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  1. Well, we went for it...glad I don't have to do it on a regular basis (I have seen multiple regulars at our ramp towing with a jeep) but it didn't handle too bad. Luckily we have a pretty steep ramp so the rear tires don't even come close to the water. That steep ramp would have been a different story had it been wet, we got a little slippage and my butthole tightened up but wasn't too bad. Very few people out tonight and still over 90 at 730 so the ramp was completely dry.
  2. Oh I guess knowing my boat would help. 21 H2O sport- 3100lb dry weight plus trailer, it does have a full tank of gas but not much in the way of anything else. Just cleaned it after a long trip.
  3. So my new truck is at the dealer having a few accys installed and a final detail. I'll have it back tomorrow. In the meantime they gave me a go-cart for a loaner. My wife just asked me to go for a cruise and have dinner on the boat tonight forgetting my truck was at the dealer. It sounds fun and I'm all about getting to the lake as much as possible and would like to still take her up on the offer but here is my only vehicle option. Jeep Grand Cherokee V-6 I believe with a towing rated for max 5,000 lbs. It would only be tonight and it's only 15 miles. Personally I'm not too concerned with the drive I just hope it pulls the trailer and boat up the ramp when we're done. It has the most basic 4wd jeep offers, essentially awd, there is no 4wd drive selector. Thoughts?
  4. For future reference there is a character minimum on searches (5 I believe) so if you just searched gps you will get zero results. You need to search gps app or similar. I found this out the hard way when looking for info on H2O.
  5. Yes...if your boat was then worth $0 at that point, probably still worth around $25-30k so you can halve your numbers but yeah I get what you're saying...owning a boat can get real expensive real fast and actually calculating how many days you get to actually use it can be depressing
  6. So the 14" drop isn't necessary
  7. This totally makes sense, didn't even think about that...I'll check how much the drop would need to be to keep it level
  8. Do trailer manufacturers publish specs for how high off the ground the ball should be on your hitch? My 1500 Silverado seemed to be the perfect height with a hitch high ball but with the new 2500HD the jack cant even get the tongue over the ball. Obviously I need to buy a drop ball but when I was deciding how much of a drop I needed I wondered if there was something more specific to help me decide.
  9. Sometimes when I'm going fast it will start flashing whatever the last known depth was, kinda like it's trying to catch up but letting you know it may not be correct and then it will eventually read correctly again (never more than a few seconds at a time but sometime multiple times in a row). But never back and forth from 0. Not sure what would cause your issue.
  10. Thanks guys, it is pretty sweet so far. I will say this was probably the best car buying experience I've ever had. Certainly didn't NEED a new truck so it wouldn't have been that big of a deal if I didn't end up getting one and I really learned a lot about the art of car negotiation this time. Was way more prepared before I got to the dealer and then was also prepared to wait if necessary, and it was. The first numbers the salesperson can back with we're almost $200/month higher than my buying target and I almost just walked wothout even negotiating. But I just laid it out for him how I got my number (new truck price I was willing to pay, trade value I wanted minus payoff, and interest rate I knew I was qualified for) and if they could get there I'd sign. They came within $50/mo immediately after I showed them my numbers. Then a little more talking and letting them know i had a number and wasn't going higher. Went home and 2 days later they called and gave me exactly what I asked for. From all the research I did this was a ridiculous deal. The deal was so good, using numbers for a '16 w/ 15,000 miles as the current truck value (actually a '17 with 50 miles) I actually gained some equity during this deal (instead of the new car drop when you drive it off) and ended up with a 1.35% lower interest rate.
  11. You guys don't follow instructions well...
  12. FWIW my 21 H2O just held her own very well on a 4th of July weekend at Lake of the Ozarks, home of the 40ft cruisers and 30' racing catamarans. I knew it was smaller than I would ideally like on that lake but I only go there once maybe twice a year and it's perfect for my everyday Lake. I must have had 10 different people tell me I was insane for taking a boat that size (not knowing anything about the boat other than loa) and although I may not have been going 50mph I was very impressed.
  13. No, the OP is correct you aren't supposed to tow tubes etc from the tower. The force created can be many thousand lbs compared to a few hundred for a skier. If you don't have a pylon to attach your rope to the only option you have is the transom eye harness mentioned above. It's better than a pylon even as long as it doesn't submerge the rope and pull the front of the tube down. If so you may have to get on if the tube lines with the inflated ball in the middlez
  14. Seems like a waste of time unless there is some reason it needs to be replaced and not just because it's plastic. If it's screwed in all the way there is essentially zero pressure on the threads it's all on the head of the plug and the pressure is holding the plug in place not trying to force it out. Way more chance for issues putting a new plug in, again as long as there's no other reason you're replacing it.
  15. Yeah, I only owe about $17k on my truck and have 25 payments left. Trade in is somewhere around $35k. I put a pretty sizable down payment on it originally and it has held is value pretty well. Doing a trade in valuation based on what I believe the value would be 25 payments from now would give me about $5k more equity than I currently have. It looks like my monthly payments would actually go down a little if I went with 60 months like last time or up a little if I go with 48 this time. Either is fine with me. Going to test drive it tonight. Probably going to have to absolutely fall in love to pull the trigger, but 920lb-ft of torque that low in the power band may just make that happen