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  1. Thanks everyone they are all great suggestions I appreciate it. In general I would rather drill through the hull with a clam shell fitting but I will need to take some measurements because I am not to sure how close to the water line it will be. I might have to go through the plywood but would be concerned of rot like alka had. Hopefully someone might have a similar setup with an older model 246.
  2. Chap243 do you have a 246ssi?
  3. Thanks for the idea I really like it. The only item I don't know is if there are any obstructions that would prevent the water from getting to the bilge from that point to the bilge. I would assume everything would have a straight path.
  4. I was thinking the same except I would be drilling through a piece a plywood and would be somewhat concerned that might allow the plywood to rot if I don't coat it with something.
  5. Hey All, Purchased a 2006 246 SSI last year mid August and had a great time. While prepping and cleaning the boat for the spring last weekend I noticed the anchor locker was full of water with roughly 5 to 10 gallons of water in it. Used a shop vac to suck out all the water and I noticed there wasn't a drain in the locker at all. I would have thought a drain would have went down to the bilge or overboard. Does anyone else have this or has anyone installed a drain? I guess it it is possible the previous owner might have filled the drain to bilge but it doesn't look like it.
  6. I would suggest Schmidt Boat Launch Ramp 2944 Humbert Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45226 (513) 321-0862 It is just east of cincinnati.
  7. What size boat do you have and weight because it might change my recommendation.
  8. We boat on the ohio just about every time we take the boat out other than a trip to norris and a trip to Cumberland a year. We put the boat in just East of Cincinnati. Overall you just need to watch the water levels and the wind. We went out two weeks ago and the wind kicked up some pretty large waves. When the river is up I would not recommend it with all the trees in the water Also don't get directly behind the barges they can kick up so pretty high waves. Actually we went out on the river tonight and had a great time.
  9. Well I learned my 2006 246 ssi turns over with the lanyard off. My two year old was running around the boat when I was taking the cover off and she switched the kill switch to off. Put the boat in the water would turn over but not start. TooK a few minutes before I realized it was off.
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