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  1. Yeah, I don’t own a heat gun so hair dryer it is. I plan on using that and a plastic putty knife at first and see how much adhesive is left.
  2. Sounds good, I think I’ll try a hair dyer and some patience and see how much adhesive is left behind. Last year was the boats first season and it was stored out of the sun so I don’t think there will be any issues with ghosting/fading. Thanks for the input
  3. I have a 21’ H2O with the SX graphic. Last season I was tied up at a fuel dock in rough water and didn’t notice until it was too late but my bumpers were hanging too low and the side of my boat. Needless to say the constant rocking against the dock essentially destroyed the decals on that side and now it looks terrible. I think it would look better if they were just removed but don’t want to start removing them and then make it even worse. Does anyone have any tips on how to cleanly remove these graphics?
  4. Congrats! We too are looking to possibly get into the travel trailer world and kinda deciding how that works with the boat. Found a nice permanent campground at our preferred lake for only $1700/year with water and sewer hookup plus 50 amp service we just pay for electricity. Now to just actually do it. 28ft Airstream is sweeeeet!
  5. @TNBrett we have the same boat, might as well get the same truck! 8 months in and it it has been perfect.
  6. Got to see this boat in person at the Chicago Boat Show this weekend. She is gorgeous, along with the new 247ssx. Had it pretty loaded up for about $108k including freight and prep. About what I expected, 20% off msrp with free freight and prep or about 25% off if they add 7-8k in freight and prep. Probably about another 5% or so to negotiate and then add $6k or so for a trailer
  7. Yeah 280 is what I meant to say...I have the 250 Merc in my 21 H2O and it’s plenty. Anyway, I’m sure this will be a hot seller for them. Looks like fully loaded still only $50-55k. Hard to find a decent wake boat new for anything close to that. About a $10k premium for the surf gate, medallion display and Volvo ffd...
  8. Gotta be better than the vortex line. 380HP is a lot for a boat of that weight, I bet it gets up to speed in a hurry. The medallion display is pretty sweet too!
  9. A lot of us you have a question?
  10. I personally love the layout and options available on this boat, but it doesn’t seem to be much less $$ similarly equipped to the 287ssx with not just 2’ less loa but also 6” less beam...I just can’t imagine a ton of people pulling the trigger on this when the 287 can be had for slightly (in comparison) more money. The only thing i can think of is the 267 can technically be towed legally, while the 287 is slightly too wide. Although my local dealer sold all of their 287’s with a custom triple axle trailer last year so it seems people don’t care.
  11. I should mention it was from a pretty large dealer that would have had absolutely no problem moving the boat I ordered so that may have had something to do with it.
  12. I put $1500 down at the boat show to “reserve my production slot” who knows if that even means anything, and then another $1000 when I finalized my options about a week later and they sent in the “final build sheet”...again who knows. So $2500 total for an approx $45k boat so slightly more than 5%
  13. Sorry, it seems the issues I were remembering were regarding the vortex line specifically and not the Surf line in general
  14. I would do a search on this forum and read up, quite a few issues from what I remember, possibly some fixes but I didn't pay too close attention. I do know there is some good info already out there though
  15. You say the manual says start the engine and then switch to 1 to charge both batteries. What is selected for starting before you switch it? You generally start on 1 and then only switch to 2 when you need power and the engine isn't running then back to 1 to start again. Both would only be for low battery situations where 1 wouldn't start it by itself (which may be your current situation). I am assuming the switch is the off/1/2/both variety? How old are the batteries? Have you had the boat out and ran it for an extended period of time before you tested the batteries or was this after it had set for an extended period of time?