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  1. No I have a bunk trailer. It's so weird that now that it's happened I can't figure out what we did differently. It seems like we probably didn't have it in the water far enough but at the same time I swear I remember previously undoing the winch further up the ramp than we did that day. Maybe we didn't undo the safety leash previously and it caught there and then we undid that after it was fully floating but I can't for the life of me remember what was different last time.
  2. Anybody close to TRL or been there recently that can speak to boating conditions after recent flooding? I am taking a trip down there next week for a few days and was curious if it's safe/fun to boat currently. USGS says it's about 14ft above normal and I've seen some crazy pics but was curious.
  3. So here is a question I have as well that will probably help the OP. My wife always drives the truck and I drive the boat when launching/loading since that's what she is comfortable with. This past weekend when launching the boat she went to release the winch and there was a lot of pressure on it so it spun very fast and almost hurt her. Its never happened before and I couldn't figure out the circumstances that caused it. The only options I can tell would be we were either a) in the water further than usual when the winch was released or b ) not in the water as far as usual or c) it's always like that but she has a better grip on the handle and let's it out slowly even with some pressure. Any ideas on what the most likely scenario would be?
  4. I own this same boat and the trailer comes with a safely leash that attaches to the bow eye and then to the trailer around where the winch is. It's a short length of braided wire covered in plastic that is about 4-6 inches longer than the winch strap when reeled in completely. Is this what you are referring to when you say bow chain?
  5. Is it a huge deal of the boat isn't centered perfectly on the trailer? I mean off by about 3-4 inches one way or the other? Until recently when I took my mother in law (of course) I never really even looked to see if it was centered. I just pulled up as far as I could and then winched it the rest of the way and called it a day but of course this time she was walking up behind the boat and says "hey it's not centered" so we back it down and try it again and it takes 3 more times before I get off the boat to look myself and this time it's off by about 2 inches so I said screw it that's fine. She says it was off much more than that previous times.
  6. They clip to the forward bars when not in use...I'll have to double check and see if it makes it easier to store or something next time I look.
  7. It's not that difficult @ShawnO @Richard W on our boats the rear support would be way too short/canvas way too tight for any setting other than the longest option. There are 3 other length settings and I just can't figure out why.
  8. Now if anyone knows why the rear support bars are length adjustable I would love to know. They don't seem to work for anything at any of the other length options
  9. I do not have a manual but I can give you instructions Best I know how and see if that works. 1) The shorter of two support bars insert into the higher of the two attachment point on the tower on each side. (The longer bar will be adjustable lengthwise, that is how you know which one goes in the lower attachment point) 2) Unzip the front part of the Bimini that holds the front support struts and insert them into the holes on the front of the arch. 3) Adjust the bottom support bars to the longest length possible and insert into the lower attachment point on the tower. The pins on the tower attachment points rotate to let either lock the bars in place or let you remove them so make sure they are twisted to allow them to receive the bar and then twist them shut when in place. This is about the best I can do trying to explain it. If it doesn't work for you tell me exactly where you're having trouble and I will see what I can do. Good luck!
  10. I personally own a 21 H2o sport and it is a well made quality boat that I love so far, but I can't imagine anything that size and design out in open water of any kind. I would be very hesitant to take mine on Lake Michigan even on a calm day let alone the ocean. Good boat but look elsewhere. Not sure what your gonna find in that price range but I would probably find a good quality slightly used center console, sounds perfect for your use. Good luck!
  11. It depends on how it's equipped, its condition and how it's been maintained. If it has the 250hp engine, sport tower, and most other options that wouldn't be a bad deal as long as it has been maintained well. That boat new would run around 42-44k plus the taxes you have to pay on a new boat adding a few extra thousand dollars. I have a '17 21 H2O Sport and although I've only had it a month we love it so far. If equipped properly thats about a $13-$15k or approx 30% discount for a 3 year old boat. I'd say if it's in really good shape and been maintained well offer $31k and settle somewhere around $32-33k and you'll both be happy. Good luck!
  12. At this point you have to tell us the old name right?
  13. Pretty sure the 3.0 is only offered in the 18', the 19' that OP ordered comes standard with the 4.3
  14. And @Toddler I can't see your pic but would like to if you have i thanks
  15. @Chap243 i like this idea, I'm gonna have to see if I can get something like that to work. It is the factory cover and it just seems to work so perfectly as a trailer cover if I could just fix the straps slapping my boat. My wife suggested a pool noodle but pipe insulation may be a better option. Now if I could just find a way to get rid of the damage already done