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  1. bcboater

    Boat and Dog

    Cyclops- you kill me LOL. Thanks everybody. Lots of useful blogs on the subject.
  2. bcboater

    Boat and Dog

    Off topic a bit, but we are getting a new puppy on Saturday and I'm wondering what others have done for potty training on board. I know all about taking the dog to a land side pet area to do it's biz, but has anybody trained their dog to, say pee on the swim platform? Would be really convenient when cruising, or when the water is too cold to get to the beach.
  3. bcboater

    Interior Seat Repair

    Sometimes you can find some excess material on the underside of a cushion that can be sacrificed to make a repair. Good luck.
  4. bcboater

    Gauge Panel

    Thanks Rip5 & Roady. Rip, have you used either of these?
  5. bcboater

    Water Pump Maint

    Thanks Wingnut. Where did you mount the gauge? The pic is hard to tell
  6. bcboater

    Gauge Panel

  7. bcboater

    Gauge Panel

    Does anyone know if there is available material that matches the wood look panel that the gauges are set in? Mine is a mahogany or cherry look. I have a gaping hole where my old VHF radio was that I want to cover. First choice is to match what I already have. BC.
  8. bcboater

    Water Pump Maint

    Thanks Wingnut - Do you happen to remember the sizes of the fittings & hose? How did you anchor the gauge?
  9. bcboater

    Water Pump Maint

    Wingnut- Can you give more detail on your gauge install? I think this is a great idea and would like to add it to mine. '04 350 MPI B3 BC.
  10. bcboater

    Drowning does not look like Drowning

    Good article. I wish it would be a mandatory read for all boaters. I had an experience with a guest on our boat several years ago. I'll call him Bill. Bill is a big powerlifter. He was out maybe 50 yards from our boat in water over his head with his 10 year old son. We noticed his son climbing up on his head and pushing his dad under water. They had a noodle with them, but it wasn't enough to keep him above water with his son pushing him down. We noticed he was struggling so I threw a life ring to them, but it ended up about 25 yards away, so I jumped in to retrieve the ring and swim it to them. I was able to get the son off his dad and onto the noodle, and get Bill on the life ring. This is making my heart pound telling the story. I dragged them both to shore. Everything turned out OK. I made two serious mistakes though. I didn't put on a life jacket of my own before I hit the water, and I should have swum to them with the ring, it would have saved a lot of time. Life rings don't fly where you necessarily want them to. Oh, and the reason Bill's son was climbing on his dad's head was that his grandfather had told him that there were sharks in Lake Michigan and to be careful. One more note...If someone comes close to drowning but seems to be ok, they are not necessarily so. They could be at risk of dry drowning. Dry drowning is the body's response to send fluid to the lungs to try to open up the vocal cords. But this can lead to excess fluid in the lungs — a condition called pulmonary edema. Symptoms of dry drowning usually start within an hour after a person is submerged in water. Symptoms include trouble breathing, coughing, sleepiness, irritability, vomiting, and chest pain. We nagged Bill to go to the ER to get checked. All was well.
  11. bcboater

    How often to add treatment to holding tank?

    Show and tell is really important to your guests...we say if it doesn't go in your mouth it doesn't go in our toilet......sanitary products will ruin your day if they get into the system. Directions require someone to read it, better just to instruct them.
  12. bcboater

    Spring Cleaning Routine?

    I take my cockpit cover to the laundromat and use one of the large capacity washers. $7 in quarters, 20 minutes and it is clean and only damp. Put 303 on it and call it a day. Been doing it for years this way.
  13. bcboater

    Bottom Paint - Interlux VC-17 or Pettit Vivid??

    I have Pettit Hydrocoat in black on mine. The color is really brown black, but it hides the uglies when they grow.
  14. bcboater

    Drone footage 2003 200 ssi in the Thousand Islands

    Nice video. I'd like to visit that area someday. Beautiful.
  15. bcboater

    Installing Transom shower

    I'm not familiar with your boat model, so I can't offer a lot. I assume you already have all the requisite parts...pump, water tank, etc. so it should be as simple as cutting into the water line after the pump with your new connection. My transom shower is located in the passageway from the cockpit to the swim platform and is recessed in a box so it is out of the way and convenient to the swim platform. I will say that the sprayer hose is quite long, and needs to be able to fall down into the space below freely. So consider that when you are looking for a place for the box. Good luck!