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  1. brclark82

    One 220, Six Wakeboards

    Awesome pics! 2 from the tower, 2 from the tow hook, 1 from each transom eye? Are you surfing behind the Mastercaft that went with you or the axis?
  2. brclark82

    2019 Model Info?

    Well there ya go, they must be bumping all the numbers up...I saw a 237ssx on boat trader. Still curious what the fate of the current 257 will be. I would really like to see the model changes this year, I wonder when the website will be updated.
  3. brclark82


    If you’re referring to the soft mat on the swim platform, it is odd they are out of stock. Have you already taken delivery of the boat and they are supposed to install when it’s in stock, or are you having a boat built and this is holding up the delivery? Ether case there are other options than the factory mat that are just as good or better. Sea Dek, Gatorstep are a couple. I’m sure your dealer could install either.
  4. That’s interesting that there is no tow point on that boat. You think they would have engineered something if you added the asp. Any way you really aren’t supposed to pull a tube from the tower, some do, but you are risking possible failure. The weight can well exceed 1000lbs when pulling a tube. Maybe try try one of these if you can access your transom eyes. https://www.overtons.com/product/details?pdesc=Gladiator-Heavy-Duty-Tow-Harness-12&i=321130
  5. brclark82

    2019 Model Info?

    Has anybody heard anything or seen any brochures regarding the 2019 model line? I have heard a couple rumors and am starting to see some ‘19s show up on boat trader but haven’t seen anything official and I don’t live very close to a chap dealer to check. I heard the new models of SSX as of last year will be rebranded, the 247 will be the 257 and the 267 will be the 277 with no changes to the actual layout they updated last year. The dealer I talked to said the 247 is 25’ and the 267 is 27’ and customers just assumed they were each a foot shorter because of the 24x and 26x names. I hadn’t heard if the 287 name was changing even though they list it at 29’. Id really like to know if the current 257 ssx is just going away or if they’re gonna update it too and still keep it in between. Also curious to see any updates to the Sunesta line. They got rid of the 284 last year, but they also added the surf option the the smaller ones so I’m curious to see if they get a refresh or not.
  6. brclark82

    Norris Lake, TN Trip

    Also, Lake Norris is on my bucket list. But at 8+ hrs it may be a while before I actually make it.
  7. brclark82

    Norris Lake, TN Trip

    Sounds like pretty much a perfect vacation to me. I wish I knew that many people that enjoyed boating, let alone owned a boat as well. Cant wait to teach my kids to slalom (will be a few years, 2 yrs and 3 months) but I’m sure ill have to learn surfing st some point. Awesome pics, thanks for sharing!
  8. brclark82

    Window material - Tempered Glass?

    My windshield says the same thing and I use rain x and it works great
  9. brclark82


    So from what I gather it sounds like the gps, horn and speedo don’t work. The rest is just design choices you don’t like, unless I missed something. Also it seems they are not responsive to fixing the above mentioned problems. Those 3 things seems fairly minor as long as your dealer will fix them. If not then I would have a problem too, Chap at this point probably has little to do with this and you have more of an issue with the dealer. I had very similar problems with my brand new boat last year but they were fixed very quickly and I have no issues. As far as the design of the boat, I can’t imagine spending $50k without understanding what I do and don’t like about the layout. Mine was $45k last year and I can’t tell you the number of hours I spent researching and looking. Good luck
  10. brclark82

    Changing from chap 256 ssx 2009 to 267 2018

    The wetbar is not an option on the new 267. The 287 was updated 2 years ago and a wetbar was not available the first year but was added as an option this year so it’s always possible if you waited until 2019 models are out it may be available, but maybe not. I would assume the ride quality would be very similar between the 2. Other than the obvious layout differences, the helm layout with the glass dash and dual Garmin is a big difference and newer engine options. In the US there would probably be a $50-80k difference between those 2 boats, depending on options so that would be a personal choice if it’s worth it. For me, personally, the 267 will probably be my next boat. But I’m also upgrading from a much smaller boat than you are so I’m not sure what I would do in your case.
  11. brclark82


    I’m sure we all have different things we envision but in my mind your boat is a cruiser. It certainly isn’t a cuddy cabin but I probably wouldn’t refer to it as a full cabin either (probably because I wouldn’t consider that a “type” of boat)
  12. brclark82

    257 vs 267 ssx

    Lol, nailed it @Toddler We were staying at Tan Tara and while we did watch the fireworks from our boat, it was also from the safety of our slip we rented while we were down there. We probably saw you headed home if you stayed south, we had one of the 2 bedroom cabins right on the lake and watched all the boats leave after the fireworks were over. When it was just my wife and I our 21’ boat was just fine but now we have a 2 year old and a 3 month old. We brought the in laws along so they could hang out with the kids and we could get the boat out, I wasn’t gonna bring the kids in the boat this year. It’s a shame because my 2 year old loves the boat and the water and we wanna feel comfortable taking him out on bigger lakes. This was our second time to LOTO this year and we didn’t even bring the boat the first time because it was just us. Being at LOTO and not having my boat drove me crazy and pretty much guaranteed I was getting something we would all feel comfortable with this winter. Actually we would be going back for a third trip in August but we changed plans because of the boat situation and are now going to Wisconsin Dells instead
  13. brclark82

    257 vs 267 ssx

    That’s a good point, it could also have something to do with the way the 257 slopes down towards the transom vs more squared in the new model...how the swim platform integrates into the hull on the newer models may also have some effect that way as well. Is the swim platform on the 257 and low to the water as the new models? I was on a brand new 287 and lived how the platform was essentially AT water level
  14. brclark82

    257 vs 267 ssx

    I will be in the market for a new boat either this winter or next (depending on when we find exactly what we want) and probably going to stick with Chap. Mainly looking to upgrade because we need a boat for bigger water than we have in the past. As I’ve been doing my research it seems to me the newly designed SSX models (247,267,287) have a much lower freeboard than their older counter parts. With that being said the 257 has not ben redesigned, as of 2018, and seems (just by looking) that it has more freeboard than even the bigger ssx line (267 and even 287). My question is this..is it just my eyes playing tricks on me with the new lines or is this actual. I can’t find a freeboard measure anywhere. Anybody with insight as to which of these boats would be best for rough water. PS I am just talking large inland lakes, no saltwater for me
  15. brclark82

    Faria Depth gauge has red lights ??

    I have had no real issues and the minor ones I had were either fixed before delivery (I ordered at boat show in Jan and it was delivered to my dealer at the beginning of April so they had a few weeks to make final tweaks) or were so minor by the time I noticed I was able to wait until end of season and let the dealership work on them whenever they wanted as long as it was ready by spring. List of issues that were fixed either before delivery or after season 1. 1) Screw in hinge for bow door not properly seated. Fixed before delivery. 2) Snap for snap-in carpet pulled out of fiberglass. Fixed over winter.. I couldn’t believe how well my dealer fixed this, they obviously had to patch the fiberglass and reinstall the screw in the exact same location but they even matched the diamond non skid patter exactly so you would have no idea it ever happened if you didn’t know before. 3) Speedo stopped working (still use gps speed on Navionics on my phone anyway) but it was fixed over the winter. 4) Part of Chap bird logo came off, they installed new one over winter. 5) The vinyl/fake leather on both the helm and passenger dash wasn’t fit very well and they reinstalled (or just fixed) and it looks perfect now. All acceptable problems and all fixed to compete satisfaction. The only complaint I have is she rattles a lot in rough water (seems like all over, stuff in the gunwales, hatches etc) and makes it seem like it doesn’t handle big water as well as it actually does.