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  1. F-22

    Helm switches not working

    I followed your suggestion - sunset cruise (working nav lights no less!) with steak and wine. Thanks again
  2. F-22

    Helm switches not working

    Found a bad connection on the buss bar. Everything is working fine! Thanks again for all your help.
  3. F-22

    Helm switches not working

    Thanks for the help. I have checked the switch spades with a volt meter and they are getting power when the ignition key is turned on. I'm fairly sure it's a wiring problem. The switches will start working as I'm moving the wire bundles, but then they quit just as fast. Nothing drives you crazier than an intermittent problem! Won't get back to this before this weekend. Will advise
  4. F-22

    Helm switches not working

    Richard, That was the first thing I checked - it would have been the "easy" fix. No such luck! The helm instrument panel appears to be wired in series starting with the ignition switch, which has power. System voltage checks are all good. when the ignition is turned on, the switches are getting power, but they don't work. I tried to find a wiring diagram for a 240, but it doesn't look like they exist. I guess I'll try cleaning the electrical connectors next. to your second question, that problem was resolved. Thanks
  5. F-22

    Helm switches not working

    I have a Signature 240. Yesterday evening all the 12 volt helm switches stopped working ( nav, cabin, water system ... ). After several minutes they came back on, but it didn't last. Pulled the switch panel today - the ignition switch is getting power ( the boat starts fine) but the switches still don't work most of the time - they will come on for a few seconds when I'm checking the wiring, but go off just as fast. Pulled the electrical connectors and they looked clean. Connections all appear to be good with no signs of corrosion. Any suggestions?
  6. F-22

    Help with possible first purchase

    Dealerships can be a pain. Suggest you figure out what your willing to pay ( don't be afraid to look at used too as you will save a lot of $) and go in with a certified check. More often than not, they will deal. Slap shot is correct - late in the year, no one is even looking at boats. You could also try a boat show - you get to see everything and I have seen them cut some good deals. Good luck
  7. F-22

    Battery selector switch overheating?

    Thanks for all the help. This boat is new for us and I am still on a learning curve with all the systems. As to what I found - the new battery had failed, several corroded electrical connections and one very loose connection. Everything has been replaced, repaired and cleaned and seems to be working well. Thanks again.
  8. F-22

    Battery selector switch overheating?

    thanks for the help. We have a frig, microwave, AC, hot water, but no built in generator. I am curious this only happens when the engine is running - when we're hooked up to shore power, the switch is cool to the touch (and I have to have shore power or a generator to run the AC, microwave, hot water heater etc). Can't help but feel the switch is a symptom and not the problem. Both batteries are hooked up and were good working order this spring ( 1 new and one on its 3rd season) Sounds like I need to spend some time in the bilge with my batteries! I'll check them out later this week no advise
  9. I have a 2004 Signature 240. Is it normal for the battery selector switch to get hot when cruising? ( the switch has cooling fins, so this may be normal). The switch does not get hot when hooked up to shore power. Could it be a bad voltage regulator? Thanks for any help/suggestions.