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  1. It would be very shallow water (5ft or less) with pretty minor wind/wakes to deal with. I have heard many good things about the box anchor...I know I can get a mushroom anchor for cheap but probably time to just get a box anchor. Probably useful for more situations as well.
  2. If I have a 26’ bowrider do you think a mushroom anchor off the stern would help keep the boat from swinging back and forth with the wind when I’m anchored? Or is there a better option? I use a fluke anchor and am in mud bottom small inland lakes.
  3. How Chaparral can still offer a non-DTS engine option on an over $100k boat in 2020 is insane
  4. With that style anchor it almost always comes down to how it’s deployed. I see so many people “throw” their anchor like a brick and a handful of rode into the water and wait for it to hit the bottom where it probably has rode wrapped around the flukes and isn’t laying flat. If you can weed thru cyclops’ rambling he lays it out pretty well. That type of anchor needs to be lowered to the bottom somewhat slowly so it lays flat on the bottom. Then once it’s on the bottom let out however much rode you need and put the boat in reverse for a couple seconds and hold until it catches. Works
  5. You’re going to anchor for 3 hours and aren’t going to get into the storage where the switch is at some point? I would still just run only one battery if I were you and just couldn’t bring myself to flip the switch. You would still probably get 2-3 hours just from one battery and then you’re guaranteed the other one isn’t dead if something unexpected happens. I boat on a small lake with no danger if stranded and people I know that could get to me in a reasonable time if necessary but I would still rather not for something as easy as flipping a switch.
  6. Possibly low drive lube, check your reservoir and see. Sometimes there can be an air bubble after service and also the bravo 3 drives are just known to “use” some drive lube over time. I had to put a little drive lube in my bravo 3 twice a summer until I got my drive shower.
  7. They didn’t offer one last year either. The Signature line retired after 2019 and haven’t had a cuddy for a while. The 347 SSX and the OSX line has a “cabin” but that’s about it.
  8. I can’t give you exact numbers as I don’t own that boat but I did test drive that exact boat with that engine last summer and that doesn’t sound right. I also come from the Merc world and I was extremely impressed with the 380 Volvo. Not sure exactly what the RPMs were but I would guess in the 3000-3500 range to get on plane just from experience. That engine also comes with auto trim assist so maybe the calibration is wrong and your trim is way off or something.
  9. @DRSMITH I was just curious if the trade in price was reflecting the current demand and getting more than you would normally expect or if they were just giving you a normal amount and would have to sell privately to get what it’s currently worth
  10. Are you trading it or selling private party?
  11. You need to look closer, both swim platforms are molded with the hull as one piece. You can’t remove either swim platform. Look underneath it and see it’s one piece with the transom.
  12. They made the infinity swim platform standard on the old 257/277/297 SSX and since it is a foot longer than the standard swim platform they moved the name to match the new length but the 267 is still really only a 25’ boat and the still have the 23 SSI plus the 237 so there are 2 23’ choices and 1 25’.
  13. Do you have a head? Most of the time the head holding tank is back by the transom shower and the freshwater fill is towards the front, usually right in front of the windshield.
  14. I know the guy who started this company https://www.docklifeguard.com And he says he has been shipping them to owners at both marinas on that lake every day since the incident.
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