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  1. Good info thank you. I had had heard of boaters beach during some internet searching but when I looked at google maps it definitely looked like anything outside of the state park was very industrial. Maybe I will look into a little further east/north. Thinking about possibly heading up to St Joseph, MI too.
  2. Anybody ever do any boating in Lake Michigan around the Indiana Dunes State Park area? I’ve never been on Lake Michigan before but my family may be taking a Memorial Day trip there and was wondering if it would be worth it to take the boat. Where are the boat ramps? Are there any good areas to beach? I know the state park beaches are blocked off from boats.
  3. That’s awesome info, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna add a kicker amp and tower speakers to my boat this spring. Can you give me any more info on how you wired the speakers/sub to the amp and also more about the knob to control the tower speakers volume separately. Your setup sounds exactly like what I want. There are times where I want the cockpit speakers off and only the tower speakers on.
  4. I bought my first boat new from Munson. They did take pretty good care of me getting the minor problems a new boat will have fixed and I personally have zero complaints l, but I always just had this funny feeling that if anything ever went really wrong they would probably be a pain in the $^& to deal with. Honestly I’m not sure why I say that, maybe it was the fact that it seemed like the sales people would say literally anything to make you happy but when it was time to actually get anything done sometimes you could tell they over promised and the finance and or service people were used to dealing with that. Anyway, I traded that boat in for another Chap at Pier 33 in St Joesph, MI and they have been very helpful and not at all the pushy/sleazy salesman type that you get at Munson and the service depot is top notch too. It’s probably a little under 2 hours from where you are to them but it may be worth a call and trip over there if you wanna stick with a Chap dealer for possible warranty stuff.
  5. I bought a 2017 257 SSX this summer that had previously been stored on a rack and had to order a trailer for it. I went with a Trailmaster Vanguard and although I’ve only had it for one season I was very happy with the quality and fit. Not sure exactly what model you are looking at but my older 257 weighs quite a bit more than the new 257s and it tows great and looks good too. It was on a loaner trailer for a month while mine was being built and that trailer was terrible but trailmaster has the exact specs for all the Chaps and the fit is perfect. One odd thing though...the inside of the wheel well is wood covered in carpet. Not sure if this is normal and it isn’t structurally necessary or weight bearing but it seemed odd to have wood somewhere on a trailer that is constantly wet and stored outdoors.
  6. Thanks for all the input guys, it looks like it seems legit and I’ll just have them do all of it for me. I’ll probably do impeller and drive service every 3 years so $500 savings for a couple years and then probably a couple years before any routine maintenance or fuel filter so a couple hundred savings there too in the future. I’m not gonna ever do the drive service myself but maybe by the time the impeller and fuel filter are due again I’ll feel comfortable doing them myself.
  7. @hatem number 4 says fuel filter not oil filter I haven’t taken the time to see how difficult that would be on my own but every other fuel filter I’ve ever changed has been dirt cheap and stupid easy so maybe I’ll check that out.
  8. Yeah it says $61 parts $190 labor for the impeller. That may be something I’m willing to try and do myself in the spring. I always love doing things myself but when I get something this new and expensive I’m also hesitant. Maybe I’ll watch some videos and see what I think.
  9. The hull winterization includes fresh water systems and toilet. The impeller change is on a Merc 6.2L. I have heard it can be a bit of a pita on that particular engine but don’t have any experience.
  10. Obviously I need the first 3 things in the list and while it’s about $50-75 more for those things than my previous place I’m fine with those prices. It’s more the last 4 things I’m curious about.
  11. So as some of you may know I purchased a new to me 2017 257SSX this year. It had 70 hours on it when I purchased it and it now has right at 100 hrs. It has 3 full boating seasons on it. Full 20 hour service was done in year one and then just standard winterization/o change for the first 2 winters. Prior to me it was kept indoor heated rack storage year round and launched on command. My local marina recently closed up permanently so I’m trying a new place. I have no time to do any of this work myself but I just wanted you opinions on what work is necessary and what is a waste of time and what you think of the pricing. This is what the recommended since I’m at my 100 hour mark and thru 3 seasons. Winterize Hull- $129 Winterize Engine- $125 Oil change- $170 Fuel filter- $87 Bravo Drive Service- $250 Additional 100 hr Maintenance (steering system check and tighten, lube cable and linkages, retorque engine mounts, check spark plugs/wires/etc, replace pcv valve, check elec system, inspect belts, check cooling system and exhaust)- $140 Impeller Change- $250 Total $1150 Plus $350 shrink wrap for $1500
  12. I thought I mentioned it previously but on the right hand side of the gps display I have a 3-way gauge showing trim level, water level and fuel level. That’s in addition to the smart craft on the left. I would love to add engine data to the garmin if it isn’t too difficult or expensive but I have access to all the info I need without it so I wouldn’t put too much effort or money into it.
  13. My factory Garmin 742xs GPS does NOT have engine data enabled. To the left of the display it has an analog RPM gauge with the ability to select about 6-7 different parameters on a digital readout below it (oil press, coolant temp, hours, etc). On the right it’s has a 3 way analog gauge with trim, water level and gas. Not sure what I would need to get engine data enabled.
  14. My first car was a ‘90 Firebird with T-tops. Unfortunately it only had the v-6 but it was already 10 years old by the time I got my license so I got it for like $4k which was every penny I made that year. First boat was an ‘89 18’ Celebrity bowrider. Everything was wood and eventually rotted but we had a lot of fun. It had a Merc that I believe was 120hp. It was the boat I was raised on and we bought it new and used it until it was no longer usable, got over 20 years out of it.
  15. Awesome info @Hatem thanks for all the detail. I have no tide or current to contend with. Wind and possibly wakes from boats on the main channel are the only factors affecting my boat (honestly it’s like 99% wind). With that being said, everything sounds good but it may be difficult to use a stern anchor up on shore because with the wind obviously not blowing in a constant direction all the time my boat can rotate almost a full 180 degrees around the anchor point at any given time.
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