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  1. brclark82

    I was more offended to day. By Home Despot.

    Meh, I prefer self check out
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    This was NOT me btw
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    Totally spaced and forgot I had a 30ft long trailer and 6k lbs back there https://www.lakeexpo.com/boating/boat_crashes/trailered-boat-crashes-through-fence-over-retaining-wall-in-osage/article_c0b16b74-49bf-11e9-841d-9bce9ca742a3.html?fbclid=IwAR1tlSNbR9-GdszanvM31K4a4Xrh6V-lX9OB7CWpai_XZ-8IHd9k6eOl0lI
  4. brclark82

    Am I the only one offended ?

    If you are referring to making a purchase and not getting a receipt I have noticed a lot of places give you the option of paper or email, but I don't believe I've encountered one yet that won't do it if you ask.
  5. brclark82

    What Cruiser Would You Buy?

    The MSRP on a 350 coupe with just a couple basic options is north of $500k so that $400k you see is probably closer to reality than you think... crazy isn't it?
  6. brclark82

    What Cruiser Would You Buy?

    I saw the Sundancer 320 last weekend at a show. Love the side walk thru to the open bow seating. Much better than the sunpad on the closed bow, much more useful for how and where we would use it, and still had over 6' headroom in the cabin. $350k Although that transom wet bar/grill is pretty money, I would really miss rear facing seating there while on the hook.
  7. brclark82

    2018 21 H2O mooring cover

    What you are saying is exactly the decision you are going to have to make. You have 2 options 1) You can ratchet down the cover before you drop the tower and the cover will stay on, but the entire weight of the tower will resting on an unsupported part of the cover. This will stretch and possible tear the cover over time. You may just have to replace the cover more often that you want, especially at $500-700. 2) You can decide to just cover the boat and not ratchet the cover tight (you may have to not hook it around the swim platform at all). This would allow the arch to come all the way down and push the cover with it since it wouldn't be tight. It wouldn't be as tight of a fit, but if you velcro around the tower and use the tie downs on the transom hooks it would keep the boat pretty well covered with much less (if any) pressure on the cover itself. I would try option 2 first and see if it covers it well enough for your liking. If so, perfect. If not I guess you are just going to have to let the arch rest on the cover and hope it doesn't wear out too fast. Good luck!
  8. brclark82

    2018 21 H2O mooring cover

    I was thinking about how to do that...I can’t come up with a good way. Maybe something on top of both gunwales after the cover is on but not sure. It couldn’t be in the cockpit without cutting a hole in the cover
  9. brclark82

    2018 21 H2O mooring cover

    You do have to install the cover before you lower the tower. The cover Chap includes (if that’s what you ordered) is very nice and fits perfectly, ratchets nice and tight. The problem is that the tower folds lower than the cover, so there will be considerable pressure on the cover from the tower in the lowered position. This particular tower is pretty heavy too so this way of storing it will stretch/tear and wear out your cover in little time.
  10. brclark82

    COBALT dont believe the hype

    I don’t like the layout or finishes of any of the Cobalt bow riders (R3/5/7) but they ride nice and look real pretty from the outside
  11. brclark82

    New 277 vs 297

    Yeah, lots of Tritoons at the lake these days. Most of them have a 9.5 or 10’ beam so not really trailerable. I saw a nice fiberglass one with 2x 250’s and joystick for about $120k We looked at them and not really our thing, but not a bad idea. Thanks
  12. brclark82

    Gas shocks

    Those parts guides are awesome, it was pretty irritating when they took everything newer than 2013 off the site last year I wish I would have saved the file for my boat before they were taken off. It says ask your dealer but they aren’t just gonna email me the pdf and honestly sometimes I just like to look at certain schematics to learn more even when I don’t actually need anything.
  13. brclark82

    Sea Story To Share

    That’s scary stuff, especially with kids on board A couple years ago on LOTO I was leaving a restaurant at a very busy part of the lake. As I was leaving I was being very cautious as there was a 40’ Sundancer plowing thru directly between me and where I needed to get. Just as the wake was about to hit the bow I was setup to take it at a 45 and then get the #$^% out of dodge, when a 30’ Baja came flying about 60+ mph and jumped the cruisers wake literally 10 ft in front of us. I’m guessing he never saw our little boat and we were lucky there wasn’t a collision. Well long story short, the Baja wake was at the perfect distance behind the other that when my bow dipped from the cruiser wake it plowed right into the second one and let’s just say I was lucky we weren’t swimming to shore. I had some friends still at the dock that saw it happen and said my entire boat disappeared after the impact, and thought they were gonna be retrieving us from the water.
  14. brclark82

    New 277 vs 297

    The wife thinks the interior of the Regal feels more luxurious and high end and likes the convertible helm and passenger seat as opposed to the bucket seats. In her words "When I walk on the Regal is feels like it should cost $100k, when I get on the Chap it looks big and safe but not necessarily something that should cost that much" I showed her the boattest video and she did concede it didn't look as good on the water but don't think she care as much. Neither of us like the center transom walk thru to the swim platform as opposed to the side walk thru on the Chap, but the Regal came with a triple axle trailer and bow thruster and both Chaps had tandem axle.
  15. brclark82

    New 277 vs 297

    I agree! I've seen them on the water and I think they look short and fat or something. It may be how far aft the tower attaches, it arches forward a lot and is curved more.