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  1. Pd87

    Offseason work

    The marina, and they're doing a beautiful job. I posted some before and after pics of the hull. I replaced all the snaps on the carpet, and sent out all the canvas' to be cleaned and water repellent. We didn't get a chance last summer todo all this so its getting done now!
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  4. Pd87

    Offseason work

    Trying to add other pics but wont let me..... How do I delete other attachments?
  5. Pd87

    Offseason work

    This was damage and fading from previous owner
  6. Pd87

    Is it

    We took ours to the Annapolis harbor the first week of November....if not for everything taken off the boat we would be out this weekend!
  7. Pd87

    Boating Tomorrow

    The weekend of Ft McHenry is also the weekend at Tilghman Island, we haven't decided which to do....You are out of Deale, we are out of the South River. Try finding Cantlers, its just north of the Severn before the bridge. Also one river up on the Magothy is The Point restaurant, pretty nice. Looks like the Saturday is a wash, Sunday and Monday look good. Tilghman Island is actually an over night for a lot of people, I don't think the 5 of us are ready for a sleep over
  8. Pd87

    Weight Distribution in Trailers

    Really no Mustang jokes?????
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    Ok this one is on me......When I was turning on the GPS I wasn't giving it long enough time pick up the satellites........ After going to the Skyview, and watching them pick up the satellites it started working. Next step figuring out why some of the screen is white (the whole Chesapeake Bay). We looked at what version I have, thing has never been updated since they purchased the boat lol! I downloaded the newest version, just need to try it....
  10. Pd87


    So I have a couple experienced boaters coming by Thursday, and one is actually bringing his Garmin. There's a good chance we will be able to hook his up to my antenna to see if there is a problem there, or in the GPS it self!
  11. Pd87

    12 volt power socket

    I'm going out to the boat tomorrow, with two boating friends I just met, and one that seems to do electrical work
  12. Pd87


    I bought it used, and I'm pretty sure it was working during the survey....
  13. Pd87

    12 volt power socket

    Because I'm new to the mechanical/electrical side of boating, I only have the auto industry to go by. On a car average charge is somewhere around 13.9 So I'm assuming your asking me to check the batteries with and without the charger on and see what it is. And shouldn't accede 14? I'll check the voltage at the outlets.
  14. Pd87

    12 volt power socket

    There is something on the panel that says reverse polarity, it's a toggle switch? What does it do besides the obvious, reverse polarity