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  1. I have a 21' H2O Volvo/Penta with the stock, 3 blade prop. We use it mostly on a river with some nasty currents at times. The docks at the ramp are perpendicular to the river so it can be tricky getting close enough for the wife to jump off without slamming into it. To make sure she doesn't take a swim, at times I need to back out and take another try. One of my frustrations with the boat is the lack of steering response in reverse. I'll crank the wheel all the way over but the boat just backs straight no matter how much gas I give it. Would a 4 blade prop improve that? Not sure what the pitch is on mine but would a different pitch help? I always try to take the dock on the down current side but when it's busy, that's not always possible...….. Maybe I need a bigger boat!! Isn't that always the answer!!
  2. JeffL

    Different Prop for Improved Backing?

    Fortunately we have plenty of depth so the trim is all the way down.
  3. JeffL

    New boat?

    21' H2O owner here. Of all I've read here and other places, I'm not sure I would categorize the problems as serious quality issues. Lots of little @#$%@# stuff on the new boats. I love our boat and I probably had one of the more serious issues which got covered under warranty. The factory had installed the vent hose upside down allowing water to get into the fuel. Other than that it's been broken carpet snaps, screws from the glove box pulling out. The built in "cooler" sits right beside the engine so it's not all that effective. The fluids have to be topped off with only a few hours on the engine, people have had warning beeps come on for no apparent reason...……….. I cant think of any more than that...….
  4. JeffL

    ready to move on to a SKI boat

    Maybe I'm not understanding the need correctly but I'm surprise no one has mentioned an H2O. Not sure how the wake compares though...…… We have a 21' and has plenty of power and we've had 9 people in it. Plenty of used, low hours for sale for under $35K. Just another option...…..
  5. JeffL

    I'd like to replace some snaps on my boat cover

    I assume it would work on carpet as well
  6. The one time I forgot the plug at the launch. It was quicker to grab it and jump in the water than run back and get the truck and pull it out. Less embarrassing too!! I couldn't touch the bottom and the current was really strong...……. took me a few tries to get the threads started...…..
  7. JeffL

    Boat ramps on Winnipesaukee

    If you ever want a change of scenery, you should try the Connecticut River. You're probably only 30 minutes from some of the ramps on the lower part.
  8. JeffL

    Plug, What Plug?

    So I keep a spare plug in the glove box so I can grab it and jump in the water and install without pulling the boat out if I forget...…….. The one time it did happen, I jumped in and almost got swept under the floating dock because the current was so strong! (we launch at the intersection of two rivers). And when the adrenaline is going it's harder than you think to thread the stupid plug into the hole!!
  9. JeffL

    H20 Fuel Vent Fix/Problem

    So I figured I wouldn't continue on in the CRAParral thread............ For those that didn't read through the entire thread, I had a problem (and many H20 owners have had this same problem) where water would come in through the fuel tank vent line and fill up the charcoal filter. This in turn would result in it taking forever to put fuel in the tank (nowhere for the air to vent out of and the fuel backs up the nozzle and shuts it off). I had the "improved" kit installed over the winter that was supposed to take care of the problem. Worked fine until two weeks ago when I went to put gas in it. Same problem.......... finally got it filled and headed off from the boat ramp. Got about 100 yrds from the ramp and the engine stalled and wouldn't start. Just heard back from the dealer. Water made it into the fuel tank, past the water separator and into the fuel pump. Fuel pump corroded and shut down. The big, BIG problem is the shop is telling me that my chances of it getting covered under warranty is slim to none. Apparently when it comes to water in the fuel pump, Chaparral blames Volvo because it's a Volvo fuel pump and Volvo blames Chaparral for the water in the fuel........... They said they would try but it's not likely. $1300................. I will probably have to battle it out with the dealer/Chaparral........... Any suggestions? The fix to the original problem: Apparently the vent hose takes a 90 turn before going out the vent hole. It seems it is easier/neater to turn the hose down which results in any water coming in the vent hole to run right into the charcoal filter. So they switched it so it now turns up.............. common sense that the first service place must have missed........... And I cant believe I missed it too....... Stay tuned to see if I can get it covered........
  10. JeffL

    H20 Fuel Vent Fix/Problem

    So just an update on this topic. The dealer went to bat for me and got Chaparral to cover the whole thing under warranty. $2,700. When I originally dropped the boat off and I was discussing the warranty challenges with the dealer and asked if I would have to keep bugging Chaparral, his response was, "that's my job". There are some good dealers out there. A&S Boats out of Norwalk, CT. They work with Rex Marine for the service work.
  11. JeffL

    Newb with a few questions

    Just make sure the vent hose goes UP after it comes through the hull. Did you have problems from day 1 with this? If so, it was in the water before you bought it...……….. I have a 2016 Sport and we have really enjoyed it! Good luck with the dealer...………. There are some good ones out there.
  12. JeffL

