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  1. brclark82

    What's your opinion on the best pumps for inflatables !!!

    Here's a decent option that gets good reviews. I don't have personal experience but have been looking into inflatable SUP's and pumps for them recently. https://www.amazon.com/Tower-Paddle-Boards-Electric-Pump/dp/B00P1JV7KM//ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=ll1&tag=waveschamp0f-20&linkId=65709d7ad5c2f99091c4a4b6045d5f99
  2. brclark82

    Is the hull really not covered?

    I’m not sure about coverage as far as hairline cracks are concerned but I am curious, when you say northern IL Chap dealer are you referring to Munson? If so, I and my family have had nothing but good service from them for years. I will say some people you talk to are better than others and if you want to get in touch with the person that can/will help if your claim has any chance at all her name is MaryJo Munson. She will (from my experience) do anything reasonable to make sure you are happy, and if her answer is no then you know your aren’t getting anywhere further. Again from my experience if her answer is no, then you probably aren’t getting a yes from any dealer. If this is a different dealer you are referring to then disregard
  3. brclark82

    Freezing temps, help

    More of a bourbon guy, but sounds good
  4. brclark82

    Freezing temps, help

    I figured it would be fine but wanted to just get some reassurance.... hourly forecast temps starting at 2am are 34,33,32,32,31,32,33,38
  5. brclark82

    Freezing temps, help

    So I started a post a couple weeks ago about winterizing but I have decided I will not be doing this myself as I just don’t trust myself not to miss something and end up with much more than a $3-400 bill. I have a feeling these new generation Merc’s are stupid simple to winterize, especially with not other water systems (head, shower etc) but I’ll wait until after the warranty period at least it looks like. Now, I have been out of town for the last 10 days and procrastinated. The forecast looked like I was going to be safe until I got home but now we are under a freeze warning tonight and the dealer can’t get me in until tomorrow (they are closed on Monday’s). What do I need to do to prevent damage tonight. I have a “season extender” drain and I have drained a couple gallons of water (all that came out) from the engine. That is all I’ve done. The forecast is a low of 30 degrees tonight (high is 50 today and 57 tomorrow) and It won’t fit in my garage, but I may be able to back it halfway in and put a couple space heaters in there but not sure how much that would help with the door open. How big of a problem is this?
  6. brclark82

    Chaparral boat for sale. 256

    It’s like the Wild West around here. When was the last time you saw a moderator
  7. brclark82

    Should I Winterize

    I know similar questions have been asked in the past so I have done some searching but haven't come across the info I am looking for. I thought I would ask since eveyone seems to be extra helpful around here. This will be my second winter with my '17 H2O with 4.5L Merc My dealer is 3 hours away and last year it was worth the trip because they offered to cover winterization and storage costs as part of the original sale. The only 2 local dealers/shops I don't trust from previous experience. Normally I would just pay to have this work done, especially during the 5 year warranty period, but this could be an ongoing problem so learning now will save me lots of time in addition to money in the next few years. The 4.5L merc I have is the new generation that advertises "Easy Drain Season Extender" and easy winterization. Here is what I know of that needs to be done, and in this order. Let me know what I've missed. 1) Fuel stabilizer and run the engine for a few mins and then top of with fuel. 2) Fog the cylinders 3) Drain the engine. I have noticed the easy drain before and it seems like it drains all the water out, but is this truly all there is to it or is there another drain somewhere and this one is just designed to remove most of the water in case of temporary low temps. 4) Change the oil. I know there are different thoughts on when (winter/spring) to do this, but it seems winter is best i believe. 5) Possibly drain/change the gear case lube? Not sure if this needs to be done every year.
  8. brclark82

    2019 H20 23'

    I would personally opt for the DP for $2k. Better grip, hole shot, less prop wander etc. The cushions hinge to allow you to walk on the fiberglass under them and they also lock in a 45 degree angle to create a lounge area on the sunpad. GPS will give you an accurate speedo (regular boat speedos are about as accurate as you guessing how fast you’re going) and normally you also get digital engine info like rpm, oil pressure etc but I can’t confirm this is the case on the H2O. Plus if you take it to an unfamiliar lake it can be handy. If the $5k is shipping and prep it probably not too far off, if it’s just freight and they’re still gonna charge you prep it’s over priced. These boats are built to a price point and there isn’t near the negotiating room there is on the larger models. I still wouldn’t pay full MSRP plus $5k freight and prep though. I bought the 21 H2O a couple years ago and got $1500 off msrp plus free freight and prep and thought that was a good deal. The 23 is brand new though so maybe it’ll be a few months before you see any offers.
  9. brclark82

    23 H2O ski and fish

    Is an identical boat they just make the cooler a live well, add a trolling motor, put a couple pedestal chair mounts in and make a couple seats modular.
  10. brclark82

    23 H2O ski and fish

    That’s the sport, he’s looking for Ski & Fish version like they have for the 21’
  11. brclark82

    23 H2O ski and fish

    They updated their website today with the new models and there was no sign of it. It is always possible they could still add it, they updated the 267SSX last year in Dec after all the other models had been updated, but not likely.
  12. brclark82

    2019 Model Info

    Lots of premium options available on the H2O's now that haven't been in the past (GPS, Beachweave, dual batteries, EFX towers etc) The 23 H2O looks a lot like the SSi, I would guess this is the last year for that line.
  13. brclark82

    2019 Model Info

    chaparralboats.com is now updated with '19 model info for anyoe interested
  14. brclark82

    H2O 19 200 hp or H2O 21 250 hp can't decide?

    Chaps website is usually updated sometime in Sept with new model info but it’s hasnt been yet so you won’t find it there. Heres one at my local dealer https://www.boattrader.com/listing/2019-chaparral-23-h20-103391997/?refSource=standard listing A lot like the 246ssi
  15. brclark82

    H2O 19 200 hp or H2O 21 250 hp can't decide?

    Get the new 23 H2O. I have the 21’ H2O with 250hp and love it. Great layout, more than enough power. Only complaint is that it isn’t bigger