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  1. Sterndrive That's a good idea. I'll give it a try. Wish they gave us a few more inches in there! Thanks
  2. How do you guys that have this condition clean it? Hands & fingers don't fit. Looking for the great tip here.
  3. This came from the hulltruth website: Hi Guys...Been a member for awhile (close to 5 yrs at this point ?) but I believe this is my first post...My name is Steve & I am in the Marine A/C business (have been for 23 yrs) based in the Tampa Bay Fl area.Probably a bit late on this thread...But I thought I might chime in, and as mentioned above by others it is most likely a loss of, or restricted seawater flow....Possibly a dirty seawater condenser (scale) acting like an insulating blanket and preventing proper heat transfer to the water (like a dirty radiator in your car)Pressure switch failure is generally pretty rare, and usually only occurs after the owner has attempted to run the system repeatedly without addressing the water flow problem.Most all marine A/C systems are capillary tube type metering devices not TXV, but yes they can get restricted as well and can cause the fault codes, but that is also rare...That type problem generally occurs in a leaky (freon) system that has to be re-charged often...Either the system low side runs into a vacuum (while low on refrigerant & without a low pressure switch installed) and sucks in moisture (which freezes at the cap tube) Or the service person is inducing moisture into the system when recharging...I describe the problem (water flow) further in an article on my website http://marine-ac.com/ and also have a forum to discuss problems & solutions for owners of marine a/c...I'm not trying to sell anything here guys, nor do I on my website (unless you ask) but mainly am trying to remove some of the mystery of Marine A/C & Refrigeration by sharing my experience with owners...If I make a sale or two...Well Cool...But again that's not what Marine-A/C.com is about.Check it out if you like...Steve~
  4. Tim- Most of it has been said. I've boated on Lake Michigan all my life from a 12' with a 10 HP OB, 16' I/O, 18' I/O, 24' Express, to my current Sig 310. You watch the weather and do what is appropriate for the conditions and the kind of boating you want to do. I went from the water skiing & fishing stage of life to now cruising with the Admiral. No boat is inappropriate for Lake Michigan, only different Lake Michigan conditions. Whatever you choose, be careful, watch the weather and have fun. BTW, the lake can change from a sweet sunny day to gale force winds in a heartbeat. I'm not kidding. It was one of those events that caused us to upgrade to the 310.
  5. If you are looking for some natural stuff to keep spidey away, essential oils (Eucalyptus, Citronella, Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Cinnamon, Citrus, Cedar on the lines will keep them from boarding that way. Put the formula below in a spray bottle and hit the lines. Smells good too. 5-10 Drops of any of the above essential oils or a combination of the oils ΒΌ tsp Dish Soap 12oz of Distilled Water
  6. While replacing my shower sump box, the outlet for the overflow bilge pump broke. The original overflow unit had a 500 GPH pump and separate float switch. I'd like to simplify the installation and use a pump with an automatic switch as part of the pump. There is a plug with two wires that went to the old switch, and a plug with two wires that went to the pump. I know that there is a helm switch used as an override on the float switch. Do I need to still have the override function with the new automatic pump?
  7. Mine did not come with a vent filter. Search Google and you will find posts to make your own. Filters you buy online can cost over 100 deer. You can make one for under 20 that you can change the charcoal each season. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxBOP9od0Dc
  8. JV- My neighbor has the '04 290, and comparing to our '04 310, there are some significant design differences. You really need to try them both on and see how it fits you and how you want to use it. When we got our 310 we were actually looking for the 290 because we liked our neighbor's so much. There are 3 of us that use ours regularly so the additional size made sense. We love ours. Good luck!
  9. That's a magazine quality shot!
  10. Carlos- Check the switch. Mine went bad, so I moved the wires to the light fixture switch. The switch is stupid expensive to replace. The only issue is the light dims as it pumps up the pressure.
  11. Brick is correct. A word to the wise. Allow for shrinkage when you set the snap location and if you have any bimini frame structure that goes thru it. Over time it will shrink and you will be straining to get that last snap closed.
  12. Scary! Bravo to the ferry Captain and the Coasties.
  13. So we survived the open house and it's off to Purdue for her. I spent a very windy afternoon in port troubleshooting this problem. After much testing of various connections to prove water flow, I found a glob of dark stuff at the connection to the galley faucet hot side that I could see through the water line. I opened the line connection and took out the stuff. I'm not certain, but it looked like small larvae, maybe 1/2" long and about a dozen of them. They were long dead and decomposing. They were too large to fit through the small tube orifice of the faucet. The same thing was at the head faucet. GROSS! needless to say the system has been thoroughly flushed and is being re-sanitized again. Anybody else hear of or experience this before? And how did they get in the system? I'm very meticulous about the water system maintenance and sanitation.
  14. Update: All true delaney, however most of the beaches are in the National Lakeshore, so it is the Feds ruining the fun, not INDNR. We normally hang at the east end of Beverly Shores and don't have trouble there. We also don't beach the boat. Too much wave action. BUT, on the original subject, I found my documentation certificate Sunday and found I had missed renewal.....$450 to renew. OUCH! Contemplated dropping it but figure it is easier to get caught up now than try to reinstate later. One of those where you just suck it up. We wouldn't be in boating if it was a financial decision, right?
  15. Take a look here... http://www.boatingmag.com/top-anchors-tested