    Trip to Lake George, NY: Full Circle

    That's awesome! Are there lots of rental houses with docks up there? We are looking for a vacation spot for next year to bring the boat.
  13. JeffL

    H20 Fuel Vent Fix/Problem

    Double checked the warranty. 5 Year. Maybe they stopped offering that option?
  14. JeffL

    H20 Fuel Vent Fix/Problem

    Thanks. The H20s actually come with a full 5 year warranty (it's a 2016) which is one of the main reasons we went with this particular boat. The fuel pump and module is $1,300. I guess I'll have to nag the @#$%@# out of the dealer........
  15. JeffL

    H20 Fuel Vent Fix/Problem

    The basic problem is how the vent hose is routed. Check to make sure it goes up after the vent hole in the hull.
  16. JeffL

    2017 H2O hunting while at low speed

    If you go to the Chaparral H20 Owners page on Facebook they have a bunch of discussions on trim tabs. Not that expensive and fairly easy to install (according to people on the page) and makes huge improvements, bow wandering being one of them.
  17. JeffL

    CRAParral Never buy!

    Don't get me wrong, the venting issue is really the only problem I've had (plus a few small things) with my H20 and have been very happy with it. The dealer has taken care of all of them without question (even broken carpet snaps). But like the OP, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect a new boat not to have that any problems or leave you stranded. Yes, the H20 is at the low end of the Chap line.........
  18. JeffL

    CRAParral Never buy!

    So I too have an H20. Last year I was having the same problem with trying to put gas in it. Over the winter the dealer put in the "new and improved" line, check valve and canister. Worked great up until Saturday. Started having problems trying to fuel it. Irritating but not the end of the world.......... Took it to the ramp, pushed off and the engine stumbled a bit. Went about 100 yards and the engine started running real rough and then stalled. Couldn't get it started. Detached the fuel vent hose from the canister (on the engine side) and it still wouldn't start. Had to get towed back to the ramp. I just hope water didn't make it all the way through to the tank............. Could be unrelated but it sure is a coincidence............ especially on a 2016.
  19. JeffL

    Upper Hudson?

    We're going up to the Berkshires for a week and thinking of taking the 21' H2O. Looks like the only real boating is the upper Hudson? How scenic is it? Easy access? Plenty of depth? Places to eat? Any input would be great!! Thanks in advance!
  20. JeffL

    Tying up to a Piling

    I have a 21’ H2O that we use on the Connecticut River. Many of the places we stop at don’t have floating docks and the fixed docks are 3’ plus over the water so we end up having to tie up to a piling. What’s the best way to do that considering there are tide changes and small wakes? We’ve tried taking the standard fenders and tying two to piling but they don’t stay put and the hull ends up bumping and rubbing on the piling. I was considering taking a piece of carpet and tying it to the piling? I’ve seen flat rectangular fenders (very inexpensive) and “rafting fenders” that are pricey and didn’t get great reviews. Any other suggestions or personal experience with the two above options? Thanks for the help!
  21. JeffL

    Proper Boat Launch Protocol

    I guess I'm lucky. Usually people are decent but as silly as it sounds, my pet peeves are people fishing on the dock and kayakers launching or landing on the boat ramp! With the fishers, I think it becomes a safety thing when you're fighting a boat in heavy wind and current (we're on the Connecticut River) and you're stepping over tackle boxes and dodging the lures whizzing by your head.........
  22. JeffL

    All you Chap Owners in CT

    We live in East Haddam, literally 5 minutes from the Salmon river boat launch (we only have a 21' H2O) We've been out in the sound a couple of times but it has to be fairly calm for our size........ I can usually make the sound in 35 minutes. Glad to see at least two others on the forum from CT!! We'll have to check out the lobster bake!
  23. JeffL

    How Early is Too Early?

    Bought our 21' H2O last summer and we're really itching to get out this spring. We usually launch in East Haddam on the Connecticut River............. Two concerns of mine once we take it out of storage. First is the freezing temperatures (for the engine, not us) and the second is the debris in the river from flooding. I'm guessing by the second week of April the temps should be fine?? As far as trees/logs, I assume that's a matter of when the river stops flooding and gets down to normal levels most of that stuff will have washed down? We were thinking of taking it out of Old Saybrook and running along the shore might be a good option (as long as it's fairly calm)? Does anyone know when the DEEP starts putting out the docks on the boat launches? Thanks in advance!
  24. JeffL

    21 H20 OR Bay vr5 / vr6

    How about the warranty on both. My H20 came with a 5 year. That's what sold me.
  25. JeffL

    21 H2O Reveiws

    Just bought a 2016 with the Volvo 240hp and couldn't be happier. Nothing to compare it to but we've had no problems in the 6 weeks and 32 hours we've owned. Complaints:..... The built in cooler doesn't work for crap. Right in front of the engine and no insulation. Radio isn't so hot and we can't get the Bluetooth to connect although we haven't really spent time working on it Great boat to learn on!!