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  1. DW

    Which lakes would you travel 5+ hours for?

    We drove from Rolla, MO to Lake Norris for a Crownline event and would go there again. Very nice water. Going to Kentucky Lake in July and have never been there. Bullshoals Lake is a great lake to boat on. Very clear and no waves like Lake of the Ozark. There's just not much to do around the lake, if that's what you're looking for too. We spend more time on the water, so that works for us. We enjoy Lake Ozark more during the week, but it's always going to be busier & and choppier. We spend more of our time on Tablerock and really enjoy it there. But that gives "options" for the rest of the group when they need an evening outing. DW
  2. DW

    trim tab CPU install

    Lol...I agree Pops......that first set of holes makes you check the template a couple of times, then think "here goes"! But the insight, knowledge and suggestions from this group helps a lot. Setting that pump in a bed of 5200 opens up some good options. This has been good therapy for me, since I wasn't too sure I'd be able to tackle the project (or many others).......I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident back on October 24th where a guy in an SUV and all drugged out hit my good friend and myself. We were sitting still on our two Harleys, making a left turn and he drove through us, hitting both of us at over 70 mph. My friend was killed instantly, knocking his helmet off where I was thrown back into windshield with me and the my bike thrown a little over 80 ft. away. I am a very blessed man to still be here and able to enjoy my family and look forward to some great boating. They bolted me back together (& did a great job!) but quite a journey learning to use my arm and hand. But it's so great to not be on a walker anymore.....I can walk to the boat!! I've pretty much always done my own repairs and projects over the years, so this has been a slow one but good to be out there!! Sort of off topic but since it was my thread to start....figured I could steal it...lol. Hope everyone has a great day!!
  3. DW

    trim tab CPU install

    Thank you very much!! That helps a bunch and works out great!! Don
  4. DW

    trim tab CPU install

    Installing the Bennett trim tabs on our '08 256 SSX was really not bad at all.....AFTER all the great insight and suggestions. What I'm having more trouble with is trying to figure a suitable location to install the CPU. It seems everywhere I think about is not a good idea. And does the single bracket really hold the unit adequately if suspended in the air? or maybe best to be sitting to support some weight? I'm thinking about building a small box to have it in with the bracket mounted on one end and have it mounted near the batteries. Any suggestions are appreciated... Don
  5. DW

    256ssi questions

    Thank you very much!! I really appreciate the information. A few pictures helps...at least in my mind...before I drill holes!! I installed tabs and Corsa exhaust on a crownline I had and everything went fine, but just wanting to be sure. I've sent the longer actuators back and will start this as soon as the shorter ones get here. The information you guys give out is really appreciated.
  6. DW

    256ssi questions

    I'm getting ready to install tabs on my 256 SSX as well. Wingnut...I tried to look up your install pictures and didn't have any luck. Are they still online? Thank you, Don
  7. DW

    Tablerock anyone??

    We'll have to give that a try sometime this summer.
  8. DW

    Tablerock anyone??

    We're headed to the Kimberling City area this weekend. Looks like the weather will be better than today!! Tom, do you ever boat in the Alton pool area? I have always thought it might be interesting to try if it was safe. I haven't been on that part of the river since I was a kid. Don
  9. DW

    Tablerock anyone??

    Great lake for us as well!! We've stayed at Big Cedar quite a bit and have been staying at Paradise Point the past few times. It's part of Big Cedar but over the hill and never as busy. Plus they have slips right there. We have really enjoyed the Kimberling City area and up the White River area. A lot of good boating and swimming areas. We're looking at a few places in that area to possibly buy....it would be terrible to have to live there and retire!! Lol.
  10. DW

    Tablerock anyone??

    We're looking forward to warmer weather and getting to boat on Tablerock Lake in our "new to us" '08 256 SSX. Just wondering how many others go to Tablerock? We've been checking out a few properties in the Kimberling City area ......might just have to retire and live somewhere down there. Don
  11. Thank you....I appreciate it.
  12. Hello everyone - first time posting on this site. I've been searching around the different posts and it always amazes me the amount of great information shared. I have a 2008 256SSX 496 Mag BIII with the closed cooling system. Since this is my first closed system, I'm wanting to be sure and cover all my bases. I've used the pump and seen how it drains, but have noticed a few other posts that talk about other areas to winterize. I'll be changing the sea pump later this winter or early spring, so I'm sure I'll have some questions when that comes around. Any input and/or direction will be appreciated!! We really have enjoyed this boat this summer and are already planning and looking forward to spring boating. Don Rolla, MO