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  1. Happy Birthday. Many more to you.
  2. Philbo is right. But most of all think about how you want to use it. My boat year / model will come close to your budget. If you can find it during the winter ( survey and sea trial contingent) it is a great time to buy. Sellers tend to be extra motivated to be free. We love ours and spend most weekends on her in a slip. We've not overnighted on the hook because we don't have protected anchorages within a reasonable distance so the lack of a gennie was not a deal buster. Longest we've spent is 10 days, and the only reason it wasn't longer is I'm not independently wealthy. Water usage is not really an issue for us. We take water conserving showers so I doubt we use more than about 2 gallons to do the job. Wet, lather, rinse. Normally though we shower at the land head. Good luck.
  3. If something goes bad with this move and the boat dumps, you're going to have a hard time collecting any insurance.
  4. Thanks for the link!
  5. Life is getting in the way of finishing the removal. I'll report back when I get back to it in a week or so.
  6. For weather, I use Weatherunderground and Storm by Weatherunderground. They have excellent radar graphics on storms that you can use to predict storm arrival at your location. I've found it to be very accurate....at least as much as can be with the weather
  7. My filter is just ahead of the pump. It is kind of bowl shaped, with the supply line coming into the bottom of the bowl.
  8. So I started the project on Sunday. It wasn't too bad thanks to Supranut's guidance, however 13 year old water lines are tough to remove from the spuds. I was planning on adding a little blow dryer heat to soften them up. Is there any issue with that?
  9. Sounds like your tank is empty
  10. Thanks so much. One last question, about how long did it take to get it out?
  11. Thanks Supranut. Exactly what I needed to know. Was it worse taking it out or putting it back in?
  12. The condensate from the AC unit is very rusty in my 310, and I'm planning on pulling the unit out soon to fix the rusty pan. Anyone have any experience with this job and have any pointers on removal and permanent rust repair?
  13. $218 !!!! Those have to be flying off the shelf!
  14. Merc? there is a trim sending device on the drive that sends the position of the drive to the gauge.
  15. I agree with everyone else here HOWEVER... I did this with a car dealer last year in writing and he sold the car out from under me. If someone waves cash in his face, it might be gone. Just sayin'