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  1. My filter is just ahead of the pump. It is kind of bowl shaped, with the supply line coming into the bottom of the bowl.
  2. So I started the project on Sunday. It wasn't too bad thanks to Supranut's guidance, however 13 year old water lines are tough to remove from the spuds. I was planning on adding a little blow dryer heat to soften them up. Is there any issue with that?
  3. Sounds like your tank is empty
  4. Thanks so much. One last question, about how long did it take to get it out?
  5. Thanks Supranut. Exactly what I needed to know. Was it worse taking it out or putting it back in?
  6. The condensate from the AC unit is very rusty in my 310, and I'm planning on pulling the unit out soon to fix the rusty pan. Anyone have any experience with this job and have any pointers on removal and permanent rust repair?
  7. $218 !!!! Those have to be flying off the shelf!
  8. Merc? there is a trim sending device on the drive that sends the position of the drive to the gauge.
  9. I agree with everyone else here HOWEVER... I did this with a car dealer last year in writing and he sold the car out from under me. If someone waves cash in his face, it might be gone. Just sayin'
  10. We boat on Lake Michigan and have no problem with the waves/chop. Of course we aren't out with small craft warnings either! I haven't casted off the bow, but have trolled off the back. Might be a little tall pulling a fish out of the water from the bow.
  11. State certification? That's a wonderful idea! I'm not a fan of government intervention, but that one is a no brainer. Indiana hasn't figured that one out yet!
  12. Mine is an '04 It is the Admiral's preferred seat.
  13. Jonny- Congrats to you. You said this is your first boat, so sign up for a Coast Guard or Power Squadron boating course as soon as you can so you can learn about the rules of the road, and other helpful advice. If your family is going to be out with you it would be good to get them to go to the course too. Also you will get a reduction in your boat insurance if you can show that you passed the course. Have fun!!
  14. Tim- We love our Sig. As a matter of fact we attend the Chicago Boat Show every January and since we have had our Sig, we return home after every show and say "we love our boat" there really hasn't been anything to cause us to move to a different boat. Good advice from delaney. If you prefer more dunes than industrials, continue east around the lake and look at Michigan City Washington Park Marina. Comparable costs to Hammond and a nice facility. Boaters beach is closer too.
  15. Sterndrive That's a good idea. I'll give it a try. Wish they gave us a few more inches in there! Thanks