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  1. Johnfrmcal

    Silent choice exhaust systems

    When I went looking for my latest runabout I just had to have a big block and thru-hull exhaust. Now I've got it and I never use it. Unless you really love the big, noisy roar, I wouldn't put it in, because that's all it's good for. I came to realize that I bought a large runabout that holds a lot of people so we could do exactly that, hold a lot of people and cruise around and party. Everyone is trying to talk and socialize, and the thru-hull exhaust is terrible for that. And what's worse, when you close the exhaust, it's louder than stock because a tiny bit of exhaust still finds its way out the thru-hull, at least on mine anyways. If I had it to do over again I would go without...
  2. Johnfrmcal

    Boat trailering, yes or no

    We do both. We live on the water and We have 3 boats on our dock (44’ cruiser, 27’ runabout and 18’ Duffy) as well as jetskis. Yes we love being able to jump in and go, and we have a thousand miles of waterway plus we can go right to SF Bay and the ocean. That being said, we do occasionally trailer the runabout to other places and we are currently shopping pocket cruisers specifically with the intent to trailer to new and interesting places as well as extend our boating opportunities to year-round.
  3. Johnfrmcal

    Boat purchase showing protocol question

    I've been through the boat buying process three times now. Two of them were sold by a broker (and I had a broker represent me as well on the most expensive one so far) and one was sold by a private party. Seems like it's two completely different processes. When sold by a private party, there were no rules. The seller was happy to let me look it over and we even took it for a trial. He treated it just like selling a used car. However, on both transactions that were executed by brokers, it was a completely different story. Look-see first, followed by a contract to buy with a refundable deposit full of contingencies (sea trial, survey, etc.). I too thought it was a bit ridiculous that I couldn't even go on a sea trial without being in contract. However, that's the way it was and the broker that represented me on the big boat is a friend of mine and very knowledgable (he's been in the business for decades) and he says that's just the way it is. Don't even get me started on the whole property tax subject, wow can that turn into a headache as well. Anyways, just relaying my experience. Not saying I agree with the process but I don't think the broker is telling you anything that isn't SOP.
  4. Johnfrmcal

    '07 270 Signature w/ 6.2

    I too am looking at the sig 276/270 ('06-'09). My question is about getting on plane though...I wouldn't buy one without the big block, just personal preference since my runabout is a big 27 footer and I like to carry a lot of people so I love the 8.1GXi in it. That being said, how does the Chap do with the 375hp 8.1 as far as getting on plane with up to 6 people? I haven't seen one with the 420hp GXi nor the 425hp Merc HO so I'm assuming you could only get the Gi or the Mag? I'm just curious because the other model I was contemplating was the Regal 2660/2765, but the reports on that one are that it can be troublesome to plane even with dual 4.3's and it's a little lighter than the Chap. The Regal became out of the question because you have to drop down to the single 375hp if you want a gennie. This is why I'm curious about the Chap's ability to plane...can any owners report?
  5. Johnfrmcal

    Signature 270 equivalent models

    Thanks, I knew about those drives already although I had kind of forgetten exactly which model they were, I've had SX and DPS-A drives and I'm a firm believer in them. I get nervous about any drive that isn't tried and true. I haven't read too much about the OceanX drives but even those I would research like crazy before buying a boat with an OceanX drive.
  6. Johnfrmcal

    What's your opinion on the best pumps for inflatables !!!

