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  1. brclark82

    23 H2O ski and fish

    Is an identical boat they just make the cooler a live well, add a trolling motor, put a couple pedestal chair mounts in and make a couple seats modular.
  2. brclark82

    23 H2O ski and fish

    That’s the sport, he’s looking for Ski & Fish version like they have for the 21’
  3. brclark82

    23 H2O ski and fish

    They updated their website today with the new models and there was no sign of it. It is always possible they could still add it, they updated the 267SSX last year in Dec after all the other models had been updated, but not likely.
  4. brclark82

    2019 Model Info

    Lots of premium options available on the H2O's now that haven't been in the past (GPS, Beachweave, dual batteries, EFX towers etc) The 23 H2O looks a lot like the SSi, I would guess this is the last year for that line.
  5. brclark82

    2019 Model Info

    chaparralboats.com is now updated with '19 model info for anyoe interested
  6. brclark82

    H2O 19 200 hp or H2O 21 250 hp can't decide?

    Chaps website is usually updated sometime in Sept with new model info but it’s hasnt been yet so you won’t find it there. Heres one at my local dealer https://www.boattrader.com/listing/2019-chaparral-23-h20-103391997/?refSource=standard listing A lot like the 246ssi
  7. brclark82

    H2O 19 200 hp or H2O 21 250 hp can't decide?

    Get the new 23 H2O. I have the 21’ H2O with 250hp and love it. Great layout, more than enough power. Only complaint is that it isn’t bigger
  8. brclark82

    287 / 297 SSX reviews

    Wow, I didn’t actually watch the video until just now and yeah that doesn’t look good. I will tell you I have been on his boat 2x now and it certainly did not move like that. Weird
  9. brclark82

    287 / 297 SSX reviews

    Pricing wise, if it’s loaded up with l the option I would say 25% off list would be a starting point with close to 30% off considered a great deal. A lot of the discount also depends on what the dealer prep and freight and etc fees are. I would say 25% off regular msrp AFTER the dealer tacks on the extra fees would be a good goal. ie 150k * .75 =112k after fees a other way to look at is 150k * .7 = 105k plus 7k in fees equals the same 112k
  10. brclark82

    287 / 297 SSX reviews

    I have a friend with this boat, the arch is rock solid. I personally would opt for the folding hardtop option they added last year but regardless you won’t be disappointed with either arch. As far as the boat, it is a beast. Handles big water very well (LOTO) and has a very deep deck that makes everyone feel safe and keeps them dry. Best layout in its class I feel, and the swim platform is second to none. Get the big block for sure though, 380 is sufficient the 430 is nice but a pretty big jump in $ for 50 HP.
  11. brclark82

    Pink Stains on Boat Seats

    Here is a good article on what it is and possible ways to remove. ...if that’s what you were asking https://www.boatingmag.com/pink-stains-on-boat-seats-fix#page-11
  12. brclark82

    ChapaRobalo 300 OSX New Model Announced

    My guess is that it will start at around $200k msrp and actually sell for around $150k. I’m sure you’ll be able to add tens of thousands in option though, may be looking at close to $200k loaded up after discount. I know all the benefits of outboard power but I still can’t get over how ugly/not as useful the transom is. We spend 80% of our time floating in the water behind the boat and I just can’t get over it for some reason .
  13. brclark82

    Mooring cover

    Check with your dealer about ordering the factory cover if they are still available. Perfect custom fit and well made, a little overpriced but nothing crazy.
  14. brclark82

    277 SSX Owners and others, please chime in.

    No I’m talking about the last pic, the gray with white stripe not the dirty bottom hull. Here’s a link with more pics. http://www.yachtstosea.com/boats-for-sale/2018-chaparral-287-ssx-nashville-illinois-6393835/
  15. brclark82

    277 SSX Owners and others, please chime in.

    I know the exact boat in the second picture with the bow supports. Its a 2018 287 SSX that used to be at my local dealer "Yachts to Sea" in southern IL. At the time I was debating between a 267 and 287 and also whether or not I was gonna get the windlass and I asked this exact question about this trailer. I have seen it in person and I can say that I also travel all over the midwest with my boat and I would be completely confident in this setup. Actually seemed more secure than the standard winch roller. Now, this wasn't a modification to an existing trailer, its how it was designed and the bracing and design are top notch so I can't speak to adding something like this to an existing trailer designed for a winch roller but you may take a look and see what you think.