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  1. Mine is blue and it does take more work to keep it looking the best. Soooo, I and others have warned you. How hard do you want to work on keeping the color up? Unfortunately I suffer from "it's not quite there yet" so it takes me several passes to "get it there". The other side of that is when it's right you get a lot of head turns. Enjoy whatever you pick.
  2. Keep it coming Stuart! Fascinating to hear about your exploring. A few years back my cousin swam the English channel. At the time set the record for the oldest/fastest. Don't know if that is still standing.
  3. Thank you. Just trying to keep the parts working!
  4. Enjoy MonkeySeall. It was my 60th B-Day present. We had a blast and great food. Make sure you hit La Te Da for brunch, and Better Than Sex for desert. Duetto for gelato & pizza. If you are driving stop at Blackwater Siren in Key Largo. It's real keys local. It's difficult to get to, but worth it. Really reasonable pricing. Back to the original post, we did not get on the water because of the winds.
  5. W- That is hilarious! Obviously not a follower on this site...Have you narrowed down the areas yet? This trip is a back of the mind exploration. We'll see. Thanks.
  6. Going to be there for a few days. Can anybody recommend where I can rent a boat for a day to tool around and what the Admiral and I should see while we are at it? Thanks in advance.
  7. A whole lot easier to paint over it if it will stick.
  8. I took my carpets out years ago. The fiberglass is easier to keep clean and is cooler, the downside is stepping on the male half of the snap. That f@#%&g hurts!
  9. Back to the OP info...Anybody else alarmed that he had to add 16 ounces of water to the house battery? Mine is 3 years old and haven't added any.
  10. Anybody have any experience with MagicEzy Hairline crack filler? I've got a tube but haven't used it yet. Hairlines are a fact of life on boats. They take a pounding, get twisted all different directions. It happens. http://magicezy.com/
  11. I am getting a small amount (shot glass) of water in the forward under berth storage and the dinette under seat storage. I'm suspicious of the railing mounts. Has anyone ever re-bedded those, and how did you get to the bolts ( I assume it is a bolted connection)?
  12. I'm dry bilge A retentive, so it bugs me to have water there. I did trace it to the T & P like I said. It just drips a little and waiting until off season to replace the valve. There won't be a large dump of water unless there is a serious problem with the water heater that is over pressured.
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