    Wow, $189 bucks for a gamble on an item with a 90 day warranty and no reviews???? Scary in my opinion. It looks pretty similar to this unit on Amazon (maybe a different generation?) that doesn't get very good reviews: https://www.amazon.com/Portable-Electric-Pressure-Inflatable-Included/dp/B079PR9N3S/ref=sr_1_15?ie=UTF8&qid=1540587470&sr=8-15&keywords=digital+high+pressure+pump This one gets a mix of good and bad reviews. However, the bad reviews are basically about having to step on your inflatable to momentarily raise the air pressure to coax the unit into the second stage (high pressure stage): https://www.amazon.com/Seamax-Intelligent-Inflatable-Inflation-Deflation/dp/B07C5K7HFM/ref=sr_1_12_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1540587470&sr=8-12-spons&keywords=digital+high+pressure+pump&psc=1 Here's another unit that's similar to the one above but without the deflate feature and gets maybe slightly less favorable reviews: https://www.amazon.com/Seamax-Intelligent-Electric-Designed-Inflatable/dp/B0747639TR/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1540587470&sr=8-8&keywords=digital+high+pressure+pump If it were me, I'd call Seamax and ask about their warranty. If it is at least 90 days I'd probably gamble on the middle unit (the $99 dollar one) and then use the heck out of it as soon as I got it to see what happens.
  7. Johnfrmcal

    What's your opinion on the best pumps for inflatables !!!

    Looks like you have a cruiser, do you have an inverter on it? On our cruiser, we use the 120V Airhead: https://www.amazon.com/Airhead-AHP-120S-Super-Pump-Inflatables/dp/B00BAFBUMG/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1540586055&sr=8-3&keywords=airhead+pump Granted, you will only get 3psi out of it, but it's the bulk inflation that takes all the time. Getting the high pressure could be done by hand or you could carry a small air tank to get the pressure you need. Our dinghy needs about 2.5psi in the tubes so it works for us...I'm surprised you need 3.6 in the tubes, that's really high for tubes on an inflatable dinghy. I don't know of any pump made for boating and inflatables that will get those kinds of pressures. Air tank or manual pump is probably the only way to get there.
  8. Johnfrmcal

    Signature 270 equivalent models

    Just getting back to my own post, LOL! Thanks for all the suggestions. Tow vehicle is not an issue, we are picking up a RAM 3500 Diesel dually as we have a 5th wheel we want to wander around in as well. I'm not as worried about weight as I am amenities, we are going to do some extended trips on a pretty small boat so I need it to be as comfortable as possible or the wife will tire of it REAL quick. And I'm also not worried about gas consumption, we have a 27' bowrider with the big 425hp Volvo and I can load it up with people and it will get right on plane. Last week 6 of us went to lunch on a buddy's boat, a 22' Monterey with a small block in it, and with us all sitting in the cockpit I swear I wasn't sure if it was going to get on plane...I was very surprised, our old 21' runabout with a 5.0 in it didn't struggle like that. I didn't like that so I won't consider anything that doesn't have the big motor in it, and I'll happily (okay maybe not happily) pay the gas cost. Also, I can't go over 8'6" beam, we are going to go all over the country and I don't want any towing hassles from a legality standpoint. As I search, I'm finding that just about every major manufacturer has a boat similar to the Sig 270. I'm going to compile a comprehensive list and then I'm going to cart my wife all over the place and make her actually walk onto and into each boat so we can get a real-life feel for their layouts. Once we decide on a model, then I'll start the purchasing search. I figure this will all take us a couple years so we will probably buy something pretty darn close to the time frame that we will actually be ready to use it. I do have to say though, that the one big difference I'm seeing between the Chaparral and the other manufacturers is the way the helm swivels to join the cockpit seating. Everyone else puts a small bench seat behind the helm seat. From what I can see in pictures, what you give up with the other brands is possibly a table for the cockpit, and if they do have a table, the area looks to be fairly cramped. That swiveling helm seat sure appears to open up the cockpit. I believe it will add to the spaciousness, but the truth will be told when we actually get on each model and get a feel for them. The other big item for comparison will be the headroom and spaciousness of the mid cabin. Other than those two things, they are all pretty much cookie cutter in my opinion.
  9. Johnfrmcal

