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  1. Johnfrmcal

    boat names you have seen ? the good bad and ugly

    My two favorite names are the ones my wife wouldn't let me use. I wanted to name our first big cruiser (31 ft Regal) "Docked Pay". And our new cruiser that we moved up to (44 Trojan) I wanted to name Condom-minium in honor of the Trojan brand. She wasn't buying it. So both boats were named after her (Jean Marie and Jean Marie Too).
  2. There is all kinds of info out there on the VP 5.0 GL, Gi, and GXi. I can't find any specs on the VP 5.0 GSi. Anyone know the specs on a 2000 Volvo Penta 5.0 GSi?
  3. Johnfrmcal

    Sunesta vs. ssi questions

    Hi All, I'm wanting a "party boat" type of runabout. I was thinking I was going to go with an ssi. But the Sunesta's look like true party boats. Can anyone tell me, when equating "equivalent" ssi's vs Sunestas (for instance, a 26 foot ssi vs a 26 foot sunesta), what are the fundamental differences in the way they ride/handle? I'm guessing with the pseudo tri-hull design of the Sunesta, it's more stable at rest? But what about abilities in chop, or crossing wakes? Which one is the drier ride? And any other comparisons those of you who have experienced both can make for me.
  4. Johnfrmcal

    Stopcock wood block + termites

    I learned that boats, especially those in SoCal, can get infested from flying termites and it is actually not that uncommon. We bought a boat that had a termite infestation, but fortunately it was only in one section of the cockpit wood seat bases. We knew we were going to update the upholstery anyways so that was a fairly easy fix. There are actually many termite companies that are well versed in tent fumigating boats, even while in the water.
  5. Ha that's funny, I just joined this site to get info about Chaparrals because I'm looking at getting rid of our 20' Crownline for a larger Chaparral, and then I run across this post. That trip is my jet ski trip, we started 7 years ago and we go every year, those are my pictures of all of us. Word of advice for anyone who wants to explore the Delta but is afraid of shallow water…Pay the $13 bucks a year for Navionics on your phone, or the $50 bucks a year for Navionics on your iPad. I have it on both. Best insurance in the world. You can clearly see all the depths and it's a piece of cake to follow the deepest routes wherever you are going. Better than on your MFD (if you have one) because it's just the chart, not a bunch of other info to get in the way of your chart view. We cruise the Delta in our 44' Carver, drawing darn close to 5 feet, and it seems like, as luck would have it, we are always stuck cruising in low tide at some point in the day. In three years of cruising the Delta in a cruiser, I've never touched bottom. Typical ski boat/runabout boats really don't have anything to worry about.
  6. Johnfrmcal

    Newbie aboard with eyes on a Chaparral

    Hi All, Newbie (to Chaparrals) here. We live in Discovery Bay on the Sacramento River Delta. Our dock behind our house is pretty full, a couple of jetskis, a Duffy boat (wife's favorite), a 44 foot Carver express cruiser and a 20 foot Crownline bowrider. We stepped up to the larger cruiser a year ago from a 30 foot Regal, and now that we have our cruiser needs dialed-in, my eyes have turned toward that Crownline runabout. I need something larger for more people and a better ride in chop. Everyone seems to be buying pontoon boats lately, and while I think they are awesome, I need something with some more speed for those occasions when I need it. So, I want a larger open bow runabout. I can't own both because I'm out of dock space (unless I give up the 30 feet of guest parking that I've reserved, and the wife will have none of that). Anyways, after a lot of online window shopping, I think I've zero'd in on Chaparral's 28 footer (2830 SS or LTD, or 280 SSI). I know it's huge for a "bow rider runabout", but the thought of loading up a bunch of people and making a run toward SF Bay sounds pretty cool. Did this model continue after the 280 SSI badging? Also, why in the world are there none of these on the West Coast? I really hate to transport one across the country but it's looking like my only option if I want this model.