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  1. takeahiketour


    For the issue with storing small items, there's this place Bentleys Boat Covers in Milwaukie, OR, I had them make me some vinyl pouches with elastic on the top then velcro taped them to the boat. Matched the interior so you hardly see them and great for keeping cell phones, bottle openers, wallets, etc. Very inexpensive I think they charged me like $20 total for two.
  2. takeahiketour

    Amplifier info

    Here is a copy of a post I did a while back on a solid stereo system in the $500 range: Just some quick thoughts from my recent stereo installs - this was a relatively low priced update that produced great sound. Replaced all four 6.5" with Polk Audio DB651 Marines - 60 deer per pair. Added the Kenwood 5 channel amp KAC - M8005 200 deer. Added Polk Audio marine sub 50 deer and regular car sub box 25 deer. Amp installation kit plus an extra longer 4 gauge wire for the ground 40 deer. Really easy to run the wires from the stereo to the back through the sides, I used a tent pole to pull them through. On my 2011 206 I was able to mount the amp behind the stereo so didn't even have to move the speaker wires and used really short RCA's. On the 2005 204 no spot to mount it there so had to run RCA's and additional speaker wire from the head unit to the back and mounted the amp to the sub box along side the engine. Velcro taped the subs to the floor, they hold in place just fine and easy removal come winter. Also updated the deck on the older boat to the new Kenwood marine multimedia receiver (no cd player) 90 deer. This one can take wired remotes too, but I didn't bother. There's a remote app for my iphone. Bought everything on Amazon. Slapped on some Dynamat wherever it would fit on both. Sounds amazing - under 500 total. Now, my favorite thing that I did was velcro tape a magnet to the dash by the gauges. It's very low profile. Buy one of the clip on car magnet mounts with the piece of metal that goes between your phone and your case. Now I stick my phone on the dash. It holds just fine even in rough water. It's got my stereo control, Navionics, GPS speedometer, Pandora, etc. all right there, I love it!
  3. takeahiketour

    Bluetooth Question

    Another option is to plug an RCA to headphone jack cable into the aux input on that Clarion, presuming you don't have the new iPhone with no headphone jack. That's what I did on mine, drilled a small hole in the plastic side of the Clarion to run the wire through.
  4. takeahiketour

    Trailer Security

    Remove the removable tongue if you have one or swing tongue at least remove the pin.
  5. takeahiketour

    Cannot find a single dry area for storage on 191 Suncoast

    I've had problems with everything getting wet everywhere from standing water in the bilge evaporating and being unable to escape as a result of the cover keeping the evaporated water in. This would cause condensation throughout the entire boat including all compartments and everything would be damp. Metal / plastic objects would be covered in condensation. Removing all the water from the bilge stopped the problem.
  6. takeahiketour

    Docking....with wind and little room to maneuver

    I'd try going straight in and put it in reverse right before reaching the slip with enough gas that you just start going backwards. Then cut the wheel hard left and pull forward into the slip. That negates the wind and leaves you with a chance to correct if things go wrong.
  7. takeahiketour

    Styrofoam as bumper buoy

    I ended up getting the rectangular hull hugger kind on clearance from Walmart for 8 each, they worked great because there's enough plastic overhang on the ends to nail them to the dock, no rope needed and they're not going anywhere.
  8. takeahiketour

    Drilling Fender Holder Help Please!

    Now I understand what these things are. What's the advantage over using the cleat? I have looped paracord on my fenders, they go on in about 2 seconds and the rope's so thin there's plenty of room left to get dock tie line on the cleat as well...
  9. takeahiketour

    Styrofoam as bumper buoy

    Nice find, thank you!
  10. takeahiketour

    How to Use the Gallery to Post Images

    I still get the error "There was a problem processing the uploaded file. Please contact us for assistance."
  11. takeahiketour

    Styrofoam as bumper buoy

    Thinking about nailing two 4’ by 8” by 8” pieces of styrofoam from my new tv to my dock where I pull in in lieu of spending a couple hundred on buoys. Only needs to last four months... thoughts? On performance, not appearance! I realize it’s tacky
  12. takeahiketour

    Drilling Fender Holder Help Please!

    I don’t have any advice on doing this, but I would try to think of another solution. Yes people drill but your boat is so new and that’s such a nice Boat... Two sided tape, Velcro, rope, 3m spray glue, etc.??
  13. takeahiketour

    Stern Light Plug Issue

    The plug on the light (male) doesn’t match the plug on the boat (female). the one on the light is larger. And no place to mount the light. I wish I could do photos on here...
  14. takeahiketour

    Stern Light Plug Issue

    The plug-in for my stern light is just the two small holes, so the light I have the plug on it has plastic casing around it and the plugs don’t fit. I believer the plug on the boat is designed to attach to a plug on the Bimini and then the light plugs into a second plug on the Bimini. I don’t have the Bimini. Also, I’m used to the light pole inserting into the plug to hold it in place, the Boat doesn’t have a place for the light to go in, there’s like a clamp on the pole that I presume again clamps to the Bimini. How would you modify it to have the stern light with no Bimini?? Thanks!
  15. takeahiketour

    Best vinyl cleaner

    I do three step process marine spray 9 (which I checked and regular spray 9 actually lists the exact same active ingredient %s so not sure if there is a difference). Then water. Then aerospace protectant. Use various brushes, green scouring pads, and rags depending on what’s coming off.