    Serious leak from transom area

    Did you bump anything recently? I had corroded transom shields on my last boat (twin engine, sat in the water not lifted and previous owner didn't maintain the drives adequately for that environment). Didn't pose a problem until I hit a dead head. It didn't break anything, but it did compromise the 15 year-old transom shield seals (big log that hit both drives) and I ended up with leaks just like in your video. When the shop went to try to re-seal, that's when they said the transom shields were too corroded to confidently reuse them. I went on Ebay and found used ones that were like new, I think I paid about $3K shipped for a pair if I remember correctly. In my case to do both sides (inner and outer) the motors had to come out. I figured if I was going to pay all that labor, the parts had to be pretty much just like new, the ones I found on Ebay were just like new. I paid $6,500 bucks to repair a $25K boat I was selling. Ouch. I used to only carry liability insurance on "toys" with that low of a value. They say the best learned lessons usually involve the word "ouch". I carry full coverage on my boats now. :-)
  10. Johnfrmcal

    Signature 270 equivalent models

    All nice boats. The Monterey looks super sweet.
  11. Johnfrmcal

    Signature 270 equivalent models

    Thank for the heads-up. I don't care how much trouble it is, it would be a LOT more trouble to design/fabricate/install bracketry to accomplish the same thing on a boat that didn't come with it. I'll put up with some headaches and a strict process vs. having to re-invent the wheel. I'm stil a little confused by the differences between a 2007 270 and a 2008 250 though. The 250 seems to be about 500lbs lighter, and I can't really tell if they are different lengths...there is so much subterfuge going on with boat specifications that it makes it hard. I wish companies would still publish lengths-at-waterline, it's very hard to compare models.
  12. Johnfrmcal

    Signature 270 equivalent models

    Well there ya go, done deal! Thanks for confirming that for me, nowhere on the web does it show a picture of the seat spun around, but just by the hefty bracket I can kind of see under the seat, I had a suspicion. When we bought our very first cruising boat (Regal Commodore 292) I did a whole bunch of research just by digging through the internet. I compared based on specs and pictures. I do have to say, after owning that boat for 3 years before moving up, and comparing it to all similarly sized express cruisers, my wife and I both felt like we nailed the selection based on our needs. We only moved up for some creature comforts and to spoil ourselves. Now after years of cruising, I think we know what we want in a trailerable cruiser for what we will use it for, and I'm very aware of boat trade-offs, so with the help from you folks on the board I think I've really narrowed it down to the Chap 270 Sig (8'6"). Unless of course someone has some ideas on other models I should check out. But the dual helm seat that converts to a table/cockpit seat, a sunpad that converts to a table/cockpit seat, the bench lounger to port, nice swim step, real toilet, available with heat/air and gennie...the 270 is looking like a winner....
  13. Johnfrmcal

    Signature 270 equivalent models

    Wow thank you for that! That is exactly what I needed!
  14. Johnfrmcal

    Signature 270 equivalent models

    Newbie question and I hope it hasn’t been asked already...I like the layout of the 2007 Signature 270. From poking around it looks like in 2008 it became the Signature 250 but is essentially the same boat? Can anyone tell me what year ranges/ model numbers were basically the same boat? Also, does the dual helm seat rotate 180 degrees or is it fixed forward? We are getting close to retirement and one of our plans is to haul a pocket cruiser around the country and explore islands and new boating areas. We are coming off a 44 foot express cruiser so we are a little spoiled by size, I’m looking for the largest 8’6” beam cruiser I can find with a layout that works for us. The Chaparrals mentioned in this post appear to have everything we’re looking for, and the convertible sunpad is kinda clinching it for us. Now if the helm seat rotated to become part of the cockpit conversation then that would seal the deal. Anyways, thanks in advance for your help.
  15. Johnfrmcal

    boat names you have seen ? the good bad and ugly

    My two favorite names are the ones my wife wouldn't let me use. I wanted to name our first big cruiser (31 ft Regal) "Docked Pay". And our new cruiser that we moved up to (44 Trojan) I wanted to name Condom-minium in honor of the Trojan brand. She wasn't buying it. So both boats were named after her (Jean Marie and Jean Marie Too).