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  1. AtTheSandBarAgain

    Vortex 203 idling

    Absolutely not. Once the gate is the forward position, it will be full open, and will not obstruct the output of the pump in any manner. Just make sure you don't over adjust and you can still see the unobstructed nozzle. I don’t think there is even enough adjustment in the screw to allow you to go too far. Tom.
  2. AtTheSandBarAgain

    Vortex 203 idling

    Yes you can modify the "Neutral" position by adjusting the position of the reverse grate? As others have commented, you need to find the sweet spot of adding the right amount of forward and reverse thrust. I made some adjustments and it made a big difference. Originally it was +5-6 MPH from factory. I made three turns, got it down to about +3 MPH and then later made four more turns and now have it about 0-+1. Very happy with results. Not hard to do; at the pump, detach the shifter cable mechanism from the bucket, remove the cotter pin, lift up the plastic keeper cap and rotate the "Reverse Cable Bushing" the number of turns you need, then reassemble. (all on the Starboard side since mine are both are tied together on the twins).Just figure out which way you want to go to increase or decrease the addition of "reverse thrust" to your neutral. Kind of trial and error. No longer do we have the mad scramble at the dock after starting engines. It now stays pretty close to stationary. It used to be we'd have to start one engine, hang on and start the other then immediately throw it in reverse. Because the engines wont start in anything other than neutral, we had to do this as fast as possible or just get away from the dock with only one engine, then start the other when all clear.Good luck. 2016 VR 223 VORTEX