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  1. I do three step process marine spray 9 (which I checked and regular spray 9 actually lists the exact same active ingredient %s so not sure if there is a difference). Then water. Then aerospace protectant. Use various brushes, green scouring pads, and rags depending on what’s coming off.
  2. Mechanic started on replacing the power steering ram, and at there is part of the gimbal ring that sticks out where the ram attaches and apparently something very heavy (an engine?) was dropped on it at some point because that piece was cracked and when he was replacing the ram it broke off. To avoid having to remove engine and outdrive to replace the gimbal ring, trying to get it back on with JB Weld. He'll be back out there tomorrow. If that doesn't work, he said maybe have someone try and weld it. Hopefully the JB Weld holds. Apparently not a lot of pressure applied to it so mechanic thinks it will be good but uncertain. Any other ideas?
  3. Ok, so sounds like my speed is normal and my expectations are high. My 206 with 5.0 GXI would top out between 55-60. I do remember someone saying something about that one having a fast hull.
  4. Are you certain of that? I was under the impression that you can over-rev if your prop doesn't match the conditions.... If so that's great to know, I'm gonna do just that! All the fun happens past 50 mph...
  5. I believe it was Quicksilver 25w40 full synthetic, whatever was recommended by Mercury...
  6. What's your top speed? I feel like mine should be going faster... Planes in about 4 seconds and everything feels and sounds great but I max at 46 mph on GPS when I rat it at 4,900 RPM yesterday. Feels like I have more gas left in the throttle when it reads 4,900 but I know max is 5,000 so I don't want to push it down any further... 4 blade prop.
  7. I’m idling at about 38 gets up to 55 when I open it up, then drops to just below 20 after a long run. Normal? Merc 350 Mag MPI
  8. Well I got the mechanic out and after seeing what he did just to diagnose it as the ram, ensure there was no water that got into it, and hearing him describe the tools he'll have to use to get the bolts loose etc., I don't think this is a job I could have handled myself. Some things sadly better left to the very expensive professionals!
  9. Here's a great deal if you've got the guts to buy one out of AZ! https://mohave.craigslist.org/boa/6552125479.html
  10. Yep, talked to mechanic and he said same thing, 100% mechanical and it will most likely be replace pump, ram, or cable. He also said 99% chance it's not a cheap fix, lol. The issue is that the power steering is not working. I can still steer the boat, but it's very difficult to turn the wheel, like driving a car from the pre-power steering era. Power steering fluid level is in range. Belt appears to be on as it should be. I don't know anything else to check on my own, any ideas would be great! I don't know when/how the issue started because I just bought the boat and it came like this. Thanks!
  11. Is there a fuse for the power steering on a Merc 350 Mag MPI?
  12. There is an outdrive gear lube level indicator reservoir attached to the engine on my merc, can you top off by adding to that reservoir if it's a little low?
  13. Thanks Phillbo! Definitely not working correctly then. Hopefully whatever it is it doesn't need to get pulled out of the water, I just got it in its slip! Maybe I'll just tough it out for a while, reminds me of driving my old '70 Impala
  14. I don't see it but I've gone and looked at a few boats that I thought looked great in the photos and been disapointed... I'm curious what you see that tells you that it's beat up... I see some fading on the sunpad and it has the cheaper pedestal seats but other than that it looks clean to me.
  15. 350 Mag MPI, Alpha Gen II. My steering is very tight compared to what I'm used to on previous boats - to the point I'm wondering if the power steering is not working correctly or at all, it takes some muscle to get the wheel around. Haven't checked anything yet, start by checking power steering fluid I'm thinking. If that's good what would you check next? I've always had Volvo's in the past, is the Merc steering just tighter maybe? Could this be normal? I mean I can still steer the boat fine, but it seems way to stiff and slow. Thanks!