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  1. Wingnut, what is the best method to remove remaining fuel from the tank? I have a 2004 215 SSI with 5.0 Merc, Alpha 1 Gen 2.
  2. Would you mind letting me know the location of where you mounted it on the port side? Is it all the way in the back corner? Also does your mount have any issues locking into position or rotating? I read the mounting instructions, and they say it must be mounted on a level surface. Did you shim yours at all? Thanks.
  3. This is why I like these forums. Good point I totally forgot about the fuel filler cap and vapor vents which are on the starboard side as well. I think you just made my decision with your single post. Thanks!
  4. Same. One of my pet peeves are the ones that are approaching me while I am underway, then they decide to do "donuts" or circles in front of me which puts me into a situation where I have avoid them or bring my vessel to a stop until I can maneuver past them safely.
  5. I live about an hour east of Pittsburgh, and the original owner of my boat was from the Pittsburgh area so it was a river boat once in it's life. My wife and I would love to take it back to the three rivers, but like you we could not find an opportune place to launch. So we keep to our lakes (Youghiogheny, Raystown, and Deep Creek). If you ever venture down to Raystown Lake let me know because we might be there.
  6. Okay well my wife surprised me with a Magma Kettle Grill for my birthday (I'm very thankful for it). However, the grill obviously did not come with mounting hardware or a mount. So I've done a little research, and apparently the A10-126 flush mount is the best I can get even though it means I will need to drill holes in my boat (YIKES). Other mounts did not have favorable reviews so I'm only considering the flush mount at the moment. Here's where I want your opinion: I own a 2004 215 SSi. Since the sink and stern exit/entrance is located on the starboard side would you locate the grill on the same side as the sink even though the exit/entrance is on that side, or would you locate the grill on the port side where there is no entrance/exit or available sink? I like the idea of the grill being close to the sink, but I'm a little worried about the proximity to the entrance/exit due to kids going in and out to swim. Thanks. Jake
  7. Inserted via iPad. Okay this is possible, but it takes a few extra steps. 1. I downloaded the OneDrive app from the App Store however I'm sure you could do the same from a browser. 2. I uploaded the above pic to the pictures directory. 3. Select the photo you want to share. 4. I selected the Save/Share option (looks like a square with an upwards pointing arrow). 5. Select Copy link 6. Open a browser like Safari or Firefox and paste the link & go. 7. Select the option View Original. 8. Copy the link from the address bar. 9. Go to the forums or medium which you want to share your photo via url. In our case we will utilize the Insert Image from URL. 10. Double tap the text area to paste the URL.
  8. Let me test it out on an ipad, and I will post my results.
  9. Rip5, thank you for the information; however, from my time in information technology I have learned to take the good and bad with a grain of salt. I believe you would be hard pressed not to find a cloud provider that isn't mining your data. Once you upload to their servers your data becomes their data. I've been dealing with Microsoft OneDrive since it's inception years ago, and I assumed my usage to be similar to everyone on these forums. I have not had an issue nor have any of my work colleagues had issues with OneDrive. At this point in time I think it comes down to which SaaS (Software as a Service) meets your needs. OneDrive meets my needs on multiple levels, and I use Microsoft products on a regular basis for work and at home. (Not to mention it is free.) If you have anymore questions or concerns please let me know. I'm not a 100% advocate of any cloud provider (including OneDrive); however, I just wanted to give back to this community. If you need instructions on how to use Google Drive I can share those as well. Please base your cloud provider selection on who you feel most comfortable with and the product that meets your needs.
  10. Grats! Love your new wheels. I'm jealous now.
  11. .

    Good idea for you guys and gals that keep your boat in the water. I trailer mine to and from the lake since I live close to the lake. So I don't think this would benefit me. If the resolution and sound were better I'd use it to record us boating.
  12. Depends on what your trade-in value is versus what you still owe on your current truck. If you owe more than what the dealer is willing to give for the trade I would walk away since this will obviously increase the loan amount. For me my needs far outweigh my wants in a situation like this, and I always pay close attention to the cost and benefit of a major purchase. Hopefully you owe less than the trade-in value, and you can make this deal work. I'm envious of you if you make this purchase. Jake
  13. Yeah I topped off any fluids even if they were only slightly low. Thanks. Jake
  14. If anyone needs help with the setup or usage please PM or post here. Thanks. Jake
  15. This forum has provided a good deal of insight to me concerning my boat. I'm a new boat owner so I can't contribute much, but what I'd like to do is at least contribute something. In the absence of PhotoBucket I would like to provide an option to those of you who are in need of free file storage. I know many of you are already utilizing other options, but I utilize Microsoft OneDrive because it is free, and I can upload any type of files including pictures. I have composed two separate sets of instructions. The first one is a complete set of instructions on how to setup an account with Microsoft OneDrive. The second one is how to upload photos, and then insert them into webpages or forums such as this one. Please let me know if you have any questions. Step One: OneDrive Setup Account Step Two: OneDrive Usage