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  1. JeffL

    Upper Hudson?

    We're going up to the Berkshires for a week and thinking of taking the 21' H2O. Looks like the only real boating is the upper Hudson? How scenic is it? Easy access? Plenty of depth? Places to eat? Any input would be great!! Thanks in advance!
  2. JeffL

    Tying up to a Piling

    I have a 21’ H2O that we use on the Connecticut River. Many of the places we stop at don’t have floating docks and the fixed docks are 3’ plus over the water so we end up having to tie up to a piling. What’s the best way to do that considering there are tide changes and small wakes? We’ve tried taking the standard fenders and tying two to piling but they don’t stay put and the hull ends up bumping and rubbing on the piling. I was considering taking a piece of carpet and tying it to the piling? I’ve seen flat rectangular fenders (very inexpensive) and “rafting fenders” that are pricey and didn’t get great reviews. Any other suggestions or personal experience with the two above options? Thanks for the help!
  3. JeffL

    Proper Boat Launch Protocol

    I guess I'm lucky. Usually people are decent but as silly as it sounds, my pet peeves are people fishing on the dock and kayakers launching or landing on the boat ramp! With the fishers, I think it becomes a safety thing when you're fighting a boat in heavy wind and current (we're on the Connecticut River) and you're stepping over tackle boxes and dodging the lures whizzing by your head.........
  4. JeffL

    All you Chap Owners in CT

    We live in East Haddam, literally 5 minutes from the Salmon river boat launch (we only have a 21' H2O) We've been out in the sound a couple of times but it has to be fairly calm for our size........ I can usually make the sound in 35 minutes. Glad to see at least two others on the forum from CT!! We'll have to check out the lobster bake!
  5. JeffL

    How Early is Too Early?

    Bought our 21' H2O last summer and we're really itching to get out this spring. We usually launch in East Haddam on the Connecticut River............. Two concerns of mine once we take it out of storage. First is the freezing temperatures (for the engine, not us) and the second is the debris in the river from flooding. I'm guessing by the second week of April the temps should be fine?? As far as trees/logs, I assume that's a matter of when the river stops flooding and gets down to normal levels most of that stuff will have washed down? We were thinking of taking it out of Old Saybrook and running along the shore might be a good option (as long as it's fairly calm)? Does anyone know when the DEEP starts putting out the docks on the boat launches? Thanks in advance!
  6. JeffL

    21 H20 OR Bay vr5 / vr6

    How about the warranty on both. My H20 came with a 5 year. That's what sold me.
  7. JeffL

    21 H2O Reveiws

    Just bought a 2016 with the Volvo 240hp and couldn't be happier. Nothing to compare it to but we've had no problems in the 6 weeks and 32 hours we've owned. Complaints:..... The built in cooler doesn't work for crap. Right in front of the engine and no insulation. Radio isn't so hot and we can't get the Bluetooth to connect although we haven't really spent time working on it Great boat to learn on!!
  8. JeffL


    I didn't actually run it up into the sand (sorry I wasn't clear. I should have realize "beaching" means running onto the beach! ). I left it in about 2' of water. Has anyone stranded their boat on the sand from the tide going out? There is almost a 3' tide influence in this area.
  9. JeffL


    So we are brand new to power boats and just bought a 2016 21' H2O Sport and loving it. We live 5 minutes from a boat launch on the Connecticut River and there are several nice sand bars along the way. (believe it our not but the Connecticut River has some beautiful sections south of Hartford) This past weekend I got up the nerve to pull up to one so we could enjoy the day. Coasted into about 2' of water with the drive up, hopped out and set the anchor. No issues at all and we had a blast. But I have to admit I was really nervous while there. Worried the tide would go out and I'd end up stuck, wake waves sending us into another boat, the boat drifting too far out, etc. Any suggestions, advice or things to look out for? Or am I just being a nervous nelly? Thanks!
  10. JeffL

    new 2017 H2o 21

    It's 19-20" high
  11. JeffL

    new 2017 H2o 21

    I have the Volvo 1.6 SX. I'll try to remember to measure for the hitch height next time I'm home........... But I have a Ram 4x4 and it's level with a 2" drop hitch.
  12. JeffL

    new 2017 H2o 21

    I just picked up our 2016 21' H2O two weeks ago. The trailers from this dealer come from Coyote Mfg. The trailer is actually a 2017 so I don't think them come to the dealer together. It seems to be well made. Tows much better than my car trailer with about the same weight. All the electrical connectors are sealed (kinda funny seeing the trailer lights on under the water last night when we came in after dark) I'm a newbie with power boats and haven't had any problems loading or unload the boat. It self centers fairly well. I have nothing to compare it to but I figure if I can do it with no experience, anyone can. On another note, we LOVE the boat!!