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  1. This is the exact mount that I used, but I do not know if is compatible with other grills (mine is a Magma Kettle): I can't remember if I ordered this on Amazon,, or iboats. However, I didn't pay more than $40. It was a pricey mount, but it was exactly what I wanted.
  2. I winterized mine with the pink stuff. I'm worried about my boat as well, but like you I guess we will find out in April. I really got worried the other day when temps stayed below -20, and my wife pointed out a newly formed crack in one of the walls in our house. I know metal is different than concrete, drywall, brick, etc., but it still made me think about my boat lol.
  3. I went with the Magma Kettle Grill because my wife purchased it for me for my birthday. Here is the mounting location that I choose: There is a flat step/seat in this location, and it is rarely used. This is of course on the port side of the boat, and the fuel filler is on the starboard side (safety first). I choose a rod mount that allows me to swing the grill out over the water: The grill is out of the way when we are cooking, eating, and I feel safer having it "outside" of the boat, rather than inside. It also swings out far enough that it does not interrupt the swim deck area.
  4. Merry Christmas Happy New Year to all.
  5. Congratulations. I must have not been that good because I didn't get anything marine related.
  6. I couldn't imagine it any other way.
  7. If I had to rank them here are my opinions: 1. Yough is best lake for families and privacy 2. Raystown is best lake for recreation and for the overall size. 3. Deep Creek is too commercialized for me.
  8. This is my review of Summer 2017 before 2017 ends. My family and I visited three different lakes this Summer; Youghiogheny Lake, Raystown Lake, and Deep Creek Lake. Our boating season started in May and ended in early September. We did some boat and trailer repairs, but nothing that kept us off the water too long. May 2017 (Started fishing with my dad, ended May with some boat repairs, bellows replacements) June 2017 (Let's go swimming) July 2017 (More boating, new trailer bunks, and some cliff jumping) August 2017 (It's getting hotter, and we get a new grill for the boat) We really enjoyed ourselves, and can't wait for Summer 2018.
  9. Happy belated birthday Cy.
  10. Wingnut, what is the best method to remove remaining fuel from the tank? I have a 2004 215 SSI with 5.0 Merc, Alpha 1 Gen 2.
  11. Would you mind letting me know the location of where you mounted it on the port side? Is it all the way in the back corner? Also does your mount have any issues locking into position or rotating? I read the mounting instructions, and they say it must be mounted on a level surface. Did you shim yours at all? Thanks.
  12. This is why I like these forums. Good point I totally forgot about the fuel filler cap and vapor vents which are on the starboard side as well. I think you just made my decision with your single post. Thanks!
  13. Same. One of my pet peeves are the ones that are approaching me while I am underway, then they decide to do "donuts" or circles in front of me which puts me into a situation where I have avoid them or bring my vessel to a stop until I can maneuver past them safely.
  14. I live about an hour east of Pittsburgh, and the original owner of my boat was from the Pittsburgh area so it was a river boat once in it's life. My wife and I would love to take it back to the three rivers, but like you we could not find an opportune place to launch. So we keep to our lakes (Youghiogheny, Raystown, and Deep Creek). If you ever venture down to Raystown Lake let me know because we might be there.
  15. Okay well my wife surprised me with a Magma Kettle Grill for my birthday (I'm very thankful for it). However, the grill obviously did not come with mounting hardware or a mount. So I've done a little research, and apparently the A10-126 flush mount is the best I can get even though it means I will need to drill holes in my boat (YIKES). Other mounts did not have favorable reviews so I'm only considering the flush mount at the moment. Here's where I want your opinion: I own a 2004 215 SSi. Since the sink and stern exit/entrance is located on the starboard side would you locate the grill on the same side as the sink even though the exit/entrance is on that side, or would you locate the grill on the port side where there is no entrance/exit or available sink? I like the idea of the grill being close to the sink, but I'm a little worried about the proximity to the entrance/exit due to kids going in and out to swim. Thanks. Jake