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  1. Anchor Help

    Thanks, I figured it didn't matter but sometimes I overlook something obvious and then be out on the lake wondering why my anchor won't hold. I appreciate it
  2. Anchor Help

    I made a stupid move and bought an anchor online before I took delivery of my new boat and I just found that it doesn't fit in my anchor locker. If I cut a couple inches off each side of the crossbar (I believe it's called the stock) on my danforth anchor will it affect performance? I believe the actual fluke itself will fit (it's very close) and it would leave about 2 inches or so on each side. Thanks
  3. Battery Recomendations

    What made you decide to switch from 2 combo batteries after 10+ years to seperate starting/anchor batteries. I am looking to add a second battery to my boat and still haven't decided what the best setup is and was curious why you made that decision. Thanks
  4. Backwater Jacks Pool

    Not yet but I'm gonna be at LOTO July 2-7 and will be checking it out then.
  5. H2O mooring cover in marina slip

    You cannot use the mooringcover while wet slipped, you would need the cockpit and bowcover for that.
  6. H2O Sport - Install Storage

    Yeah I know in 2016 and 2017 that was about a $150 factory option, ours (2017 21') has it and it has as much as starboard. Couldn't tell you for sure the design is exact on the 2013 but I would assume. How much is the dealer asking for that?
  7. Can someone educate me on the wet sounds offering?

    A good way to get more info on what exactly is included with certain packages is to go to the parts guide for the specific boat you are looking at on chaps website. Here is the link to the parts guide for the Sunesta 264: At the bottom of page 18 is has a couple of the items that aren't pictured, and then for the rest you have to find the picture that points to any specific part. It can take a while but will tell you exactly what's included.
  8. New Boat Inspection

    Good stuff, thanks
  9. New Boat Inspection

    It's a new boat so no survey done. Its kinda my choice to do it the way I am (signing paperwork before on water delivery). The dealership is almost 3 hrs from my house and with my work schedule if I don't get up there to sign the paper this weekend I am going to have to push back the delivery date much further than we would like. I have had nothing but awesome experience with this dealer and their service previously so I guess I'm taking a chance but I'm going to go thru with it. They are going to do an on water test at their local lake before delivery to mine to try an catch any major issues before 3 hr delivery just to bring it back. My question I suppose was what cosmetic things should I be looking for or is most of the stuff mechanical related that you should look for on a new boat.
  10. New Boat Inspection

    Hello all, I am going to the dealership tomorrow to inspect/finalize paperwork on my new boat. They will be delivering the boat to my local lake in about 3weeks so I will not be doing any of the on water stuff tomorrow but obviously plan on doing a close inspection while I'm there so they have time to fix any issuesbefore delivery. My question is, what specifically should I be sure to take a close look at? I'm sure there are somethingsI may forget or overlook so I thought it would be good to see what you guys thought so I could get a checklist. thanks
  11. 2010 Chaparral 196 SSi - Wake Tower Question

    Unfortunately I can't answer your exact question...most newer towers will fold down for storage, but I can't speak to your exact year
  12. 2010 Chaparral 196 SSi - Wake Tower Question

    Have you check to know for sure you would have to lower the tower to get under the culvert? It probably only sticks up 4ish feet above the gunwale and I'm assuming any culvert you feel comfortable taking a boat that big under has at least that much clearance.
  13. Length of time to build a new boat?

    FWIW I ordered my 2017 21 H2O on Jan 15 and got the call today that it's in! So around 9 weeks or so from order date.
  14. Adding a second battery

    Thanks for all the help everyone, but I'm about as confused as I was when I started the thread. Why are there somany different gd optionsfor adding a second battery. I'll continue to research it and take your recommendations into consideration when doing that research. Right now it looks like I'm leaning towards the exact setup @Perseverancejust suggested and use the same type of battery that comes with the boat.
  15. Adding a second battery

    Well let's assume I have 4x KM654's and 2x KM84's with a KMXA800.8 running the KM84's at 200W and the KM654's at 50W. I will also have the KMLC lighting controller if that means anything. First, should I add a second battery before I even consider this upgrade? Second, is this setup going to mean I'm probably going to really need more than 2 batteries?