bad but the access panel to get to it is under my generator.
  15. Mine has screws on decorative wood trim around the gauges/switches. There are four of them and when I unscrew them I can access everything underneath.
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