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  1. brclark82

    Trailering Question

    Yes I’m definitely getting the boat buckle for the bow in addition to my transom tie down when I get my actual trailer. I was just curious if that was normal for a little bounce or if I could do something different to deter it and just use the boat buckle as extra insurance. On another note...I know the winch strap is only rated to around 1500 lbs so is it possible that I could winch it too tightly? When it was bouncing I pulled over and was able to crank the winch 1 or 2 more clicks but I as I was doing it in the back of my mind I was wondering if I was possibly straining that strap too much and risking it failing.
  2. brclark82


    I’m guessing it’s a 21’ with the 250hp. It’s really surprising to hear you are having issues with that setup. I used to have a 21 H2O with the Merc 250 and that thing would pull my 250lb father out of the water and get on plane in seconds. The hardest part was making sure you got off the throttle in time before you were going 40mph before you knew it. Are you having any other power issues other than when towing?
  3. brclark82

    Trailering Question

    Yeah it is strapped down at the transom
  4. brclark82

    Trailering Question

    So as you may have seen I recently upgraded my boat to a 257 SSX. I am currently having a custom trailer built for it but in the mean time I have a loaner trailer from the dealer that I am using. This trailer also happens to be brand new (they ordered it for me to use saying they needed an extra one around the dealership anyway) and I believe the exact same model I will be getting, it just isn’t custom paint and logos etc. My question is this: Currently I get the boat loaded all the way up to the bow eye and the winch as tight as I can get it just like every other boat I’ve ever owned. I looks perfect and the boat is sitting on the bunks just the way it should be. The difference is, with the new boat, when I hit a bump I can see the bow bounce slightly on the winch stand. If I get out and check it sometimes I can crank the winch another notch or 2 sometimes I can’t. It doesn’t bounce too much but enough that I notice it in my rear view. Is this normal and when I get my permanent trailer I just need to add a bow tie down to keep it ok place or should I be doing something different.
  5. brclark82

    2014 H20 SF 21 Gel Coat Cracks Below the Water Line

    Since you bought it from the owner and not a dealer my first step would be to talk to your local dealer about the issues you are having. Ideally that dealer would also be the original selling dealer but not necessary. Let them know the issues you are having and just see what they say. I would wait on any survey until you at least see what the dealer and Chap say. You could be pleasantly surprised by their answer and then you wasted $400 and some time you didn’t need to. If you get the run around, or not the answer you want to hear from Chap then you can start with the survey and additional steps. Good luck to you
  6. brclark82

    2014 H20 SF 21 Gel Coat Cracks Below the Water Line

    I also believe the “lifetime” hull warranty is only applicable to the original purchaser and even if the transfer is purchased and completed it is limited to 5 years.
  7. brclark82

    2014 H20 SF 21 Gel Coat Cracks Below the Water Line

    I can tell you that Chap charges $50 to transfer the component warranty and $500 to transfer the structural warranty (also another $50 for the engine warranty) on used boats with manufacturer warranty remaining. You should have been offered this transfer and required to initial yes or no. A lot of people decline the structural warranty because of the transfer cost assuming if there were any structural issues the first owner would have realized it. Hopefully the dealer either included this transfer in the price and did it for you or you decided to have the transfer done. If you don’t have it, the dealer should have some sort of paperwork showing that they offered it to you and you declined, usually just some initials from you by the box marking you declined the coverage. Good luck
  8. brclark82

    Newbies, do you use your GPS to its fullest?

    Nevermind, I overlooked the part about services having fuel etc available...I’ll have to check this out and get to customizing the screen when I get caught back up from being on vacation.
  9. brclark82

    Newbies, do you use your GPS to its fullest?

    This is some good info, I appreciate it. I need to spend some time getting to know mine. I have the same unit you do 741xs. Having the navigational charts was nice but it would also be cool to have points of interest as well like google maps. Being able to search for gas or restaurants and then knowing the distance and route would be handy. Maybe this is actually a feature and I just haven’t figured it out yet. Also, my transducer loses signal around 20 mph or so and my depth and sonar just flash. I have heard of this happening to others but in my last boat with just a basic depth finder I never lost a reading at any speed.
  10. brclark82

    327 SSX vs. 337 SSX vs. 347 SSX Differences???

    The 337 and 347 are identical, they changed all their SSX lineup names in 2019...267 to 277, 287 to 297 etc even though they didn’t actually make any changes. The older model 327 does have a different layout, hard to describe but just look at some pics between a 327 and either 337/347 and you’ll get the idea.
  11. brclark82

    Water pump

    I looked thru the part of the manual that covers the water pump and I still don’t really see any useful info. I know it’s been asked before but , like this time, I never got a confirmed answer. That’s fine I can use opinions and make my own decisions. Knowing the pros and cons I will probably leave my switch on all the time and just turn it off with the battery switch when I’m done for the day. I have a 1 year old and a 3 year old and I know it sounds silly but getting up from the transom seating to go turn the water pump switch on just to use the sprayer for a few seconds isn’t going to happen, so it’s either never use it or take the chances. We got our boat just in time for our annual LOTO trip and I have to say, it’s amazing. Pier 33 dealership in St Joseph, MI has been awesome to work with and even let me borrow a trailer for about 1000 miles of travel to make sure I could take on vaca since my custom trailer wasn’t gonna be done in time. Thanks for everyone’s opinions, I appreciate it
  12. brclark82

    Water pump

    New boat, newbie question. I forgot to ask this during my orientation or just missed it. I know you should only run the vacuum for the vacuflish when you need it, but is it ok to keep the water pump on to have pressure for the sink and transom shower all the time?
  13. brclark82

    I'd like to replace some snaps on my boat cover

    Anyone have any experience with this $27 snap tool from Cecil as opposed to the $150 tool from sailrite? I would also like to replace a couple snaps but if $30 will get the job done for a couple snaps instead of $150 I’d obviously like to save money. http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/snap-fastener-plier-kit/
  14. brclark82

    Start/Stop Merc DTS

    That makes sense except when I paste or click that link it opens it in the app instead of a browser so I can’t do that... I’ll see if I can figure it out at some point, it would be nice to know
  15. brclark82

    Start/Stop Merc DTS

    Thanks! My son was actually kinda sad about leaving our other boat with them